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I’ve been receiving quite a few emails and comments about blog photography recently so I figured it would probably be  a good idea to write up a post about the topic if anyone reading is curious. Pictures are really important when writing up a blog post aren’t they? I feel like they add a certain visual element to the story you’re telling/information you’re sharing which helps the reader get a better visual of the nuances you are trying to communicate.


As much as I enjoy taking photos, there is simply no way that I could manage taking all original photos all of the time. When I do have a moment to snap some pictures I gladly share them here on the blog or on Instagram but generally speaking I don’t have enough free time to really focus on good quality photography (which makes me incredibly sad because this was a very dear hobby of mine!). When I first started this blog I was snapping photos with my iPhone and felt very overwhelmed by the quality of photos I was seeing on other blogs! The blog world is pretty intimidating isn’t it? Sure, some bloggers take their own photos but a good chunk do not which I discovered after doing a little googling after seeing a dozen or so bloggers use the same image. Did you know that there are royalty free images that you can use on your blog without attribution? If not, I’m about to share a few of my favorite sites!




Stock Vaultwww.stockvault.net

Free Pixelswww.freepixels.com

These are just a few of the sites that are out there! If you google royalty free images I’m sure you’ll pull up a ton more options. Always have a good look at the conditions of use before diving in just to confirm they are in fact free and royalty free!

If you have any questions feel free to post a comment below or shoot me an email.


What are your free photo websites?




  1. This is SO helpful!! I am pretty new to blogging (and not so tech savvy….) and did not know this. I’m also just getting into photography so, while I love practicing, my photos sometimes leave something to be desired. Thanks for sharing these sites!!

  2. Oftentimes it isn’t the quality of a photo– but the chance to see something different, especially in our international group of bloggers. It’s kinda cool to see the off the wall places in the world, and not necessarily the main or capital cities. And just an unposed shot of people’s activities or a broken tree branch in on’s backyard can provide an emission of good vibes. Have a wonderful day, Jenny.

  3. Hi, just wanted to clarify the Royalty-Free term, as this name is a little misleading. Royalty Free doesn’t mean that the works (photos, videos, music) are given away for free. It means that the user doesn’t have to pay for each use. However, to obtain the right of usage (license), the user may have to pay first.

    You can search wikipedia for more details.

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