17 Fabulous Fun Free Date Night Ideas Perfect For Fall

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Free Date Night Ideas Perfect For Fall – are you looking for budget friendly date night ideas this fall? Here are 17 ultra romantic and super budget friendly free date night ideas that are perfect during the autumn season.

I love, love, love our date nights. And, with the cooler weather approaching quickly I wanted to share some free date night ideas perfect for fall with you folks.

Date nights are certainly not happening as frequently as they should in our house. But when they do, I love the dedicated time my husband and I are spending together focused on “us” as a couple and not as us as “parents”.

Sure, we usually spend the bulk of our date talking about our kiddo but we’re alone, we’re together and we’re having fun doing something that doesn’t involve diaper changes, folding laundry or playing with Play-Doh.

That’s a win right?

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Free date nights are a must in our house. With every season change we look forward to trying new free things and spending some good quality time together to focus on our relationships.

Dates don’t have to cost a fortune!

In fact, these  15+ free date nights perfect for fall are a great way to reconnect with your partner without spending any money at all.

Great hunh?

Here we go! Let’s get romantic shall we?

17 Fabulous Fun Free Date Night Ideas Perfect For Fall

15+ Free Date Night Ideas Perfect For Fall #fall #autumn #freedatenightideas #freedateideas #freedates #freefalldatenightideas #freeautumndatenights #freeautumndatenightidaes #freefalldatenights

#1 Make a bonfire

Getting outdoors and making a bonfire is one of those easy free date night ideas perfect for fall you’ll wish you would have tried sooner!

Sitting around a fire, roasting marshmallows and cozying up under a blanket is an awesome and romantic free fall date night idea.

It’s also a perfect date for those who’ve got kiddos sleeping indoors.

#2 Visit a Farmer’s Market

Farmers markets are aaaaaamzing during the fall months! So, it’s one of those free date night ideas perfect for fall that you can enjoy on the fly.

The gorgeous produce, gourds and pumpkins of all kinds are guaranteed to get you into the fall spirit.

Brew yourself a hot cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate to-go and take a stroll through your local farmer’s market on a crisp sunny fall day.

15+ Free Date Night Ideas Perfect For Fall #fall #autumn #freedatenightideas #freedateideas #freedates #freefalldatenightideas #freeautumndatenights #freeautumndatenightidaes #freefalldatenights

#3 Go For A “Changing Of The Colors” Walk

If you live near a forest or nature park plan to walk the trails to admire the changing of the leaves. This is one of those must do free date night ideas perfect for fall that you gotta do at least once.

If you want to get really romantic pack a brunch picnic and enjoy the fresh air with your partner.

#4 Visit A Corn Maze

Corn mazes are so fun during the fall.

By autumn, corn plants are tall and create awesome corn mazes for couples looking to spend a little quality time together outdoors. So, you should totally pencil in this free date night this autumn.

#5 Go On A Bike Ride

If you love biking why not head out on a fall biking adventure with your partner.

This is another one of those must try free date night ideas perfect for fall because it involves exercise!

Fall is the perfect time to go on an extra long bike ride too! The weather is crisp and cool which makes biking and taking in fall colors a real pleasure.

#6 Play An Old School Board Game

If indoor dates are more your thing then why not play an old school board game?

This is one of our very favorite free date night ideas perfect for fall because we can pull out our favorite game on the fly and have  a blast together.

So, pull our that old Monopoly game you’ve got stashed in your closet out and make a night of it with your partner!

15+ Free Date Night Ideas Perfect For Fall #fall #autumn #freedatenightideas #freedateideas #freedates #freefalldatenightideas #freeautumndatenights #freeautumndatenightidaes #freefalldatenights

#7 Visit A Harvest Festival

Harvest Festivals happen frequently during the fall months.

Pencil in a free visit to your local Harvest Festival with your partner and enjoy the fall themed outdoor party!

#8 Make Caramel Apples Together

If you enjoy cooking together why not get creative in the kitchen and make Caramel Apples together?

Here’s an awesome tutorial you can follow to make the best and most delicious candy apples.

#9 Watch Planes Land

Plane watching is awesome.

If you’ve got an airport local to you why not find a cozy spot to enjoy a picnic and watch planes land.

#10 Make Haunted Gingerbread Houses

If it’s getting closer to Halloween you might enjoy making these Haunted Gingerbread Houses!

#11 Pack A Picnic

Packing a picnic is one of our go-to free dates.

You can make it a themed picnic or surprise your partner with all of their favorite foods. Pack a blanket, delicious food and spend some quality time outdoors with each other.

#12 Make Apple Cider Floats

Apple cider? Yum!

These delicious and super easy Apple Cider Floats are a great free date idea! Spend some time in the kitchen putting these together!

#13 Make Fall Inspired Drinks and Catch A Movie

Sometimes the perfect free-date night looks like quiet night indoors catching a movie!

Make some fall inspired drinks like the Apple Cider floats above and snuggle up to your honey!

#14 Go On A Hike

Outdoorsy folks who are looking to get in some exercise on a crisp fall day should totally go on a fall hike!

The gorgeous fall colors will make for an awesome hiking experience.

#15 Visit A Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin patches are so much fun aren’t they? It’s the ultimate fall activity.

Visit a local pumpkin patch to get yourself in the Halloween mood!

15+ Free Date Night Ideas Perfect For Fall #fall #autumn #freedatenightideas #freedateideas #freedates #freefalldatenightideas #freeautumndatenights #freeautumndatenightidaes #freefalldatenights

#16 Camp Out

Got camping gear?

Well, set it up and enjoy a night out with your partner under the stars!

#17 Bundle Up and Watch The Stars

Dates don’t have to mean you’ve gotta head out.

If you can’t get a sitter or don’t want to head out why not roll out a blanket and watch the stars with your partner!

Sometimes, the absolute best dates are the simplest ones right?

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15+ Free Date Night Ideas Perfect For Fall #fall #autumn #freedatenightideas #freedateideas #freedates #freefalldatenightideas #freeautumndatenights #freeautumndatenightidaes #freefalldatenights

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