A newish direction for This Tiny Blue House

Good morning! I hope you are all well!!!

I’m super excited to share that I’ve got a guest post being published over at Ditch The Stuff later today. Hailey kindly asked me to share some of my ideas about minimalism and family life and was generous enough to offer me space on her blog to discuss how we navigate minimalism as a family. So, if you’ve got a minute and want to have a read please feel free to head on over!

Thank you, thank you thank you for sharing kind words, experiences and advice with me last Tuesday when I opened up about our scary weekend with Margs and some anxiety I was dealing with after visiting our pediatrician. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your support.  I am so honored to have such wonderful people following my journey and taking the time to share their experiences with me. I am so incredibly blessed. In related news, Margs has successfully slept alone in her pack and play a few nights in a row. We’re doing a modified sleep training program and it seems to be working (fingers crossed).


Have you fine folks noticed that there are now ads running on This Tiny Blue House?

Yup. I’ve decided to take a stab at monetizing my piece of internet real estate and I want to share some of the reasons I’ve decided to take TTBH in that direction today.

Quite honestly, I never imagined that I would have committed to blogging long term – I’m still not sure I can say that I’m 100% in for the long haul but for the time being I’m  having an amazing experience writing and interacting with you fine folks.

The idea of monetizing was actually the furthest thing from my mind. I didn’t really understand what monetization really meant (I’m still by no means an expert – at all) but knew that some bloggers out there make a little extra cash from their blogs. After an interesting conversation with Mer and receiving an email explaining some of the ins and outs of making a little extra dollars with your blog I decided that it was something I’d like to explore. (Who wouldn’t want a little extra dough right?)

 First things first, I want to get this off my chest

  • I do not anticipate making more than a couple of dollars on my blog
  • I do not plan to change how I interact with you fine folks
  • I do not plan to change my blog niche (minimalism, parenting, frugal living and simplicity is my thing)
  • I do not plan to peddle things that I do not 1000% believe in because of my own personal beliefs when it comes to relationships with “things”.

What does this mean for this space?

  • I’ll continue to write about topics that interest me. Namely, parenting, motherhood, pregnancy loss, minimalism and simple living. Having said that I might include an affiliate link within those posts from time to time to give you a heads up about products that I enjoy using on a day to day basis.
  • I’ll continue to write from the heart and be transparent with you.  If I’m ever offered an opportunity for post sponsorship (big gigantic if here) I’ll be 100% honest with you. If I’m doing a product review of an item that I feel might be useful in my life and it’s a dud – you bet I’m going to tell you all about why it sucked.
  • I’d like to discuss blog monetization openly and honestly with you guys. I might explore a monthly post highlighting any sources of revenue this blog generated in the previous month to open up a dialogue about how money is earned in the blog world. I’m viewing this as a little bit of an experiment because I’m not entirely convinced that earning money from your blog is as easy as it’s made out to be. I just don’t buy it.

Why I decided to jump in and monetize

  • Money: Clearly, if I can make a little bit of extra cash by writing I’d be silly to turn it down. At this point I’d be over the moon if TTBH could earn me enough to buy diapers for Margs once a month.
  • Curiosity: I did some research because I’m a geek that way and it seems there are just so many bloggers with monetized sites that I became curious as to whether running advertisements and affiliate links would generate any income at all. I’m really looking forward to sharing that information with you folks because it seems there’s a lot of secrecy when it comes to earning money from blogs- or how to earn it. It was very difficult to get any concrete numbers and precise details and you know how much I love numbers!

See you  back here Wednesday with some thoughts on how I’m officially not the fun parent in this house.

Is your blog monetized?  If so, what pushed your to pursue that avenue?

If not, is it something you’d consider exploring at some point?



  1. im really interested in monetizing my own blog, just to cover some costs of it or to feel like my time investment is worth it, you know? Wouldn’t ever want it to be my full time job or to do shameless plugs for brands i’ve never heard of, but it’s been something i’ve thought about several several times.

    1. I’m planning to share my “Earnings” which at this point will probably be zero. We’ll see I guess, but I don’t really buy the whole story that you can make money with your blog. We’ll see where this takes me but I don’t really have very high expectations!

      1. it kind of reminds me of a direct sales gig, you get from it what you put into it. if you blog full time and monetize as much as you can, sure you’ll make some good money. if you blog and put one ad, you’ll probably make a few dollars. i think its just dependent on how much you want to allow on your blog. either way, good luck! im interested to see what route you take and how it treats you 🙂

  2. I’ve only just started blogging so I need to focus on growing first but would definitely be interested in learning more about what I might need to do in the future should I be headed that way.
    One thing is for sure, I’d be interested to know if monitizing includes being able to influence the adverts – I clicked on a blog the other day and the feature advert was for “50 shades darker”, which features various “toys”…

    1. This is a huge concern of mine. Since I’m very much geared towards a simple and minimal lifestyle I’m already struggling with advertising consumer goods. We’ll see what happens I guess.

  3. I’m all for monetizing your blog if you are able. Whether or not writing comes easy, it is still a job. I’d love it if it happened to me, I doubt it will, but I love having my “creative outlet”. Good for you!

    1. I never thought I’d be in this situation Jenni. Anything is possible! I’m not really convinced this will work but I’m looking forward to seeing what happens!

  4. I’m so glad you liked my latest post because it gave me the opportunity to virtually “meet” you 🙂 Just skimmed your blog a bit and I really love what you’re talking about – so much of it hits home with me. I’m looking forward to following!

  5. Whew! I’m following you on this journey as I’m curious too… I’m glad I don’t have to do the experiment myself as I can’t afford to risk anything just yet with these “unknown waters” a.k.a. blog monetization/advertisements/affiliate links. So thank you! I hope you really would update us on this transparently and I also hope you earn enough for Margs’ diapers! I’m so excited 😁

  6. I think this is great, and I hope this is a wonderful experience for you! I’ve been doing a lot of reading and learning about this process, so I’m curious how it works for you…There is just so much info monetizing, decided where to begin and what will fit with your values and vision is hard. lol. I’m proud of you for making the plunge and just going for it. Looking forward to hearing how it goes! 🙂

    1. It’s very overwhelming to be honest. So far, I’ve discovered that the only way to really make anything is to be open to many different sources of income. I think I’m going to write a blog post about it soon.

  7. You are so totally going to rock your blog. From what I know of you so far, I have no doubt you will remain authentic while building your blog into something that gives back to your family income.

  8. So many of us run ad blockers, I am not sure that it’ll be worth the monetizing.
    After researching, I passed on several aspects of monetizing, and instead linked my Amazon… If I refer to something we know and use, I have a “chance” to get a referral fee from Amazon. It’s supposed to be a single-digit percentage (? 4%?) and there are stipulations, such as after using the referral, the purchase has to be accomplished in 24 hours… Something like that.
    I set up with them, only to cover the cost of my web host and software invested in our site.
    I look forward to hearing your experiences and result! I was planning on sharing my experiences with the world should I ever get $10 from my efforts! LOL!

    1. You’re so right – I run an ad blocker myself. It’s more of an experiment than anything else because I highly doubt there’s any significant $$ to be made. I will post updates as I go though so to keep everyone in the loop!

  9. Good on you. I’ve often read from very popular bloggers that they monetising their blog years later, and realised they had missed out on thousands, so surely there’s never too early to start. If it doesn’t cost your reader in some ways it’s mad not to.
    What’s a shame is when a blog or IG account i enjoy just becomes a stream of (unsubtle) ads and obvious sponsorships-I’m sure you aren’t headed that way though xx

    1. We’ll see how it goes! I have no intention to over monetize because like you I’m not a fan of bloggers who write to advertise. I write and ads are a bonus know what I mean?

  10. I would love to get paid for blogging. Even if it was only a few dollars. Why not get paid for something you’re already doing anyway? I really didn’t even know that was an option for “regular” people, I thought you had to be employed by a company or something. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with monetizing, as long as you aren’t selling out on your beliefs, which it doesn’t seem like you have. I’m actually kind of excited to hear some of your thoughts on certain products and things!

  11. Honestly I would love the idea of monetizing my blog. I know it’s new it’s not overly out there and it’s pretty to the point. And I’ll just be blatantly transparent- there’s a possibility of being a single parent. I guess I don’t see the harm in it if you can still have the capability of being 100% upfront with everyone even in regards to the publications or links you’re providing. So I would love to hear how it goes for you. And I’m open to any suggestions! Lol. Good for you by the way!! Praying for nothing but the best!

  12. I’m excited to see all of your results on how it works out for you!! (It will) 😊😊 Definitely interested in what you have to say about it all!

  13. I completely understand your motivation. Blogging is incredibly time consuming and a lot of times it goes under appreciated. I find that tasteful, relevant ads or links to product you can back up yourself is the way to go, it’s only fair! And your site still looks tasteful to me, so you definitely have not “overdone” it!

  14. Great recipes. You sound like you are an awesome parent. As a stay at home mom too, my kids say they love me a lot -so I hope I am in the awesome ranks. Other than a little side cash…blogging keeps us from eating all day : ) Good work.

  15. I would be interested in monetization, but I have a tiny audience and want to stay true to my niche. I already do little things to get amazon gift cards and such. I am disabled, so having a few dollars to get gifts for myself and others is a morale booster. Not blog related, but try Media Insiders for some income. I was able to get my sister an awesome birthday gift with no out-of-pocket expense. And PayPal gift cards are an option… That is real diaper money for minimal effort. I will be following your journey to see if monetizing my blog is the right move for me. Blessings to you and the love in your tiny blue house. Mahalo.

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