30 reasons my toddler takes epic temper tantrums

Temper tantrums. That’s right folks – we’ve been thrust into a new dimension of parenthood in TTBH – the dreaded temper tantrum! My kiddo, who is just shy of 17 months has started taking epic temper tantrums at what seems the drop of a hat. We’re talking arched back, screaming, crying, fists pounding the pavement tantrums. She’s being a real peach these days and I wanted to share some (because there are apparently far more than just 30) reasons my toddler takes epic temper tantrums just about anytime and anywhere.

30 reasons my toddler takes epic temper tantrums

30 reasons my toddler takes epic temper tantrums

  1. her diaper is wet, dry, too tight, too loose, too puffy. Temper tantrums ensue when she isn’t allowed to take off her diaper and fling it whenever she wants to pee and poop all over the house.
  2. she isn’t allowed to eat paper, book corners, flyers, agendas, puzzle pieces or any other paper products she feels on noshing on at any given moment.
  3. she’s told “no” when she wants to tightrope walk on the back of the couch, the ottoman, the banister, kitchen counter top, the toilet seat and her bed rails.
  4. she’s hungry, not hungry, peckish, not peckish, thirsty, not thirsty.
  5. she’s expected to sit buckled into her high chair and eat for more than 30 seconds at a time without the television blaring one of her favorite t.v shows.
  6. she’s asked to gently pet the cats and not grab them by the tails and drag them around the house like a Swiffer Sweeper.
  7. she’s forced to wear socks with her shoes to prevent blisters.
  8. blisters from not wearing socks with her shoes.
  9. she’s buckled into her stroller or car seat for more than 5 minutes and consequently prevented from running anywhere and everywhere she wants.
  10. she’s discouraged from eating dirt from the garden, plants and park.
  11.  she needs to have food cleaned off her face, hands, body.
  12. she’s encouraged to crawl backwards down the stairs. Clearly, walking frontward is the only way.
  13. she needs to wear shorts that expose her knees on especially warm days.
  14. she is expected to sit in the bath. Standing is all the rage.
  15. she’s prevented from gaining access to cat and dog kibble.
  16. she isn’t permitted to watch the Little Engine for the 15th time any given day.
  17. she is discouraged from climbing the china cabinet, furniture, kitchen cabinetry, bathroom vanities.
  18. she isn’t allowed to rip up mail.
  19. she’s kindly discouraged from digging tunnels in the cat sandboxes.
  20. she’s prevented from opening doors thanks to safety locks.
  21. she’s expected to fall asleep at a reasonable hour or take a nap mid-day.
  22. she’s told “no” when she decides she wants to decorate walls with crayola crayon art.
  23. she needs to have her nose cleaned.
  24. she’s offered a grilled cheese sandwich that’s cut into squares and not triangles.
  25. her hair needs washing.
  26. she’s expected to hold my hand while we walk through the mall.
  27. she’s not allowed to eat a 5th cheesie.
  28. she needs to wear clothes and not run around in a diaper.
  29. she’s discouraged from sticking her fingers into and touching electrical sockets.
  30. she’s tired, not tired, bored, frustrated, angry, sad, happy.

We’re taking it all in stride and trying not getting too worked up about any of this. Some days are better than others and we’re just taking it one tantrum at a time really. They’re only little once right?

Got any to add to the list?

What gets your kiddo going?

How do you deal with toddler tantrums?



  1. I think tantrums are worse for parents. As a grandmother they seem easier. One of our grandsons who was visiting launched into a truly momentous tantrum when he chose not to get his shoes on and his mom went to the store without him. I finally took him into a carpeted bedroom, sat on the floor against the door, and he proceeded to fling himself on the floor, onto me. I kept very calm and he wore himself out. Then we went into the living room and he and his brother fell asleep on my lap. I think the keys are to stay calm, keep them safe, but not let them to be successful in using the tantrum to manipulate the situation.

    1. This is truly wonderful advice! Staying calm is key. I tend to take a very passive role in just watching her without much reaction because I know that on some level she needs to work it out for herself. As long as she’s safe (there are moments where she can hurt herself because she’s not aware that flinging her body can result in injury) I tend to just let her move through the motions.

  2. Oh Jenny, these sound so familiar! Our three year old just inducted her 20 month old brother into this club.

    There seems to be no rhyme and no reason sometimes. Stay strong mama! I know just how challenging this is.

    1. We’ll get through it. In the meantime we just gotta make the best of the situation. Baby girl is actually spending the day with her grandma today and Mer just called to tell me she screamed the entire 20 minute drive. :/

      You got this Momma! I cannot even begin to imagine tantrums x 2!!!

  3. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I’m sorry I’m laughing, as it isn’t really funny when you’re in the moment! But you nailed it…this is exactly toddler life. You’re doing a good job Momma! 😊

  4. I have to say this has given me the fear for when my daughter gets older. All of this “fun” shs going to be a nightmare

    Although I can’t help but agree with Number 24. she’s offered a grilled cheese sandwich that’s cut into squares and not triangles.
    Triangles taste better than squares

  5. It’s just a stage. I remember my mother telling me this and me sighing as tantrums can be tricky. Now my children are teens, she was right! It is just a stage! Love them. I miss my toddlers. Xx

  6. Oh, your daughter must be spending time with my youngest 2 girls! My 6 year old still does most of these fits and my 2 year old is following suit rapidly. We also have a fit when told not to touch the hot curling iron, do not turn on the stove burners, do not tip over the trash can and no, you cannot run into the street just because the squirrel did. Have to love these memories 🙂

  7. My daughter is 14 months and just started this. She lives to throw herself down and knock her head on whatever is hardest and closest so then she can have tears if tamgrum AND pain. Favorite tantrum reason? A sibling went outside and she is inside, or she somehow got my phone and I took it away because she tends to throw it. Great list-made me smile and encouraging to know it’s not just us.

    1. You are so not alone momma! Margay is 18 month and although she still does it it isn’t nearly as frequent! Thank you for reading and stopping by!

  8. OMG! Yes, I’m right there with you. You really can’t win is what I’ve decided! My daycare provider, who has been watching kids for twenty years or so, keeps telling me, it’s a stage, you’ll get through it. The more work you do now will pay off later!

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