to the bereaved momma on mothers day

to the bereaved momma on mothers day

I see you momma. I see you dreading Mother’s day. I see you feeling anxiety about how the day will treat you. I see the apprehension, the fear, the guilt, the sadness that comes from a day that most mums celebrate and enjoy. I was you momma and on this Mother’s day I’ll think of you often and remember your little ones that were taken far too soon.

It’s all those little things that make this day unbearable right? Like heading out for breakfast and being asked if you’re a mum? Or, heading to church where all the mums are recognized and asked to stand. I’ve been there and I know the gut wrenching dread that comes from these experiences. My heart breaks for you momma because I know all too well how hard this day can be.

with love to the bereaved momma on mother's day

Be kind to yourself momma. You’ve experienced an unbelievably heart breaking loss – something only another loss mum can truly comprehend. A loss that rips your soul to pieces and shreds your heart to bits. A loss that you wouldn’t even wish on your very worst enemy.

Protect your fragile heart momma however you see fit. There’s no shame in avoiding or choosing to tackle this day head on. You do what hurts your heart the least. Speak openly about your babies or choose to keep them in your heart – whatever makes your heart ache just a little less is the right approach for you.

You momma are the strongest, most incredible and loving momma there is. You are a mother to a child you only held for a moment or not at all. You momma are faced with the inexplicably difficult and heart wrenching role of mothering a heavenly child. You momma are the strongest mum there is.

On Mother’s day, I’ll hold you close to my heart. I’ll send you peaceful vibes and gentle hugs. Be kind to yourself momma and remember that this day is absolutely about you too.

Happy mothers day bereaved momma – may this day be as kind to you as humanly possible.



  1. May 12, 2017 / 8:28 am

    ❤️ My heart goes out too.

  2. May 12, 2017 / 9:27 am

    This is lovely and so full of strength. I will be sharing it with a friend who lost a baby last year. Thank you 🙂

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