Lately in TTBH, Barter, gardening and sweet summer pleasures

Good morning from my backyard patio!

The weather round these parts has been glorious and Margs and I have been spending as much time outdoors as possible. The sunshine is such a welcomed change from the cold rainy weather April brought us so we’re taking full advantage and enjoying our time together outside. During her nap times I often set up her pack n play on the back patio and while she sleeps I get some blog work done. It’s so so nice to work and take in the beautiful weather.

Last week I told you fine folks about how wonderful bartering is and today I want to show you all what recent barter transactions we’ve made. Bartering is such a wonderful way to get items you need at no cost and to declutter your own home in the process! But, this post isn’t geared at telling you about bartering but showing you how we use it in our day to day lives.

First up, an awesome wagon to haul baby girl around in. She absolutely adores this thing. So much so that she’d climb into our neighbors wagon (before scoring this sweet green one for ourselves). This trade was made at a local consignment shop – green step 2 wagon in exchange for a box full of baby clothes Margs had outgrown.

Newly installed raised planter in our backyard. One thing I really missed about our old house was our huge garden. We do still garden a piece of land out in the country but it was so nice to have fresh veggies available to us right in our backyard. We managed to get the labor and blocks in exchange for some computer services.

The veggies inside the planters were bought at a discount – I tried to score a barter deal there too but it didn’t work out. This years garden includes tomatoes, green beans, broad beans, peppers, cucumbers, onions, arugula and salad greens. I’m so excited to watch it grow! Nothing beats garden veggies am I right?

Front planters! We scored most of this as a barter too. Namely the plants came from generous neighbors who exchanged for baby plants from our fig trees. We’ve planted a lilac, magnolia, hosta, rhododendron and lavendar. Crossing my fingers that these plants fill out as the weather continues to improve.

And since I’m talking about things I love can I just tell you that nothing says summer like a cold brew of coffee. I traded a set of drinking glasses we never used for this enormous pitcher. I make cold brewed coffee every couple of days and we sip on it regularly. So so delicious and far more economical than paying for expensive iced coffees at a coffee shop. Mer usually pours himself a good sized portion for sipping during his morning commute. We absolutely love iced coffee in this house!

A swing set! Margsy is at the age where she loves going to the park and when I was faced with the possibility to make this trade I jumped on it! It was hardly used and in exchange for some spa supplies and accessories we had laying around from the precious owner of our house we were able to bring it home! Margs loves this thing and most afternoons we spend a good amount of time swinging and learning to slide!

Batering is awesome isn’t it? As long as you’re patient and open to negotiating a little the opportunities are truly amazing!

Now, Margsy and I are gearing up to head out on a long morning walk! I’ve been trying to head out before the weather warms up too much!

Are you open to bartering?

What’s on your schedule for today?



  1. May 24, 2017 / 12:41 pm

    Working on my weekly blog post today and always make it a point to check yours…find it so inspiring!!

  2. May 25, 2017 / 8:44 am

    Hey great job on the raised planter!!!

    We have recently added a little garden scenario to our backyard and are super excited to see what is to come!!

    Looking forward to your updates!! I will literally take any help you can give!!

    Ill let you know when I post some pics!
    <3 Bea

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