Life behind the blog at 18 months

This little girl turned 18 months old! She’s walking, running, spinning in circles and trying to talk up a storm. I say trying to because although she says quite a few words most of her “talk” is still baby babble. She’s gotten to the point where her babble is continuous and she babbles right to me assuming I understand!

Here’s a recap of what our life looks like right now. I wrote a similar post a couple of months ago when Margsy was 15 months old and after rereading before writing this one I was floored at how much has changed in only a few short months!

6:00 am – My alarm goes off and I head downstairs to start practicing my morning routine. The first thing I do is pop on a pot of coffee and do some reflection and meditation before I start my day. I’ve taken to enjoying my coffee outside – mornings are so peaceful in these parts which I absolutely love.

6:45 am – I head back into the house and open up my laptop. I check my email, blog and social media account to see if there’s anything that needs attention. I see I’ve gotten a “pitch” through one of the influencer sites I work with and I head over to have a look at what the details are.

7:05 am – I hear Margsy calling for me. Maaaaaaaaaa Maaaaaaaa is coming from upstairs. I head up and find her snuggled in bed with Mer who is not a morning person. I give her a big hug and take her out of bed after a diaper change and about a zillion smooches.

7:30 am – Margsy eats breakfast. Today she’s having fresh fruit, 1/4 everything bagel and a piece of cheese. Little girl is starving and eats everything. When I see she’s going to eat the whole spread I make myself some breakfast because I know there wont be leftovers.

8:00 am – Mer emerges from upstairs. He’s showered and ready for work. He’s overslept and can’t eat breakfast so he puts together something easy that he can eat on the road. Today that includes a granola bar, a banana and some cold coffee left over from my 6:00 am brew.

8:45 am – Margsy is in her pack n play watching Annie. This kid is obsessed with this movie and I allow her to watch a little in the mornings so I can get some chores done. I clean the kitchen, tidy the living room and vacuum the floor. There’s so much dirt littered all over the place and this kiddo puts just about everything in her mouth so for the time being a daily vacuuming is essentially

9:15 am – Margsy gets a diaper change and a fresh set of clothes. I load her into her stroller and we’re off on a morning walk. Today we loop around the neighborhood for about an hour. I head to a neighboring district to have a look at the set up of a local daycare. I’ve left a message for the daycare and waiting for a call back so I head over to have a look and see what’s what. It looks cute so we’re going to hopefully set up an appointment to visit and interview.

11:00 am – Back at home Margsy drinks a huge bottle of cold water. She plays with her toys while I get going on lunch. Today she’ll be eating grilled veggies and a roasted chicken breast. I make a bunch of veggies and roast one large breast for us to share.

11:45 am- Lunch! Margsy eats up all her veggies but doesn’t really eat the chicken. I give her a piece of cheese and she eats a little before calling it quits and demanding to be released from her high chair.

12:05 pm- I change Margsy, put on fresh clothes, wash her face and hands and load her into the car. We’re heading to the pediatrician for her 18 month well visit.

12:50 pm- We arrive at the clinic. I check us in and we head over to the waiting room.

12:55 pm – We get called back right away and the second we walk into the exam room Margsy freaks out completely. She’s terrified of the doctor and cries and screams the entire 15 minutes we’re in the room – soothing and comforting her is not helping. Margsy is healthy – her weight is balancing out and her blood work from this winter is perfect! She currently stands 84 cm tall and weighs just about 30 lbs!

1:20 pm – back in the car I give Margsy a snack to munch on during the drive home. She’s still really upset and starts throwing her snack on the floor. I drive off and she starts to calm down. She serenades me with the ABCs the whole way home.

2:10 pm – Back at home we head inside for a diaper change. I change Margsy into her swim suit and we head outside to practice her swimming. We splash around, practice dunking and chase floating ducks for well over an hour.

3:30 pm- Margsy is exhausted and hungry. She takes a bottle of milk and promptly falls asleep

4:00 pm- I check my email, blog and social media notifications while prepping dinner. Tonight we’re eating green beans, roasted BBQ potatoes and grilled pork chops. I decide that we’ll have a late dinner since Margsy is still sleeping.

4:30 pm-  A friend’s son appears at my door. His mom is running late at an appointment so he hangs out with me. He decides he’d like to cool off so he goes for a swim out back. I read a book on the back porch while I keep eyes on him.

5:00 pm – Margsy is still snoozing. My friend comes to pick up her son but before she leaves her other 2 kiddos want to swim too! Both kids jump in and the trio swim for another half our or so.

5:30 pm – Margsy is still snoozing. I debate waking her up or just letting her sleep. I decide to let her continue sleeping. My friend and her kiddos leave and I get to washing a big green salad for dinner. I give Mer a call to see what the traffic situation is like too.

6:00 pm – Margsy is still sleeping. I know that I need to start waking her up otherwise she will be up far to late tonight! I head to her room and start making noise – nothing. I then call my mom to come and stay with her since Mer is nearly home and dinner isn’t cooked.

6:15 pm – Margsy is awake. She’s miserable but awake. My mom gives her tons of snuggles while I get going on BBQing our food.

6:30 pm- Mer arrives and Margsy’s mood changes instantly. Mer takes her on her swing while I continue grilling and she’s back to being in a great mood!

6:45 pm- We all sit down for dinner

6:50 pm- My phone rings and its the daycare! They want to know if we can visit tonight for a visit. I say sure and we eat quickly and rush to get out the door.

7:15 pm – We arrive at the daycare. We get a tour of the facilities, have the schedule explained to us and we ask some questions ( a ton of questions).

8:00 pm- We’re back at home and Margsy is wide awake. The weather is beautiful and still very hot so Mer decides to take her for another swim. They jump in and start splashing and playing while I get started on watering our vegetable and flower gardens. In all it takes me just about an hour to water the front and back of our home.

9:00 pm – I pull Margsy out of the pool – dry her off and put on her jammies. I prepare a bottle and we wait for Mer to get changed so he can put her to bed. She falls asleep quickly and we settle in to watch one episode of Orange is the New Black. Three quarters of the way through I’m exhausted so I decide to head to bed.

10:00 pm – Lights out!

What do your days look like right now?



    • June 13, 2017 / 9:59 am

      We are so grateful <3

    • June 13, 2017 / 9:29 am

      It was really great and exceeded our expectations! Now it’s a question of whether a spot is available for my little one.

  1. June 13, 2017 / 9:21 am

    Don’t you find that when we share our meals with our kids we end up under-fed? I usually plan to share our dinner leftovers with Avery the next day for lunch and I only end up with a few mouthfulls because she eats so much! Sounds like we both might have to start making two full portions of food when sitting down for a meal with the little ones…

    Love these day in the life blogs 😊

    • June 13, 2017 / 10:00 am

      yes! She suddenly eats ALL the food. She’s always had a good appetite which we are so grateful for but regardless there were always enough leftovers that I’d half a meal (small but still enough). Now, I think I’ll have to start making double portions! Also, I saw that you found a daycare! Yaaaaaay!!! <3

  2. June 13, 2017 / 10:06 am

    Love this post – It shows your heart to care for your kiddo and partner as well as the running arounds of the everyday momprenuer.

    • June 13, 2017 / 10:07 am

      Thank you for reading and your kind words William! ❤️

  3. June 13, 2017 / 7:27 pm

    Yeah, our toddler is doing the same thing and she’s learned “no” (oh yay) 😀

    • June 13, 2017 / 8:25 pm

      mine has actually started to say “yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” she really stretches out the word and it makes me laugh every single time. Problem is, she says yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa to everything now. Want a snack Margsy? Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Want to play? Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

      All day long. on repeat.

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