How to make money blogging without blogging about blogging

Are you looking to make money blogging without blogging about blogging?

Doesn’t it seem that everywhere you look bloggers are posting that they’re making thousands of dollars blogging?

What’s interesting is that all these bloggers seem to have one major thing in common. They all (the majority anyway) make money blogging about blogging. Those bloggers who teach folks like me and you how to blog are racking in the cash because anyone who has a blog and is looking to make money is reading these blogs, buying  tutorials and e-books and paying for coaching. Even if, they are trying to make money blogging without blogging about blogging .

Don’t get me wrong, they’ve got a ton of value to offer. Many of these wonderful bloggers are insanely knowledgeable when it comes to growing and monetizing a blog ya know? But, what happens when your blog isn’t a blog about blogging? Is it possible to make a living then?

What if I told you that I’ve managed to grow this little space enough to pay my mortgage, child care fees and grocery on a monthly basis? Sure, I’m not making thousands upon thousands but I am making more than I thought possible and more importantly I don’t make money by blogging about blogging.

Folks, that means that if you’re a mom blog, a food blog, a frugal living blog, a tech blog, a nature, photography or any other type of blog outside the how-to blog niche there are several opportunities to make money blogging without having a blog about blogging.

So, I’m super pumped to share how I’ve managed to monetize This Tiny Blue House and earn a solid stream of income.

If you’re looking to make money blogging without blogging about blogging you’ve absolutely come to the right place. I’m going to walk you through all the different ways you can monetize and start making money today.

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How to make money blogging without blogging about blogging

How to start your blog

My blog traffic and revenue really exploded when I made the switch to self hosting with bluehost. If you’re just starting out and know that you’ll eventually want to start making money with your blog then I highly suggest you purchase a unique domain and get self-hosting from the get-go. Unique domains are far more professional and appealing to potential collaborators and sponsors ya know?

Bluehost offers some competitive pricing, awesome customer service and one-click installs for wordpress which makes getting your blog up and running a breeze. I’ve had virtually no issues with their service thus far. So, I would highly recommend them if you’re a new or existing blogger looking for good quality, affordable and reliable self-hosting.

>>Click here to take advantage of the awesome $3.95 monthly deal Bluehost has to offer!<<

If you’re looking for some awesome free themes for your wordpress blog have a read of this post: 20 gorgeous and free wordpress themes . And, if you’re curious how I run TTBH have a read of this post too: 20 must have wordpress plugins.

Ad Revenue

One of my main sources of income here on This Tiny Blue House is via Google Adsense. I’ve been collaborating with them for a few months and so far I’m more than satisfied with the direction our partnership is going. Here are a few more ad networks that might interest you if Adsense isn’t your jam and you’re just starting out in the blog world.

Mediavine: Requires a minimum of 25 000 sessions over the last 30 days.

Popads: Great for new blogs because they have no minimum traffic requirements and a super low payout at 5$.

Chitika: Also great for new blogs because they have no minimum traffic requirement and low payouts thresholds.

Sponsored Post Options

In addition to running ads here on This Tiny Blue House I actively take on sponsored post opportunities if they fit my blog. I monetized this space in February of 2017 and since then I’ve been consistently offered paid work. Below are a list of publishing networks that might be of interest to you:

Izea , Tomoson  , BzzAgent , One2One Network, InfluenceCentral, MomItForward , Markerly , Social Fabric , Coopertize , BlogMeetsBrand , BrandBacker, Infolinks , BlogPRWire, Swaggable , Smiley360, Activate by Bloglovin , ExpoTV, Influenster, SheSpeaks, MassiveSway , BloggyMoms, CleverGirlsCollective , BlogDash, Blogvertise , PinchMe, TapInfluence , Pollinate Media, Weave Media , The SITS Girls, Blueprint Social

When it comes to determining how much your blog or social media channels posts are worth it really depends on your niche, traffic and engagement.  Totally non-specific and really unhelpful right? Well, you can sign yourself up with Social Bluebook (free!) which estimates the value of your blog and social media accounts and provides you with an average price it believes would be a fair rate.

Selling Advertising Space

Another alternative (one I have yet to explore) is selling dedicated ad space on your blog. For those who prefer not to work with an ad network but represent one or two dedicated partners there is an option to sell space on your website for advertising purposes. Monthly prices depend on traffic, niche and engagement.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a huge money maker for many bloggers. It’s an incredible way to set yourself up to accrue passive income from your blog by marketing products that you use and love in your posts. Affiliate marketing is something that I’m admittedly inefficient at but am trying to incorporate more organically into my blogging.

Some well known and loved affiliate networks include:

Amazon Affiliates, Shareasale, Rakuten, CJ Affiliate

Besides large affiliate networks most companies and small businesses have some sort of affiliate opportunity. So, if there’s a product or service you love have a look at their website and see if you can get an affiliate link which is another great way to build up that passive income stream.


E-Books are everywhere and there seems to be an e-book on just about every topic and issue imaginable. If you love to write and have a solution or know the secret sauce to one of life’s many questions or dilemmas – Get typing! You can make a fortune from a well planned, organized and content specific e-book!

make money blogging without blogging about blogging - proven strategies to make income and profit from your niche blog #blogging #momblog #lifestyleblog #sidehustle #lifestyle #blogger #blogtips #bloggingtips #sponsoredposts

Moral of the story folks : you need to set yourself with multiple streams of income if you want to make money blogging without blogging about blogging . Ad revenue by itself isn’t enough (for me anyway) and so I supplement that income with blog and social media sponsorship. I’ve got my hands full with these two streams but do plan to incorporate more affiliate marketing in my blogging in the new year. Every bit counts and to be successful and profitable you have to take advantage and explore as many streams of income you can.

Are you making money from your blog? If so, how do you do it? If not, is it something that interests you?




  1. I am truly getting sick of people trying to capitalize off of others and selling their courses about how to blog because THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG WAY to do it. I have been blogging for so long and over the years I have noticed people no longer blog for the joy of it, they blog because they want the all mighty dollar.

    1. You’re absolutely right. Every blog is different and what works for you might not work for me and vice versa. There isn’t a one size fits all approach to this which is so important to keep in mind.

      1. There are some rotten apples out there who spoil it for the rest, I think. I hear what you’re saying though – it’s become quite the “business niche”.

        I’ve hardly blogged at all this year, because I just couldn’t handle the work after hitting publish (the extra images for each social platform, remembering which days I could share my post in groups I belong to, and ensuring I’d monetized correctly). This week I hit publish on 2 posts, and haven’t even bothered to share them (yeah, that’s probably silly) but I wanted to remind myself of what it was like to create a post, hit publish and just stop worrying about things afterward… 🙂

  2. Jenny THANK YOU for this post. Sometimes I feel like the blogging industry is JUST bloggers selling to bloggers. A lot of it is good stuff, and a lot is a racket, especially since a lot of blogs won’t end up making any money. I’m glad your blog makes money….you blog about important things that make a difference in peoples lives. Keep it up! This gives me home that someday my own blog will make enough 🙂 I’m still growing and hope to join Mediavine when my sessions are high enough.

    1. There is a ton of bloggers selling to bloggers which for niche bloggers like you and I paints a really unrealistic picture of what type of income a blog can generate! Thank you for reading Kristin! I’m sure you’ll get to the session minimum and be able to join Mediavine in no time!

  3. I have no interest in making money through blogging… it’s just too much time that I don’t have! I already spend a lot of time at the computer for different reasons so spending more time in front of the screen isn’t an option. And honestly, though I have favorite blogs I follow, whenever I see a sponsored post I almost always phase out. Blogging has become more about making money than simply sharing and connecting with others.

    1. It’s like comparing apples to oranges. Their nice about blogging basically attracts every type of blogger whereas a true niche blog is far more focused.

  4. This is a very refreshing post! I am a blogger myself, but mostly make income as a freelance writer working for other people. The courses I see cost thousands of dollars claiming that a person can make the same….when in reality they are making money off that person! It gets tiring seeing all the programs and pondering if there is another way.

    Thank you for sharing your advice and the importance of other niche categories! This blogger certainly appreciates it. 🙂

    1. It’s very misleading ya know? It’s very possible to monetize a niche blog and as far as I’ve seen few people talk about actionable ways to do it.

  5. This is a wonderful post to read thank u! I enjoy blogging and still New at it but love reading amazing info with details like this that will actually stick with me and help me progress!

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are a Godsend. I’m cutting my hours so I can spend more time on growing my audience and income from blogging with the hopes of leaving my day job by July 1, 2018, or taking a long hiatus, tee hee. You’re absolutely right about a lot of bloggers making money from teaching others, but I have no interest to do so. My new blog launches on 11/1 from a Siteground. I will tweet and pin this for a reminder. Again, thanks!

  7. I really enjoy your blog. This is a great post, and one I’ve been hoping to find for a long time now. I think one of the challenges to blogging is that it’s truly something anyone can do and the market is a bit flooded. How many mom bloggers are out there?? It can feel impossible to come up with a unique, stand-out idea for a blog rather than just another version of what’s already out there. I think the wiser approach is to be yourself and stick to a topic that you’re truly passionate about because that will make for the most interesting content. Thank you for your tips!

  8. So nice to see someone acknowledge those of us who don’t blog about blogging. I was nodding my head at the comment exchange between you and Kristin above. My husband and I run an e-comm business, so I work from home, and when I finally decided that I loved talking about something enough to blog about it (listening to podcasts), I knew that I could also make a little side $$. But maaaaaan, do the bloggers about blogging really pour it on sometimes. I’m grateful for all the advice, but must EVERYONE write about the same thing?

  9. I’ve been contemplating getting out of the business niche & moving into something in the lifestyle niche – because it’s so much easier to bring in followers from Instagram, Pinterest, etc. It also seems to be easier to get sponsored posts & private ads, simply because there’s a very tangible product on the other side. Affiliate marketing seems to be the easiest for business bloggers (although it can be quite beneficial for non biz too, I think) but it can be exhausting too (the constant promotion, the weight of wondering if you’re hitching your carriage to a horse that’s out of control – does that even make sense? lol)

    Great post! I’m a new reader of your blog – arrived here after receiving Kathy Pines 2018 planner for review today (I didn’t know about the blog tour until today – a bit late to the party I guess 🙂

    ~ Loralee | Portable

  10. This is something I have been struggling with! Thank you for this post. I will definitely be checking out some of these different afffiliate programs and sponsored post websites.

  11. I freaking love this. Honestly it’s been really hard for me, because I like to talk about blogging but I don’t want to be cookie cutter like everyone else. I want to stay true to what I’m passionate about, and it seems like lately the only way to be successful as a blogger is to well, blog about blogging.

    Great read, sharing a million times.

    Nichole //

  12. Thank you for this post. It’s refreshing to see a helpful post that’s not saying the exact same thing and from bloggers who blog about blogging. I don’t even click on those posts in Pinterest anymore because it feels like they all say the same thing. But back to your post, I had never checked out Social Blue Book until just now and I really wish I had known about it sooner because it would have motivated me to focus a little more attention on my social media than I have, until just recently. So, thank you!

  13. Super awesome list – I just started this food and lifestyle blogging adventure and I feel like I’m working my butt off for nothing. I’ve started affiliate marketing – trying to make it happen. I’m not really sure how to begin getting contracted work tho. I will totally use your recommendations. I just don’t have traffic which is partly the problem too. I know I just need to be patient and continue creating good quality content tho. Thanks check me out on – some feedback would be sooo appreciated.

  14. I must admit I’d be wary of selling Ad space on a blog, there’s nothing worse than finding a new blog and it seems there’s more adverts than content. Interesting post Jenny.

    1. This is very true. It’s not something I feel comfortable with either. Having said that I’ve seen some bloggers partner with one company exclusively and it work quite well.

  15. An amazing post! Thank you so much! Many valuable tips, especially the one with the reversed pricing, which I would have never thought of myself. Also a great way of writing that is easy to understand for everyone.

  16. This is right on point! We need to diversify ans try out different methods that may or may not work for us. Thanks for including companies that work well for new bloggers. Super handy!

  17. Yes! Thank you so much! Just knowing you make some money is an encouragement! I was beginning to think that people can only make money blogging about blogging.

  18. This post is amazing and I cannot wait to revisit it in depth when I’m able to lay my three month old down for a long nap! These tips and links seems like they may be just what I need to get my blog off of the ground.

    By the way, I absolutely love your blog name!

  19. I’m coming to your site through a link in Well and Weatlhy’s newsletter. I specifically clicked on the title of this article because of the title. I’m starting a lifestyle blog next year, but I’m referring to it as a Mid-Life Shift Blog because I want to chronicle my journey to quitting the 8-5 grind and becoming a ladyboss by age 50 (I’m currently 46). Part of that includes investing in Caitlyn Pyle’s General Proofreading program and starting a business. I also plan to chronicle my journey into going the natural route (home and health-wise). I want to eventually monetize the blog and someone recently told me that I should focus on the proofreading thing first (since that would bring in money sooner) and then, once I’ve got that down, start the lifestyle blog. I’m going to do a certain extent. I’ll blog, but not focus right away on monetizing it. This post, though, reminded me that I mostly subscribe to newsletters from bloggers who blog about blogging. I seriously need to find more lifestyle bloggers who are blogging about LIFE. LOL

  20. It’s so nice to read this post right now. I feel like it’s so “real” a lot of the time I feel like I read the blogging posts and it seems sooo out of reach for someone like me blogging about how to save money. So thank you for these tips 🙂 I will have to apply them to my blog. As far as the social media sponsorship you mentioned, which one do you like to use the most?

  21. Thank you for this! I’m a brand new blogger (and fellow Canadian!), and as I’ve been reading blog posts to help me get my blog up and running I’ve been wondering if the only people who are able to effectively monetize their blogs these days are the ones blogging about blogging. I love your blog, and will be sending you an email shortly about joining your Simple Centered Momma Bloggers Pinterest group – that’s right up my alley.

  22. I have been wondering about this a lot lately. Sometimes I just want to ask, what about the blog you ran before this blogging about blogging one? What did you make then? This post feels so real and I feel like my expectations after reading this are more real. Thanks for addressing this and helping me feel like I won’t be a failure if I’m not making 30K a month.

    1. Glad you found it helpful Ali. There’s a lot of mystery when it comes to non-blogging related blogs. You can absolutely make money blogging (I certainly am) BUT, I’m definitely not taking home 30k per month.

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