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Raise your hand if meal time is a real struggle with your toddler?

Since Margsy hit 22 months it seems like her appetite has gone out the window, she’s become picky and she’s on the go so much that eating just isn’t a priority anymore. Let’s face it, she can’t sit still because there are so many interesting things to touch and explore! Trust me when I tell you that I’ve had many meltdowns over my baby girls ever-changing and poor eating habits.

My kiddo who once had an incredibly healthy appetite and ate just about anything has now turned into a picky little toddler who prefers to throw her food on the floor or share it with the dog. She’s recently learned to throw things in the garbage and if we don’t keep a close eye on her she’ll dump her entire meal into the kitchen trash can.

Clearly, I worry about her nutrition and whether her daily intake is enough to sustain her growing little body an meet her caloric and nutrient needs. So, if mealtime is a constant battle in your house please know that you are definitely not alone. I cannot remember the last time this little one ate an entire balanced meal!

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To supplement Margs’ meals we’ve started giving her Enfagrow A+ with DHA. We’re an Enfamil family, having fed Margsy Enfamil Gentlease until she was approximately 12 months old.  We didn’t hesitate for a second when introducing Enfagrow A+ because we knew that this toddler drink would ensure that our little girl was getting her daily vitamins, nutrients and DHA requirements.

Enfagrow A+ is a daily toddler drink for kiddos aged 12-36 months that provides 26 nutrients to support normal growth, including: iron, calcium, and vitamins C and D. Not only is it rich in nutrients but it also provides DHA, a type of Omega-3 fat and an important building block for the brain. Did you know that 85% of brain growth development is completed by age 3? So, it’s critical that your little one is getting the correct vitamins, nutrients and DHA they need to sustain their little bodies and their growing brains folks. As a gluten free and kosher toddler drink available in both Milk and Vanilla flavor, Enfagrow A+ toddler drink is a great snack or meal supplement for anyone dealing with getting enough food into their active and growing toddlers.

We’ve been giving Margsy the Vanilla flavor in a sippy cup which she loves both at mealtime and as a snack and affectionately refers to as “wanilla”. I’m relieved to know that despite her eating issues Enfagrow A+ has us covered and she’s getting all the nutrients her little growing body and brain need!

{Ad} Manage picky toddler eating with Enfagrow A+ - #EnfagrowMomsKnow #toddlers #toddlerstruggles #toddlerlife

If you’re struggling to get your little one to eat, Enfagrow A+ is generously offering free samples of their daily toddler drink. Head straight over and now and Sign up for FREE Samples! I promise you will not regret it since you can rest easy knowing that your toddler is getting their daily nutrients, vitamins and DHA requirements even if they are picky eaters and meal time is a struggle!

Not only is Enfagrow A+ offering free samples of their product but they are generously donating  1$ to United Way, up to $5000 until Nov 30, 2017 whenever the hashtag #EnfagrowMomsKnow is used on Instagram and Twitter to share toddler stories, pictures, or advice with other moms.  Make sure to show them some love by supporting their cause and using the hashtag #EnfagrowMomsKnow both on twitter and the gram!

If you’re looking for even more information about nutritional needs for your growing toddler or tips and tricks on navigating toddler eating head on over to Enfagrow A+ Your Toddler Magazine!

Don’t forget to swing by and Sign up for FREE Samples of Enfagrow A+ daily toddler drink and start making mealtimes less stressful!

What struggles do you face when feeding your toddler?

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