Keeping your kiddo warm this winter – snow gear we’re loving

It’s cold out there folks. Real cold. I’m currently writing this post from the warmth of my kitchen where I have a clear view of the blistering cold storm and sub zero temps that have descended upon us. We live in the north east where temperatures regularly get well below freezing and this winter we’re faced with a highly mobile toddler who wants to play outside with her neighbor friends (and at daycare!) but who simultaneously hates the cold. We figured out pretty quickly that keeping this kiddo warm would be a challenge because not only does she hate putting on winter gear but the gear we had purchased for her from the thrift shop simply didn’t cut it when it came to keeping little toes and fingers warm.

After exhausting our frugal options which included revisiting local thrift stores and putting out a call on local facebook groups that we were in the market for warm winter gear we realized that we’d have to bite the bullet and buy a couple of new pieces of gear for Margsy this winter.

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Mer and I did explore our options before dishing out cash but when it comes time to buy important things like gear for keeping our kid warm and dry for the winter we’re more than willing to spend. Our first stop isn’t the local shoe shop or clothing store since we look into buying second hand first. But, when we realized that we couldn’t hunt down the right sizes and quality we were looking for we took to shopping online to try and save a couple of extra bucks and stretch our dollar.

Here’s the winter gear we’ve invested in and are more than happy to recommend to anyone who wants to keep their kiddo warm this winter. We highly suggest you visit your local thrift shop first but if you’re stuck like we were these items are well worth the investment to keep little fingers and toes warm and dry this winter.

SOREL 1964 Pac Strap-K Snow Boot. Awesome waterproof boot for tiny feet. They are high which keep little legs warm as well.

L-Bow Kids Snowflake Cold Weather Waterproof Elbow Length Mittens. These mittens are the ultimate solution to mittens that fall off resulting in cold little fingers. They zip right up to the elbow which provide extra warmth and stay put!

Columbia Girls Frosty Slope Set I can’t say enough about how awesome this snow suit is. It’s fairly light weight and allows for kids to move freely and easily unlike some more cumbersome and heavy suits. We love it and so does Margs!

Redess Kids windproof hat This hat is awsome. Not only is it lined with fleece it provides a wind shield around the neck. It’s easy to put on and I suspect it will last us a couple of winters! Well worth the investment in our book!

What are your favorite pieces of winter gear for your littles?



  1. Also not frugal, but we are LOVING boots and mits from a Canadian company, Stonz. I have a 16 month old who still tries to kick her footwear off and who pulls her mittens off with her teeth. These boots and mits have drawstrings in two places (ankle and calf, wrist and upper arm, respectively), and they STAY ON. They also slide on incredibly easy. We also bough the extra liners for in the boots and they are TOASTY. It often hits -15 degrees celcius here and her feet and hands stay really cozy.

    My other favourite piece of snowgear is the mit-clip! Even though our mits stay on really well, they were way to expensive to risk losing in the snowbank. Mit clips, like pacifier clips, keep the mits safely fastened to the sleeve so even if they come off the hand, they just dangle there rather than being lost.

  2. Thanks for the recommendations! My little one is too little this year but next year I feel we will need all of these. She’s a mover and loves being outside. She also likes pulling off her socks and mittens, so having long zip up mittens will be perfect!

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