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  1. I’ve tried a vegan diet in the past, and while I love it, I felt I wasn’t getting the nutrients that my body needs. I’m relatively small and genuinely love fruits and veg, but I do get fatigued when I don’t have meats to go with it. Do you have any advice for that?

  2. I love all these tips!! I’m not Vegan but I do eat a lot of whole foods and vegetables. I even think most can apply to saving money on food in general. I love the idea of washing produce before eating it. Definitely a money-saving habit!

  3. Great tips! I am a long-time vegetarian who recently went vegan (whole food plant based no oil) and have been pleasantly surprised at our grocery bill.

  4. We are planning on trying more vegetarian & vegan recipes and these tips will help us save money at the same time. Thank you

  5. These are all great tips! I’ve been buying in bulk and gardening for a while, partly to reduce waste. My fiance laughs at my gardening though – I’m so spastic with taking care of my garden and sometimes he’ll catch me “grazing” 😂

  6. Quite a lovely post but so full of useful, workable ideas! I like the simple idea of choosing the grains and greens, adding the beans, and then flavouring it. So simple and yet so healthy.
    If we follow these guidelines we would be doing well. And, as a frugal lifestyle blogger, I like the idea of growing your own fresh produce. Your guest poster has done a marvelous job!