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  1. I resonate a lot with what you have said! I second guess myself a lot and worry about internet trolls! When it comes down to it though, I’m doing something I love and sharing that passion with the world! If someone finds it helpful then I’m happy! Way to go being a blogger and a Mommy to a little one! I’ve been there too! Love that you said Mom 1st, blogger 2nd! 🙂 Keep on writing!

  2. Hi , thank you for this post . It’s just what I needed at this moment in time. It’s easy to feel lost and very unimportant against all the other blogs at times. This can seriously dint confidence. Sometimes I need to remember that I’m a newbie and things take time. X

    • It does take time. I can promise you that you’re not lost in all of this. It’s just a question of building up your brand. Thank you for reading and stopping by!

  3. Wow! You’re right; blogging is quite a lot of work, but as you’ve mentioned, if you are writing about what you love, then it feels all worth it. Thanks for sharing your awesome lessons.

    • Thank you so much Karen. I’m so impressed by ladies like yourself who have been at this for so long! It’s really insipiring! Thank you for stopping by!

  4. Love this post! I’m a new blogger (~6 months in). I can already sympathize with some of the challenges you mentioned, but am still looking forward to the successes you also shared! I definitely need to remember to be patient with growth and not get frustrated when some of what I consider to be my best content doesn’t perform well. Thanks for sharing1

  5. I definitely agree with the patience part. One thing the Lord impressed onto my heart just yesterday is that it takes almost no time to tear something apart, but it takes multiple times as long to create and build something that lasts. If we truly want to make a lasting impact, we must be patient with the building process. It takes time to grow oak trees with deep roots =0) Thanks for sharing!

  6. I so feel you about the best and most popular posts! Those that I’m most proud never generated as much traffic as those I thought aren’t that good… and there’s one specific one that went viral and people coming back to it and is literally my most popular post to this day… and from some reason it’s starting to drive me mad as there are so many better ones by now lol!

  7. Sometimes it amazes me which posts are most popular. Sometimes the ones I think are the best don’t do as well. I loved reading your post! You included points that we don’t often see in posts like this and everything is so true!

  8. This was really inspirational to read! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and tips for new bloggers. I am one of them, just learning everything on blogging, marketing and getting new inspiration or making schedule. 🙂

    • So very true. I don’t think I could continue working at this day after day if I didn’t think the product I was producing is meaningful. It’s so nice to see you around these parts lady. I think of you often. How are you?

  9. As someone who has just started blogging, I found your post immensely useful and inspiring! I have bookmarked it so that I can re-read this to remind me that all this effort is worthwhile 🙂

  10. Great post. Sometimes others do not realize how time consuming blogging can be. How draining it can be. And how overwhelming it can be. At the same time, how rewarding blogging can be. I have made great friends through blogging. Just like everything else, it takes time. Great tips!

  11. Great post! I Have learned a lot blogging also and I especially like your point about you are a mom first, and a blogger second. Sometimes it’s hard to balance the two and I can relate to that.

  12. I hear what you’re saying about blogging eating up up your life! I always have to reign myself in and set limits so that I spend enough time with my family and do the necessary work around the house. It’s tough to find the right balance. Great post and lots of good tips here!

    • Absolutely. It’s super important to set personal life/blog life boundaries to keep everything in check. Otherwise, blog life can easily consume life as a whole ya know?

  13. I totally agree with being a mom first, blogging second. It’s one of the biggest reasons I think I’m behind in blogging though, haha! I guess it’s more of a hobby or side hustle as I don’t have the time to focus on it as much to make a huge profit. The whole point of being a SAHM is to take care of my daughter, so she’s number 1 right now!

    • Yup. Finding a balance between the two isn’t always easy and when push comes to shove the blog gets put on the backburner to make sure her needs are met.

  14. Well, firstly I want to say congrats on hitting the one year blogging milestone! I actually hit mine about a month and a half ago! It feels like I’ve been blogging forever, so I can imagine you feel the same way. There are so many lessons, if not all that I can completely agree with you on! Especially the part where you say that blogging can take over your whole life. I can literally spend hours upon hours after I get home from my full-time job in order to make sure my blog is up to date. I also love supporting other bloggers, so that also takes quite a bit of time. Great post xxx

    Melina |

  15. Thank you for sharing all these tips! I have had my blog for a few years now, but I am just starting to get back into blogging on it again, and I have found all these tips for new bloggers really helpful!

    Carly |

  16. These are great lessons and tips! Come July I will have been blogging 8 years! These are all lessons I’ve learned to some degree and OH DEAR GOD YES START OUT SELFHOSTED. I near had a panic attack back in 2012 when I switched over to self hosted… the same time I happened to experiment with Pinterest and had a pin go SUUUUUPER viral (Hunger Games book list….with the ugliest graphic in the WOOOORLD lolol). So my blog was breaking every other minute while I was doing it and traffic was coming to my site like never before lol.

    The one lesson I’m learning recently, even after 8 years, is the mom first and blogger second. I just had my little one in July and this one really resonates with me!

  17. I always wonder why some of my recipes go viral and others don’t. My favorite recipes usually aren’t the most popular ones. I have given up on guessing which ones will go over well.

  18. Awesome post! I’m only 2 months into this journey, but I can totally relate with some of these lessons. One I have learned very recently is that what you perceive as your best work will not always be perceived as your best work by others. It is hard to not take that personal when you’ve put so much hard work into a post! I will be keeping these tips in mind as I continue to write & grow my website!

  19. Blogging is indeed a wonderful amazing journey. At first you feel like a voice among millions, never quite sure if you will be heard – but then readers begin to find your blog. When that starts happening the feeling is so amazing! Your blogging lessons mirror mine. Across the miles I send wishes of continued prosperity, growth and happiness with your blogging venture. Blog on!

  20. I have learned so much through blogging over the years. Most especially the blog post that you share the most information and genuine you will be the most popular,

  21. You’re right! Blogging is fun and a blast but it’s also hard work. I have twins and even though they started school this year, I think they are home more than at school with sickness and all! That’s awesome you achieved so much in your first year!

    • It so is. It’s a ton of work. Far more work than I think anyone really realizes.

      As for sickness. I feel you lady. My little started daycare this year and we’ve been sick at least once a month since then. It’s brutal.

      Fingers crossed your twins get and stay healthy for the rest of this winter!

  22. I love and relate to literally everything in this post!! Well, except being a mom first, because I’m not a mom, and also Bluehost because I’m a SiteGround girl 🙂 But I can voice for all these things being so true, especially how your best posts aren’t always the ones that go viral. I’ve been trying to recreate my two viral posts forever, and it’s just not happening again, even if I feel they’re better!! Thanks for a great post. (Hope it goes viral!!)

    • Viral posts are very interesting and I’m always fascinated when I see which posts become popular and which don’t! Thanks for stopping by Nicole!

    • Yup! I can totally relate. Between coming up with blog post ideas and keeping track of social media and such it can get very overwhelming am I right?

  23. I totally feel you on the viral thing! My blog traffic has grown exponentially in the past two months (yay!) but I get so paranoid when I think about all those people looking at my stuff lol

    • Yup. It’s a strange feeling am I right? On the one hand you’re super pumped about all the traffic but equally terrified by so many eyes reading YOUR work! Thanks for reading Nicole!

  24. Ooh, you got me saying “yes” and nodding my head to many of your points – too many.
    I am reminded I have to get my Pinterest game together…

  25. I appreciated this post! I started to take my blog more seriously and now I can definitely relate to getting less sleep. It’s so hard when there’s tons to do and your job is your laptop!

  26. So excited to read your blog post – I dabbled a bit and now I’m trying to focus in on my subjects. Got a few articles up and figured out that I couldn’t make my theme work like I wanted it to so now I’m deep in learning how to do that. It’s easy to get bogged down in the details but it’s also exciting!

    • I know EXACTLY what you’re saying! I try and make a priority list of what needs doing first and go from there! It really helps keep me focused!

  27. The strategy of blogging was the most surprising to me when I first started my foray into it. I continuously revamp my strategies as well. LOVE that you are a mom first. Out little ones need us quite a bit at this age.

    • Yes! There is so much strategy involved. More than you can even imagine until you’re knee deep in the process. Thank you for stopping by Brooke!

  28. Really enjoyed this post! Definitely a lot of great tips and tricks for newer bloggers. I am just short of a year blogging and it is the best decision I made to share my thoughts and creativity online.

  29. Oh blogging is 10000% my life. It eats it all up. But I allow it to, but I also am not afraid to walk away and have my actual life happen too. I know how to do this now after many years of letting it consume me. Thankfully, blogging is in fact my full time job — But that means, I work from home and make my own hours, which means, these hours can be at any time – so my days all mesh together, weekends do not exist in my life.

  30. As a new blogger, this post was a great read & really inspiring! I’m just approaching my third month of blogging, so I always appreciate more experienced bloggers sharing their inside tips! I haven’t made the jump to Tailwind yet, the concept kinda confuses me, but I think it will make a difference!

    • Thanks for reading! Tailwind is pretty simple when you get the hang of it! But it definitely has a learning curve at first!

  31. Great work Jenny! I agree with you that blogging demands consistency and a whole lot of time but the good thing about this is that you can surely learn some valuable life lessons as you thrive in the world of blogging.