12 Best Easy DIY Face Mask Tutorials (Sew & No Sew Varieties)

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Have you found your way here because you are looking for DIY face mask tutorials?

With all the illness we’re trying to avoid in our communities, wearing a DIY face mask when heading out for essentials is an extra precaution you can take to help keep safe. Whether you’re popping into the grocery store or the drug store a mask is a must these days.

Mandatory face masks in public spaces have become a legal requirement in our province. We have to wear a mask in any public space so having masks available to us is a must. So, we’ve got to stock up on reusable masks to help keep our entire family safe.  To make sure we’ve always got a heafty supply of masks available to us we’ve taken to mass producing reusable masks. This way I can stash a few in our cars, handbags and home so we’ll never find ourselves unprepared.

With that in mind, we decided to round up a variety of different styles of DIY face mask tutorials that are suitable for both crafty and non crafty folks.  DIY masks are very personal and one size certainly does not fit all. And, not everyone is able to sew or has access to a sewing machine so we’ve also included a handful of masks that can be made without any sewing.

  So, here are some DIY face mask tutorials including tutorials for both sewn and no-sew DIY protective masks. These helpful DIY face mask tutorials created by incredibly talented bloggers and youtubers will help guide you to making your own face mask in the comfort of your home and with very few materials.

You might want to make these DIY face mask tutorials for yourself, for loved ones or even to share within your community during this very difficult time.

Please remember that wearing a face mask does not replace the need for proper hygiene including proper hand washing.

Click here to be taken to the WHO’s recommendations for proper hygiene techniques and other public health suggestions and advice relevant to our current global crisis.

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Here are 12 easy DIY face mask tutorials that you can use to make either sewn or no-sew masks with materials you likely already have at home. #facemask #diyfacemask #facemaskpattern #facemaskdiy #nosewdiyfacemask #facemasknosew #facemasksewingpattern




12 DIY face mask tutorials

DIY face mask tutorials THAT REQUIRE SEWING

Please click on the link beneath each mask to be taken to the full tutorial.


NO SEW DIY face mask tutorials






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Here are 12 easy DIY face mask tutorials that you can use to make either sewn or no-sew masks with materials you likely already have at home. #facemask #diyfacemask #facemaskpattern #facemaskdiy #nosewdiyfacemask #facemasknosew #facemasksewingpattern

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