Dollar Tree Pantry Organization: 101 Best DIY Ideas and Hacks You Need To Try

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Transform a messy and disorganized pantry into a functional food storage space with these 101 DIY Dollar Tree pantry organization ideas!

dollar tree pantry organization ideas

Dollar Tree Pantry Organization

A well-organized kitchen is a must because it makes tasks like weeknights dinners and packing school lunches quick easy and frustration free.

But if you’re like most people, your pantry looks more like the aftermath of a tornado than an organized space to store food and other necessities.

In fact, many homeowners waste time searching for items that have been misplaced or forgotten about in the chaos of their pantry every single day.

This is because they never gave much thought to organizing it in the first place. And, while some may find organizing fun, many find it overwhelming when faced with such a large project all at once. Fortunately, there are clever ways to organize your kitchen on a budget using items from The Dollar Tree!

Here are over 100 of our favorite Dollar Tree pantry organization hacks and ideas to help inspire you to organize your own pantry.

We’ve conveniently divided this post into a variety of different categories of Dollar Tree pantry organization ideas.

From hacks to organize cans to snack organization and even cleaning supply storage we’ve got it all. These helpful Dollar Tree pantry organization ideas are the best way to get every corner of your pantry sorted for good!

100+ Dollar Tree Pantry Organization

#1 Labeled White Baskets

dollar tree pantry organization

Bri from Bits of Brit Blog created a functional and organized pantry space using white plastic baskets and labels. What we love about this clutter free pantry is how every category of food has a home, making keeping things neat and tidy easy and fuss free. (Dollar Tree pantry organization ideas from Bits of Brit Blog)

cheap and easy ways to store canned goods

#2 Dollar Tree pantry organization with wire baskets (idea from Splinters and Sparkles)
#3 Large pantry organized with Dollar Tree items (idea from The Fab 20s)
#4 Dollar Store pantry organization set up (idea from Her Happy Home)
#5 Beautifully Organized Small Pantry (idea inspiration from Joyfully Treasured)

Dollar Tree Pantry Organization for Canned Goods

#6 Dollar Tree Soda Can Organizers

dollar tree pantry organization using soda can organizers from Dollar tree

Do you have a ton of canned goods that need some organization? Then, get a soda can organizer at The Dollar Tree! These simple, plastic containers are great for organizing all those cans and saving space in cramped kitchens and pantries! You can even divide them by type if you have more room! (idea from an unknown source)

dollar tree pantry organization for canned goods

#7 Soda can organizers for canned goods (idea from Home Making Dreams)
#8 Dollar Tree plastic shoe bin storage for canned goods (idea from I Heart Organizing)
#9 Simple photo box can storage (idea from The Kim Six Fix)
#10 Easy can organization using a shelf stacker (idea from Clean Eating With Kids)

Dollar tree pantry organization ideas for canned goods
diy hacks for storing canned goods

#11 DIY pantry can storage (idea from Pretty DIY Home)
#12 Wire rack can organization (idea from Eleven Gables)
#13 Wire basket can organization (idea from Honey Bear Lane)
#14 Hanging shelf baskets (idea from Domestic Imperfection)

Dollar Tree Pantry Organization: Spices

dollar tree pantry organization for spices
cheap and easy ways to store spices

#15 Simple DIY magnetic spice rack (idea from Instructables)
#16 Easy Dollar Tree spice rack storage (idea from The Stony Brooke House)
#17 Under cabinet Mason jar spice storage (idea from Houzz)
#18 Magnetic behind door spice storage (idea from A Cultivated Nest)

dollar tree pantry organization for spices

#19 Space saving wall mounted spice storage (idea from Domestic Imperfection)
#20 Mini mason jar spice storage (idea from Bright Green Door)
#21 DIY Dollar Tree spice cupboard (idea from The Social Home)
#22 Easy plastic bin spice rack (idea from Thirty Handmade Days)

Dollar Tree pantry organization ideas for spices

#23 Flip top Dollar Tree jar spice organization (idea from Living Rich With Coupons)
#24 Plastic shoe organizer spice organization (idea from unknown source)
#25 White wire step storage rack (idea from Dollar Tree)
#26 Plastic bin spice storage (idea from Frieda Loves Bread)

Dollar Tree Pantry Organization: Dry Goods

#27 Dry Food Container Storage

Dollar Tree Pantry Organization for dry foods

Ditch the bulky packaging in favor of plastic containers for your dry goods and baking staples. These air tight containers keep pastas, rice, flour, sugar, oats lentils and other food items fresh to use and at an arms length! Add labels so it’s quick and easy identify what you are storing inside them. (idea from Chelbee)

Dollar Tree Pantry Organization for dry foods

#28 Glass jar storage for dry foods (idea from Creative Green Living)
#29 Dollar Store container organization (idea from The Social Home)
#30 Clear Food storage container organization (idea from Polished Habitat)
#31 Glass jar pantry storage idea (idea from Not Just A Housewife)

Dollar Tree Pantry Organization for dry foods
dollar store pantry organization ideas

#32 Easy glass storage organization (idea from The Social Home)
#33 Dry foods basket organization (idea from The Homes I Have Made)
#34 Labeled plastic containers (idea from Thirty Hand Made Days)
#35 Modular storage containers (idea from The Frugal Girls)

Dollar Tree Pantry Organization for dry foods

#36 Basket and plastic container storage (idea from Pretty In The Pines)
#37 Large glass jar organization idea for dry goods (idea from Classy Clutter)
#38 Free printable pantry labels for dry goods (idea from The Creativity Exchange)
#39 Glass jar pasta organization (idea from The Organized Mom Life)

Dollar Tree Pantry Organization: Snacks

#40 Plastic Container Snack Storage

Dollar tree pantry organization

Ditch the packaging and store your snacks and goodies in transparent storage containers for a clean and organized pantry snack space. Place kid friendly snacks on lower shelves so kids can help themselves. We love this Dollar Tree pantry organization idea because apart from looking great this makes packing school lunches a breeze. (idea from Organized Ideas By Kim)

#41 Clear Jar & Bins

Dollar Tree Pantry Organization for snacks
Plastic bins with cute labels transform this pantry from Weelicious into a neat and organized space where you can see exactly what’s what. This awesome Dollar Tree pantry organization idea is quick to implement and will totally streamline snacks in your home. (idea from Weelicious)
Dollar Tree Pantry Organization for dry foods
hacks for organizing a messy pantry

#42 Clever snack solution for families (idea from My Life and Kids)
#43 Clear bin snack storage (idea from I Heart Organizing)
#44 Plastic container snack storage (idea from unknown source)
#45 Simple hanging snack station (idea from Mom Always Finds Out)

Dollar Tree Pantry Organization for dry foods

#46 Mason Jar snack storage solution (idea from The Rigneys)
#47 Oversized glass jar snack storage (idea from Jewel Pie)
#48 Upcycled coffee creamer containers (idea from Frugal Elegance)
#49 Dollar Tree pantry organization (idea from Money Saving Queen)

Dollar Tree Pantry Organization for dry foods
ways to organize kids snacks

#50 Glass fishbowl snack storage (idea from Beth Bryan)
#51 Hang open chip bags (idea from Pinterest)
#52 Plastic bin snack organization (idea from A Bowl Full Of Lemons)
#53 Simple transparent container snack storage (idea from What’s Cooking America)

Dollar Tree Pantry Organization: Pouches & Drinks

Dollar Tree Pantry Organization for dry foods

#55 Simple pouch storage idea (idea from One Good Thing By Jillee)
#56 Sink caddy packet organizer (idea from Make Bake Celebrate)
#57 Hanging packet organizer (idea from unknown source)
#58 Drawer organizer packet storage (idea from unknown source)

#59 Mason Jar tea bag organization (idea from Let’s Live and Learn)
#60 Large glass jar coffee pod storage (idea from One Crazy House)
#61 Basket coffee storage (idea from One Crazy House)
#62 DIY cookie tin tea bag storage (idea from Little Things)

#63 Hanging chip bags (idea from The Kitchn)
#64 Plastic bin popcorn bag storage (idea from unknown source)
#65 Clear plastic container candy storage (idea from Bakerella)
#66 Plastic basket lunch station (idea from Design Improvised)

Dollar Tree Pantry Organization: Pots, Pans, Tupperware & Bakeware

#67 Dollar Tree Pot Lid Storage Idea

dollar tree pantry organization

If you store your pots and pans in your pantry and are tired of dealing with messy lids then this Dollar Tree pantry organization idea is a must try. This cheap and easy hacks keeps lids neat and tidy! (idea from All Mom Does)

#68 Command hook pot lid storage (idea from unknown source)
#69 Dollar tree pantry organization for bakeware (idea from Restoration Beauty)
#70 Basket storage for muffin tins (idea from unknown source)
#71 Wire rack cutting board storage (idea from unknown source)

#72 Dollar tree Tupperware lid storage hack (idea The Kitchn)
#73 CD holder lid organization for pots and Tupperware (idea from WooHome)
#74 Magazine holder lid organizer (idea from Pinterest)
#75 Small appliance plastic basket storage (idea from What’s Cooking America)

Dollar Tree Pantry Organization: Cleaning Supplies

Dollar Tree Pantry Organization for dry foods

#78 Pocket organizer door storage (idea from Imperfect Homemaking)
#79 Plastic caddy cleaning supply organizer (idea from Neat House Sweet Home)
#80 Mail sorter sponge organization (idea from Organizing Home Life)
#81 Hanging cleaning supply organizer (idea from unknown source)

Dollar Tree Pantry Organization for dry foods

#82 Clear container cleaning supply organization (idea from Jade Richardson)
#83 Plastic bin storage (idea from Instagram)
#84 Wire basket door storage (idea from 11 Magnolia Lane)
#85 DIY hanging cleaners (idea from Decluttering Your Life)

Dollar Tree Pantry Organization for dry foods

#86 Cheap shoe rack product organizer (idea from The Kitchn)
#87 Cleaning product Lazy Suzan (idea from A Casarella)
#88 DIY mason jar dishwasher pod holder (idea from Lucky Bell)
#89 Small space pantry broom closet (idea from Houzz)

Dollar Tree Pantry Organization: Miscellaneous Ideas

#90 Coffee and hot chocolate storage (idea from Polished Habitat)
#91 Dollar Tree measuring spoon organization (idea from I Should Be Mopping The Floor)
#92 File holder veggie storage (idea from Buzzfeed)
#93 Laundry bag holder for onions and potatoes (idea from Jewel Pie)

#94 Egg carton K-cup storage organizer (idea from The Joyful Organizer)
#95 Pinned plastic bags (idea from unknown source)
#96 Magazine rack cling wrap storage (idea from Listotic)
#97 Pantyhose onion hanger (idea from EHow)

diy storage ideas for a small pantry

#98 Small pantry organization setup (idea from I Heart Organizing)
#99 Lazy Suzan pantry organizer (idea from Better Homes and Gardens)
#100 Hanging storage for kitchen utensils (idea from Better Homes and Gardens)
#101 DIY trash bags on a roll (idea from Simply Organized)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I organize my pantry on a budget?

If you are looking for ways to organize your kitchen on a budget, we recommend that you first take all of the items out of your pantry to find out what you have. Then, put like items together and then sort them into various categories.

Some good organization categories might be:

  • canned goods,
  • dry goods,
  • snacks, vitamins/supplements,
  • spices/herbs/seasonings,
  • cleaning supplies,
  • oils/vinegars/marinades.

Next, think about how you can organize these items based on which ones are used more often or need to be kept cool (like the canned goods) and which ones should not be stored near each other. Then start shopping for containers to keep everything organized!

Knowing exactly what you need to organize helps make shopping for containers quicker, easier and cheaper. Once you’ve taken inventory of what you need to organize you can easily buy organization baskets and containers knowing that you’re getting exactly what you need.

We love using Dollar tree baskets and bins to organize pantries. If you don’t have a Dollar Tree in your area you can head to Amazon and check out their selection of baskets and other organizational items.

What is the best way to organize a pantry?

Organizing a pantry is easiest if you sort and group similar items together. This organizational approach makes putting away grocery and finding things when you need them simple quick and easy. This also helps you avoid shoving food items randomly into your pantry space without any order.

How you actually group similar items depends on what pantry foods you buy and use regularly.

In general, you can consider grouping items in the following broad categories. Add and remove groups as needed for your own pantry.

Baking supplies – Flour, sugar, spices, chocolate chips, baking soda/powder

Canned goods – Soups/chili, vegetables & fruits, beans & lentils

Breakfast foods – Cereal, oatmeal packets or jars, pancake mix or ready to eat breakfast sandwiches,

Condiments – Mayo, ketchup, BBQ sauce, salad dressing, flavored vinegars or oils

Crackers and snacks – Cheez-its, cracker snack mixes, chips/crisps and other individual size bags of snacks

Dry goods and pasta – Rice, pasta, noodles, rice noodles, dry beans et

Drinks – Juice boxes and drinks mixes in larger quantities

How do I organize a small pantry?

Having a small pantry is an added challenge when you are trying to stay organized. But it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Even with a small pantry, if you are able to sort and group similar items together, then all you need is the right storage containers for each category.

You can also transform another area in your home into an overflow area where you store less frequently used items to free up some space in your small pantry.

With limited shelf space in your pantry, consider these ideas for organizing contents that are commonly stored there:

Bins & baskets — Use a couple of baskets or bins to keep items that are commonly used together in one place. One basket for snack foods and another for canned goods, for example.

Use clear containers — If you hate digging through cupboards and pantry shelves, use clear containers so you can easily see what it contains from the top shelf!

Label items — Labeling your containers helps keep you organized, because you can see what’s inside at a glance. You’ll know exactly where things go when putting them away, too!

By simply grouping similar items together and then storing them in clear bins or baskets you’ll have an easy to maintain, well-organized pantry. And best of all it will be practical and functional.

Scroll back up to find some neat Dollar Tree pantry organization ideas to get you started and find some inspiration.

What sort of containers do I use to organize a pantry?

When organizing a pantry, using clear storage bins and baskets is an easy way to keep your food items contained and easy to spot and reach when you need them. You can find these at nearly any Dollar Tree store, but if you don’t have one near you, you can order them online.

Amazon has a large selection of clear storage bins and baskets.

What can you do without a pantry?

If you don’t have a pantry, there are lots of other ways to stay organized.

Investing in a pantry cabinet might be a good option for you. Or turn the under-the-counter cabinet into your new pantry! Use clear storage bins to store food items and place them on top of the counter or inside the cabinet to save space. Finally, you could turn an unused closet into a pantry and store items there.

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dollar tree pantry organization ideas
Dollar Tree pantry organization ideas
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