17 Best Fall Simmer Pots That Make Your House Smell Amazing

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Make your home smell delicious and cozy this fall with these must try cozy fall simmer pots. Easy, natural and inexpensive these fall simmer pots are a great way to bring scents of fall into your home during the fall season using fresh ingredients.

Make your home smell delicious and cozy this fall with these must try cozy fall simmer pots. Easy, natural and inexpensive these fall simmer pots are a great way to bring scents of fall into your home during the fall season using fresh ingredients.

Fall Simmer Pots

Are you looking for an inexpensive and easy way to make your house smell amazing this fall? Then, you’ve come to the right place! 

We love everything about the fall season. In fact, I’d say that this is our favorite time of year. From fresh apple pie to DIY fall decor and canning our autumn harvest the fall season is the start of the official holiday season in our home.

And, if you’re anything like me you’re always experimenting with hacks to make your house smell amazing in honor of the holidays.

I regularly melt a variety of scented waxes, use room sprays and other air fresheners to deodorize our home and make it smell like our favorite fall scents. But, wax and scented room sprays are loaded with artificial scents and fragrance oils that can be toxic. Plus, they can easily get expensive.  

So, I tried to find a more economical and natural way to make my whole house smell great from the fall to Christmas season.

And, I’ve found that starting in the fall nothing beats good fall simmer pots for filling your home with amazing scents with minimal effort and a simple combination of fresh ingredients that you probably have at home already.

So, if you’re looking for an inexpensive and easy way to make your home smell wonderful you’re in luck!

Here are 17 easy must try cozy fall simmer pots that are guaranteed to leave your home filled with the most amazing smell. 

These fall simmer pots are awesome because they are an inexpensive, non-toxic and simple way  to fill your home with delicious scents. All you need is a small saucepan, access to a stove top and a variety of fresh ingredients to get started.

They’re also versatile that your combination of ingredients can be a little more or a little less of your favorite fresh herbs and fruits to suit your personal taste.

From traditional cinnamon sticks and orange peels  to apple slices and whole cloves,  scent combos and fall simmer pots are one of our favorite ways to bring delicious cozy fall smells into our home during our favorite season of the year.

Fall Simmer Pot Ingredients

One of the most common question we get about making a homemade simmer pot in the fall is which are our favorite combinations of ingredients. 

What we love most about fall stovetop potpourri is how versatile they are. 

The best simmer pot recipes are a mixture of a few cups of water, combination of fruit and whole spices.

The quantities and types is really flexible and ultimately you can add whatever ingredients you prefer. Let the fall simmering pot recipes we collected below serve as an inspiration. 

The best part is there are no hard and fast rules so make your  own simmer pots and homemade potpourri with a combination of your favorite ingredients and scents.

Here are some of the most common ingredients you’ll find in a fall simmer pot recipe card:

  • star anise
  • cardamom pods
  • fresh rosemary sprigs
  • bay leaves
  • pumpkin spice
  • apple cider
  • pumpkin pie spice
  • ​vanilla extract or vanilla bean
  • pine needles
  • fresh cranberries
  • orange peels or whole orange
  • apple slices
  • Pomegranate (whole fruit)

Fall Simmer Pot Tips & Tricks

  • Although making your simmer pot on the stove top using a dutch oven or large pot is fine, investing in a small crock pot or slow cooker can make the process totally hands off. You can literally set it and forget it.
  • If using a traditional stove top method keep an eye on your water level make sure you’ve always got enough water so you don’t boil dry.
  • Using low heat and keeping the temperature at a low simmer also prevents the simmer pot from boiling dry quickly. Adding fresh water every hour is a good rule of thumb.
  • Good quality whole spices make all the difference when creating fragrant simmer pots. High quality cinnamon stickscloves, rosemary sprigs and star anise are a must for the most delicious natural scent.
  • Freezing orange and apple peels for later use is a great idea and a great way to have fall simmer pot ingredients on hand at all times. It’s our favorite way to throw together a simmering potpourri recipe during the fall and winter season. 

17 Must Try Cozy Fall Simmer Pots

Cinnamon & Citrus Simmer Pot

This cinnamon and citrus simmer pot recipe available from The American Patriette is one of our favorite fall simmer pots because of its classic scent combinations.

Fall Citrus Simmering Pot

Cinnamon sticks really make the natural scent of this fall citrus simmering pot come alive. Get the recipe from The Happier Homemaker.

Apple Pie Fall Simmer Pot

Apples and cinnamon are just heavenly together in this apple pie fall simmer pot recipe available from via Clean & Scentisible.

Vanilla Orange Simmer Spices

If you’re a fan of vanilla then you’re going to love this vanilla orange simmer pot since vanilla and citrus scents work so well together. Get the recipe from She Uncovered.

Fall Simmering Spice Fall Simmer Pot

If you prefer classic fall scents like citrus and cinnamon then this fall simmering pot pourri recipe available from The Healthy Maven is worth a try!

Simmering Spice Fall Simmer Pot

 When it comes to fall simmer pots we love a mixture of all our favorite scents including apples, spices and citrus. Get the recipe for this simmering spice fall simmer pot from How Sweet Eats.

Cinnamon Orange Fall Simmer Pot

Cinnamon and orange complement each other beautifully in this cinnamon rrange fall simmer pots recipe. Get the details from The Novice Chef Blog.

Fall Stovetop Potpourri

fall simmer pots

A delicious apple based fall simmering stovetop potpourri from The DIY Play Book that’s a great way to use up extra apples from apple picking.

Homemade Dry Holiday Potpourri

fall simmer pots

A perfect gift idea that you can prepare in a mason jar or wrap in cellophane bags. Add to a pot of water and simmer to release its beautiful natura scent. Get the recipe from Tid Bits & Company

Cranberry & Cinnamon Stove Top Potpourri

Christmas & Fall Simmer Pot

Fall simmer pots like this one are perfect for the holidays too. This Cranberry and rosemary simmering pot pourri is a great christmas simmer pot option too. Get the recipe from Rachel Shultz.

Fall Simmer Pot Recipe

fall simmer pot recipe

When using dried whole herbs and spices we like to crank the stove top to medium-high heat to start breaking down the spices and their fragrance quickly. From there dropping the heat down nice and low keeps a constant cozy fall scent wafting through your home. Get the recipe from DIY With My Guy

William Sonoma Signature Simmer Pot

cozy fall aromos

The mulling spices and apple cider create delicious fall aromas that are going to fill your home and make it smell heavinly. Visit William Sonoma for the full recipe.

Thanksgiving Simmer Pot

thanksgiving simmer pot

Orange, apple and sage pair beautifully to create a heavenly Thanksgiving inspired scent. Visit The Crowned Goat for all the details.

Cozy Simmer Pot

autumn potpourri recipe

Simple ingredients including orange, cinnamon and cranberries combine to create a warm and cozy fall simmer pot that’ll make your home smell amazing. Play around with the quantities to get the scent exactly how you like it. Visit Grace in Cozy for all the details.

Lemon Lavender Herb Simmer Pot

fall simmer pot

This gorgeous simmer pot is one of our go to fall simmer pots when we’re looking for something that is calming and smells delicious. Lavender + Citrus + Spices combine to create a wonderful scent that naturally deodorizes your home. Visit Get Green Be Well for the details.

Pro Tip* We do not suggest using essential oils in the place of the lavender since essential oils should never be heated.

Simple Winter & Fall Simmer Pots

fall simmer pot recipe

If you enjoy spiced apples then your going to love this fall simmer pots combination of scents. Cinnamon, rosemary and apples are combined to create a warm and cozy fall smell that lingers long after you stop simmering. Visit Mustard Seed Interiors for the recipe.

Dried Citrus Simmer Pot

dried citrus fruit simmer pots

If all you’ve got is dried herbs and citrus fruit then you’re going to want to give this Fall simmer pot a go. This clever combination of dried ingredients creates a fragrant simmer pot that will make your home smell lovely. Visit Alex Marie Jordan for the recipe.

Final Thoughts

As you can see we love fall simmer pots and scented water to make our home smell wonderful during the fall season. It’s such an inexpensive and effective way to deodorize our home and make it smell delicious.

Fall simmer pots are our favourite way to make our home smell wonderful without the use of toxic and pricey air fresheners, wax diffusers or room sprays. They are the perfect way to introduce cozy fall smells into your home during the fall season. 

We hope you plan to make your own fall simmer pots this year! We would love to hear how it turns out if you do decide to try.

Let us know by leaving us a comment down below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you boil on the stove to make the house smell like fall?

Fall simmer pots can be assembled using a variety of different fresh and dry ingredients you have around your home and are typical of the fall season.

Here are a few of our favorite scents and aromas that we love using when we put together a fall simmer pots:

Ingredients for Fall Simmer Pots:

🧡whole spicescinnamon sticks, cloves, rosemary springs, thyme, cardamom pods, star anise, nutmeg

🧡fresh fruits – apple slice, orange slices, lemon slices, cranberries, pomegranates, blueberries

🧡liquids & extractsapple cider, cold pressed apple juice, vanilla extract, lemon extract, orange extract

Why make a simmer pots?

Simmer pots like all the fall simmer pots we included in the list above are an easy and natural way to fill your home with delicious fall aromas. Simmer pots are one of our favorite ways to quickly and naturally deodorize a space!

Are simmer pots better than candles, scented waxes and room sprays?

We prefer using simmer pots to candles, scented waxes, room sprays and air fresheners because they are all natural and use non-toxic ingredients like fresh fruits and whole spices.

In addition, simmer pots are more cost efficient and can leave a lasting aroma in your home for longer periods of time.

How long do simmer pots last?

Simmer pots tend to last only for one day especially if they were simmered for a good portion of the day.

Once you’ve simmered your ingredients you’ll need to compost your cooked ingredients and start over the next day.

At what heat should you simmer a fall simmer pot?

We always suggest simmering any of the fall simmer pots above at low heat to avoid a dry pot. Check your simmer pot often and top off with fresh water as needed throughout the day.

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