17 Best Gourmet Hot Dogs You Need To Try

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Transform your traditional all American hot dogs into gourmet hot dogs with these easy and delicious fancy hot dog recipes.

gourmet hot dogs

When it comes to hot dogs, most of us think of the basic, all-American variety topped with ketchup, mustard and relish . But there’s no need to stop there when it comes to topping your hot dog!

This post is all about gourmet hot dogs – recipes and ideas that transform a simple hot dog into fancy hot dogs that are truly special and delicious.

From toppings and even delicious bun alternatives (hello potato buns), these easy gourmet hot dog recipes are perfect for summer cookouts, tailgates, easy weeknight dinners or celebrating national hot dog day!

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Is There Such A Thing As Gourmet Hot Dogs?

There definitely is such a thing as a gourmet hot dog, and this post is all about proving it by sharing a variety of different topping and bun options that instantly upgrade a classic hot dog into gourmet hot dogs with fun toppings.

From elevated classic toppings like fancy mustards to more unique choices, there are endless possibilities when it comes to preparing gourmet hot dogs.

So whether you’re in the mood for a traditional dog or something a little more special and fancy, these specialty hot dog recipes are a must try for anyone looking to indulge in gourmet hot dogs!

What Makes A Hot Dog Gourmet?

There are a few things that make a hot dog gourmet including the type of hot dog, the toppings, the bun and the sides you opt to serve with your gourmet hot dogs.

The quality and type of hot dog is key – for gourmet hot dogs, you’ll want to go with a high-quality beef or pork hot dog that is thicker and juicier than your traditional all-American dog.

When it comes to gourmet hot dogs, we’re not talking about just ketchup, mustard and relish – although these classic hot dog toppings are always great options.

Gourmet hot dogs can include anything from bacon to avocado to mac and cheese and even pickled jalapenos and buffalo chicken. The options for topping gourmet hot dogs are endless and the possibilities are truly delicious.

Another important factor in gourmet hot dogs is the bun. A gourmet hot dog is often served on a slightly nicer bun than a traditional hot dog, such as a potato bun or even a pretzel bun.

Upgraded hot dog buns give hot dogs a gourmet twist that makes it even more special. Check out some of our favorite bun options with buying options down below.

And finally, gourmet hot dogs are often served with gourmet sides, such as homemade potato chips, an upgraded pasta salad or even a simple green salad.

This takes the whole meal up a notch and makes it truly gourmet.

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Bun Options For Gourmet Hot Dogs

17 best gourmet hot dogs You Need To Try

Loaded Gourmet Chili Dogs

gourmet hot dogs

These gourmet chili dogs are loaded with all your favorite toppings including chili, cheese and onions. This easy recipe is perfect for any party or cookout and will be a hit with everyone both young and old! (Recipe courtesy of The Kitchn)

Fancy Elote Dogs

gourmet hot dog recipes

Elote topped hot dogs are gourmet hot dogs with a deliciously tasty Mexican twist! This gourmet hot dog recipe loads your grilled hot dog with Mexican street corn, onion, cilantro and a generous squeeze of your favorite chipotle aioli sauce. (Recipe courtesy of The Communal Feast)

Dressed Up Chicago Style Hot Dogs

gourmet hot dog recipe ideas

A typical Chicago style hot dog is deliciously upgraded with crispy onions, pickle, pickled sport peppers, chopped tomato and Dijon mustard in this simple gourmet hot dog recipe. (Recipe courtesy of A Beautiful Plate)

Bacon Mac & Cheese Hot Dogs

fancy hot dog recipes

Inspired by Casey’s Corner in Walt Disney World this might very well be the most epic fancy hot dog yet. Topped with creamy mac n cheese and crisp bacon this gourmet dog is a guaranteed hit with kids and adults alike! (Recipe courtesy of Magical Eats)

The Philly Cheese Steak Dog

upgraded hot dog recipes

All the flavors of your favorite Philly cheese steak wrapped up in a delicious gourmet hot dog that’s baked until hot and bubbly! This recipe is easy to make and will be a hit at your next party or cookout. (Recipe courtesy of Country Cleaver)

Thai Style Loaded Hot Dogs

best gourmet hot dogs

Thai Style Hot Dogs are a delicious spin on an American classic. They’re topped with a refreshing papaya salad, crunchy peanuts, and spicy Sriracha for added heat. If you enjoy Thai flavors you’re going to love these gourmet hot dogs! (Recipe courtesy of Hapanom)

Japanese Inspired Hot Dogs

specialty hot dogs

Take your basic American hot dog and turn it into something extraordinary with these delectable Japanese-inspired toppings and sauces. After one bite you’ll taste buds will explode with sweet, salty and spicy flavors! (Recipe courtesy of Takes Two Eggs)

Pizza Dogs

best upgraded hot dog recipes

A gourmet twist on a favorite childhood food, these pizza dogs are sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike. They’re easy to make and can be customized with your favorite pizza toppings. So whether you like pepperoni or sausage, there’s a pizza dog for you! (Recipe courtesy of Taste & Tell)

Carbonara Hot Dogs

creative hot dog recipes

Did you know that you can transform pasta carbonara into a gourmet hot dog recipe? It’s true! This unique dish takes your typical hot dog and tops it with spaghetti, pancetta, eggs and cheese for a delicious hot dog that’s perfect for any day of the week. (Recipe courtesy of The Food In My Beard)

French Onion Hot Dogs

gourmet hot dogs

These French onion hot dogs are the perfect combination of sweet and savory. Topped with slowly rendered caramelized sweet onions and Gruyere cheese, these gourmet hot dogs are sure to be a hit at your next party or gathering. (Recipe courtesy of Girl On Gourmet)

Chorizo Chilli Dogs

creative hot dog recipes

If you like a traditional chilli cheese dog then you’re going to LOVE these gourmet chorizo chili dogs! They’re topped with a delicious homemade chorizo chili, onions and cheese for a hot dog that’s out of this world. (Recipe courtesy of Wait Rose)

BBQ Hot Dogs with Cilantro Slaw

unique hot dog recipe ideas

Dress up your favorite hot dog with a creamy and flavorful cilantro slaw in this gourmet hot dog recipe. The slaw is easy to make and can be made ahead of time, so all you have to do is fire up the grill and enjoy! (Recipe courtesy of The Pioneer Woman)

Jalapeno Popper Hot Dogs

fancy hot dogs

If you love jalapeno poppers you’re going to go crazy for these gourmet hot dogs! They’re topped with cream cheese, bacon and jalapenos for a delicious and spicy treat that’s perfect for any occasion. (Recipe courtesy of Our Life Tastes Good)

The Reuben Hot Dog

gourmet hot dog recipes

These Reuben hot dogs, which feature all of the tastes of the classic Reuben sandwich, take ordinary grilled hot dogs to new heights with melty swiss cheese, sauerkraut and thousand island dressing! (Recipe courtesy of Smells Like Home)

BBQ Pulled Pork Hot Dogs

gourmet hot dog recipes

Barbecue pulled pork hot dogs are a fun alternative to your regular grilled hot dog. Your favorite hot dog is topped with sweet and spicy pulled pork that ‘s been simmered in barbecue sauce until it’s falling apart. (Recipe courtesy of Dinners Dishes and Desserts)

Korean Style Hot Dogs

These gourmet hot dogs are inspired by the flavors of Korea and are sure to be a hit with your family and friends. They’re topped with a homemade Korean style kimchi style cole slaw for a delicious and unique hot dog that’s perfect for any occasion. (Recipe courtesy of Cooking With Cocktail Rings)

Buffalo Chicken Hot Dogs

gourmet hot dogs with fun toppings

Turn your favorite game day snack into a gourmet hot dog recipe with these Buffalo chicken hot dogs! They’re topped with spicy buffalo chicken, blue cheese crumbles and ranch dressing for a hot dog that’s sure to please. (Recipe courtesy of I Am Baker)

Final Thoughts

There you have it! 17 of the best gourmet hot dog recipes that are sure to make your next barbecue or cookout a hit. So, fire up the grill and get cooking! And, don’t forget to share your favorite recipe in the comments below.

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