The Best Must-Have Supplies, Hacks and Freebies for Keeping A Cleaner Home (+ 2 Bonus Deep Cleaning Printable)

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The Best Must-Have Supplies, Hacks and Freebies for Keeping A Cleaner Home

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Keeping a cleaner home is at the top of a lot of people’s priority lists. 

I know that keeping a cleaner home is way up there on my list of things to do!

I just love having a sparkling clean home! Keeping a cleaner home makes me more efficient, focused and above all it makes me feel good to know that my home is organized and clean.

Keeping a cleaner home seriously the best feeling isn’t it?  

Sure, it isn’t always possible to keep it sparkling clean but we’ve managed to find a way to keep our home very clean and tidy on a day to day basis. 

Considering we are home literally 24/7 since we work, play and sleep here our home is very clean for being “lived in” so much.

Keeping a cleaner home isn’t really that hard.  With a few simple tips and tricks you can easily start keeping a cleaner home too!

Gone is the anxiety caused by last minute dinner guests arriving knowing my home isn’t clean.

Gone is the overwhelm of knowing that the whole house needs to be cleaned because it’s been  way to long since I’ve deep cleaned.

Gone is the frustration of knowing I should clean but don’t know where to start.

Actually, keeping a cleaner home is far easier than you think. It comes down to three very important things:

  1. Keeping a cleaner home requires that your home is tidy and clutter free. 

  2. Keeping a cleaner home requires investing in cleaning supplies and tools that make deep cleaning and maintenance easy.

  3. Keeping a cleaner home requires that you invest a little time every day into keeping things clean and tidy.

It’s really that simple. And, once you’ve gotten the situation under control it’s super easy to maintain! 

Let’s get to it shall we?

The rest of this page is divided into 2 convenient section

First up is a must have list of supplies and tools that we swear by and use on a daily and weekly basis to keep our own home clean.

Below that you’ll find a detailed explanation of the 3 steps we believe are crucial for keeping a cleaner home and some tips to check each one off your list.

And,  at the very bottom of this post you’ll find some exclusive free resources that we hope will help you achieve your goal of keeping a cleaner home.

Must Have Supplies For Keeping A Cleaner Home

Cleaning Products

10+ Best Must-Have Cleaning Supplies for Keeping A Cleaner Home

Bar Keepers Friend – We swear by Bar Keepers Friend. We use it for all the tough to clean areas in our home when we are doing a deep clean. Bar Keepers friend is the best solution for rust, hard water stains, grease and the toughest gunk that needs cleaning. We absolutely love how effective it is at getting our Kitchen and bathroom sparkling clean. 


The Best Must-Have Supplies, Hacks and Freebies for Keeping A Cleaner Home

Mrs Meyers Cleaning Products – The Multi-Surface Everyday cleaner from Mrs. Meyers is our go-to cleaner for everyday cleaning. We love that it does an amazing job on everyday messes and helps keep surfaces clean and grime free without much effort. Mrs. Meyers Everyday cleaner is safe on surfaces that need everyday cleaning including finished wood, tile floors, countertops, walls, porcelain, bathroom fixtures and sealed stone. We stick to the Lavender scent because it’s our favorite. But, the Multi-Surface Everyday cleaner is also available in Basil, Lemon Verbana, Geranium and Honeysuckle. 



The Best Must-Have Supplies, Hacks and Freebies for Keeping A Cleaner Home

Cordless Dual Action Vacuum –  We swear by our Dyson cordless vacuum. We use it daily instead of using a broom and it takes no time to vacuum our house top to bottom. Our Dyson is effective both on our hardwood flooring and carpeting and it makes floor prep for mopping really easy. It helps us keep our floors crumb, hair and dust free and it makes picking up dry spills a breeze.

Dysons can get really expensive. They are worth the money but we’re well aware that they don’t fit into every budget. We purchased ours used a few years ago for about a third of the retail price. If you can swing buying a Dyson we would highly suggest it. If not, we rounded up 2 other dual action cordless vacuums that get the job done. 

#1 Dyson V7 Animal Stick Vacuum

#2 Hoover ONEPWR Stick Vacuum

#3 Eureka Stylus Vacuum


Floor Care

The Best Must-Have Supplies, Hacks and Freebies for Keeping A Cleaner HomeIf my floor isn’t clean my home doesn’t feel clean. I’m weird about my floors that way.

I love the feeling of a clean floor on my feet and beyond that, knowing the floor is freshly washed makes the whole house feel a lot cleaner. I’d love to wash my floor every week but realistically we don’t always have the time. So, we mop the entire floor twice a month. But, our floors always look clean because we’ve become really good at keeping them dirt free between moppings. 

Our process is simple. After a good vacuuming with our Dyson we pull out our wring mop and wash the floors throughout the home with out favorite cleaner and really hot water. Because we have different types of flooring throughout our home (ceramic and hardwood) we most often use Mrs Meyers Everyday Cleaner because it’s safe on both ceramic and wood. Mrs Meyers also does a phenomenal job of getting off tough dirt and leaving our home smelling fresh and clean which I love. 

On a day to day basis we pass our Dyson to pick up any debris, crumbs or dirt that accumulates on the floors. Then, to maintain the floor we turn to a swiffer to do spot cleaning as needed. This takes only a couple of minutes and helps stretch the amount of time we can go between moppings. 

Our favorite floor care tools include:

#4 Vileda Easy Wring Mom

#5 Swiffer Sweeper Wet & Dry

#6 Mrs. Meyers Everyday Cleaner

#7 Murphy’s Oil Hard Wood Floor Cleanser (this stuff SMELLS amazing!)



Tips and Tricks For Keeping A Cleaner Home


#1 Keeping a cleaner home requires that your home is tidy and clutter free 

Keeping a cleaner home is impossible if it’s cluttered and disorganized.

So, step one would be to spend some time reorganizing and decluttering your home to prepare it for a good and thorough deep clean. When things are laying around without any real order, cleaning becomes impossible and overwhelming.

So, to make keeping things clean easy you need to organize your home first.

Here are our best tips for decluttering and organizing your home:

Here are our best tips for starting a deep clean:

  • Have all your supplies handy at all times (see our favorite cleaning tools & supplies below)
  • Deep clean an entire room before moving on to the next
  • Start cleaning from the top down so dirt falls on the floor to make final cleanup easier
  • Start with walls and light fixtures and work your way down to floors and carpets cleaning everything on the way down
  • Download this free printable deep cleaning check list to make sure you clean every area of the different rooms in your home. Check off tasks as you complete them.


#2  Keeping a cleaner home requires investing in cleaning supplies and tools that make cleaning and maintenance easy.

Having the right tools and cleaning products is essential for making deep cleaning and maintenance easy. The right products and tools make you more efficient. So, you’re more likely to tackle the cleaning and be successful at keeping a cleaner home.

Here are our suggestions for cleaning products and tools

Cleaning Products:



Floor Care Products:

Miscellaneous Cleaning Supplies:


#3 Keeping a cleaner home requires that you invest a little time every day into keeping things clean and tidy.

The final step to keeping a cleaner home is to be more proactive about cleaning on a day to day basis. What I mean is simple: if you see something dirty, clean it up! So, if you see a smudge on the table; wipe it up! If you see a coffee spot on the floor, clean it! Maintenance is all about being proactive about cleaning. And, keeping a cleaner home requires that you do a little very day to make sure that your home stays cleaner over all.

Here are a couple of things you can do each day than can make keeping a cleaner home easier

  • Do your dishes, clean counter tops and kitchen table 
  • Wipe down bathroom fixtures
  • Make beds 
  • Fold & Put laundry away
  • Vacuum and spot clean floor

Free Resources For Keeping A Cleaner Home

#1 Free Printable Deep Cleaning Checklistthis free printable deep cleaning checklist is perfect for folks who are starting from scratch and whose home needs a big deep clean prior to starting the maintenance phase of keeping a cleaner home. This free printable deep cleaning checklist provides a detailed check list of every room in your house so you don’t forget to clean any areas.

#2 Free Printable  Daily Maintenance Check Listif your home is already very clean but you’re looking for an easy to follow daily maintenance guide then this free printable check list is a must. This free printable cleaning maintenance check list encourages you to do a set of daily maintenance chores that will be essential for keeping a cleaner home.  

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