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Are you looking for clever ways to make extra money or save extra money? Here is a resource library of over 50 of our favorite money hacks. Whether you're interested in picking up a side hustle to pay off debt or scale back your budget you'll find hundreds of helpful tips & tricks to help you earn more and save more. #waystoearnmoney #waystoearnmoneyfromhome #waystoearnmoneyeasy #waystoearnmoneyonline #sidehustles #onlinesidehustles #waystosavemoney #moneysavingtips #moneysavinghacks #easywaystosavemoneyWelcome to our page that is devoted to all our money making and saving hacks.

Below you’ll find a collection of all our very favorite posts about making extra money, side hustling and saving more money every month. We love making extra money and saving as much as we can. So, we compiled this list to share our tips and tricks.

Money matters! And, here at This Tiny Blue House we love to experiment and explore new ways to make extra money every month. Making extra money and saving more can easily help you get out of the cycle of living paycheck-to-paycheck, pay debt down faster, save for special events and much more. 

So, whether you’re looking to scale back your monthly spending or find a side hustle that will make you some extra cash you’ll find a ton of ideas to get you started below!

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Ways To Make Extra Money Every Month

Here are our favorite ideas about making extra income and side hustling. Our blog is our main way of making extra money and it generates thousands every month. But, there are many different ways to make extra money every month. So, there’s an excellent opportunity available to just about anyone who is looking to make a little extra money every month from taking on a side hustle.

  1. 70+ ways to earn an extra 100$ per day
  2. 15 DIY projects to make and sell in the spring and summer for cash
  3. 6 legitimate work from home jobs for moms
  4. The ultimate guide to starting a profitable blog for beginners
  5. 5 easy ways to supplement your income from home
  6. The best no nonsense guide to making money with a blog
  7. Free 5 Day Email Course for starting and making money with a blog for beginners
  8. Use Izea to make extra money with your social media accounts
  9. 12 easy ways to make extra money with your clutter
  10. Earn daily rewards and free gift cards by using MyPoints when you shop
  11. 35 legitimate ways to make extra money online
  12. 50 side hustles that you can start right now
  13. Make $1000 or more per month by teaching english online
  14. 5 simple ways to host an epic garage sale
  15. Earn free gift cards and rewards for shopping online by using cashback apps like Swagbucks
  16. 18 DIY Christmas ornaments you can make and sell
  17. 10 best ways to earn free amazon gift cards online
  18. Use ShareASale to make extra income with affiliate marketing on your website or social media

Ways To Save Extra Money Every Month

If you’re looking to save some extra money every month here our our favorite hacks and tips to save. You’ll find tips and tricks to save money, budget, manage overspending and clever ideas to save a little extra in ways you may have never thought of.

  1. 16 thrifty living tips for the newly frugal
  2. Save on a costly gym membership by using Aaptiv that provides premium fitness content
  3. 7 best ways to start a blog on a budget
  4. 10 easy changes to live a more frugal lifestyle
  5. 50+ free kindle e-books to save on books
  6. 5 must try grocery hacks to save money on food
  7. Save money on costly and unanticipated home repairs and emergencies with Choice Home Repair
  8. 10 small changes you can make to save extra money right now
  9. How to start and be successful at a no spend challenge this year
  10. 4 painless ways to stay motivated to save more money
  11. Save on travel including flights, hotels, vacations, cruises and car rentals with Booking Buddy
  12. 99 crazy simple ways to save extra money every month
  13. 50+ free or nearly free date night ideas to save money
  14. 5 effective strategies to overcome overspending
  15. Save money while you shop online with Dollar Dig
  16. 3 tips to have a blast with your kids in the summer on a budget
  17. 12 realistic things to cut our of your budget every month
  18. 8 easy ways to budget for a baby without going broke
  19. Make your home cost efficient and safe with Smart Home
  20. 20 free budget printables to take control of your finances
  21. 6 genius ways to fix a failing budget
  22. 10 clever hacks to eat healthy for less money
  23. How brewing your own coffee can save you thousands every year
  24. Maximize your tax refund by using TurboTax for filing your income tax
  25. How to host an epic kids birthday party on a budget
  26. 25 easy ways to reduce food waste and save money on grocery
  27. 8 clever ways to save on grocery when you’re vegan
  28. 8 simple frugal living tips you have to try this year
  29. 10 easy hacks to save on utilities in the winter
  30. How to easily save $1000 when you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck
  31. 8 easy ways to save money on back to school shopping
  32. 5 easy ways to save thousands every year by brown bagging your lunch
  33. How to build a stockpile and save tons of cash every year
  34. The ultimate guide to saving money by buying used
  35. 6 super cheap at home spa hacks
  36. 100 simple ways to save money this year
  37. 17 fabulous free date nights perfect for fall
  38. How to save money every month by bartering

Our Favorite Ways To Make Extra Money Every Month

#1 Blogging

Our blog This Tiny Blue House started off as a hobby blog and now makes thousands of dollars every month. Our 2 year old blog is now a 6 figure business that started off as a great way to make a little extra money every month and quickly grew into a 6 figure business.

Blogging has given us financial freedom, allowed us to remain 100% debt free and most importantly spend time doing the things we love most. 

Starting our blog is the best decision we ever made. Every month the blog earns more and more and we couldn’t be happier. We have big plans for the blog moving forward and know that our earning potential will only continue to increase. 

We host our blog with Bluehost. They are a great company that offer affordable rates for new bloggers along with great quality support. We’ve been working with them since we created our blog and couldn’t be happier. Bluehost costs as little as $2.95 per month for hosting and they give you a free domain name to get you started. We highly suggest that anyone looking to create a blog, professional website or small business trust their hosting needs to Bluehost like we do. In our opinion it’s the best quality hosting around at the most affordable price.

Posts related to starting a blog and making money with it:

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#2 Teaching English Online

If you’ve got experience working with kids and a university degree you can easily make $1000 per month teaching english online to kids around the world.

Here are our favorite online teaching companies that provide flexible hours and hourly wages up to $22 per hour.

#3 Survey Sites

Online surveys are another great way to supplement your income from home. They may not pay as much as blogging or teaching online but every little bit counts.  Survey sites are a great way to supplement your income while you grow a new blog. To maximize the amount of supplemental income you make it’s always a good idea to sign up for a few of these opportunities.

Here are a few of our favorite survey sites to earn rewards, cashbacks and free gift cards


Our Favorite Ways To Save Money Every Month

#1 Using Cash Back Apps

We love stretching every dollar as far as we can. So, using cash back apps to earn rewards and free gift certificates is one of our favorite ways to save extra money every month.

Since we buy basic items every month we prefer to shop online and get cashbacks and rewards for our spending. Our favorite cashback and reward apps include Swagbucks, Dollar Dig and MyPoints. These apps allow you to earn rewards that you can cash in for free gift certificates.

#2 Creating A Stockpile

To save a ton of money we stockpile. Our stockpile includes cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, personal hygiene products and some food items. Never paying full price allows us to save a ton of money every month. One of our favorite ways to score awesome sales is to use CouponSurfer to combine coupons with store deals. This way we can save even more money on already reduce items.

#3 Buying Used

Whenever possible we like to buy used to save money. This includes clothing, toys for our daughter, household goods and anything else that we need and know we can find on the used market. Buying used is an excellent way to save a ton of money every month!

 Are you looking to take control of your finances by finding ways to earn extra money every month and save more? Here are 50+ clever resources for anyone who is looking to earn more money every month and save more money every month. From online side hustles to money saving hacks this resource guide is a great start for anyone looking to earn more and save more. #waystoearnmoney #waystoearnmoneyfromhome #waystoearnmoneyeasy #waystoearnmoneyonline #sidehustles #onlinesidehustles #waystosavemoney #moneysavingtips #moneysavinghacks #easywaystosavemoney So, I hope you enjoyed all our money making and saving tips and tricks.

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