6 Best Engaging Resources For Homeschooling Your K-6 Child

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Hooray for fun and engaging resources for homeschooling!

Have you found yourself here because you are looking for some awesome resources for homeschooling your K-6 child?

If you’ve found your way here because you’re looking to add some really fun, stimulating and engaging resources for homeschooling to your curriculum you’re just going to love what this post has to offer.

We’ve found some incredible resources for homeschooling that we are really excited to share with you!


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Resources for homeschooling k-6 children

In fact, we’ve rounded up 6 of our absolute favorite resources for homeschooling that we think compliment any home school curriculum perfectly.

But, before we get to some awesome resources for homeschooling I wanted to give you a little backstory about our homeschooling journey so far.

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We opted to pull our 5 year old from school in 2020 and start homeschooling as a result of the current global crisis. We are a high risk family and homeschooling is the only option that made sense to us.

Transitioning to homeschooling has been a challenge however. Our 5 year old is very high energy, struggles with focusing for long periods of time and needs resources for homeschooling that are highly engaging to help keep her motivated and on task.

So, after experimenting with dozens of online resources for homeschooling we’ve rounded up a list of the absolute best.

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Why We Picked These Resources For Homeschooling

With that in mind, here are 6 of our absolute favorite resources for homeschooling children in primary school grades. These resources for homeschooling are appropriate for children as young as preschool and are a good choice for kids up to age 12.

These are our go-to resources for homeschooling that are making the homeschooling experience a great one for our family. These resources for homeschooling help create a stimulating and engaging learning environment for our daughter that is fun and rewarding which makes her want to learn.

We love the resources for homeschooling listed below because:

  • The resources for homeschooling make learning fun.
  • Each of these resources for homeschooling motivates children to learn.
  • All of these resources for homeschooling are perfect for children with a variety of different learning styles.

Keep on reading to find out what we love most about each of these resources for homeschooling and to score some awesome deals on each resource.

Best Resources For Homeschooling 

#1 Reading Eggs

resources for homeschooling elementary aged kids

Reading Eggs  is one of our favorite resources for homeschooling for teaching language and reading. This resource was initially recommended to us in our local homeschooling group. Many of the homeschoolers in our province use Reading Eggs to help improve and master reading. We signed up a couple of weeks ago and have been blown away by how awesome the program is. 

Here is what we LOVE about Reading eggs:

  • It’s so much fun. Our 5 year old VOLUNTARILY wants to complete her “Reading Eggs” every day.
  • The program is tailored to each kids abilities. We started at a very very elementary level. A quick free assessment will determine where your child should start.
  • The program motivates kids with incentives like: awards, certificates and golden eggs that can be redeemed for fun educational game time.
  • Detailed reports that tell you your child’s progress, achievements and areas of weakness each week.
  • Reading Eggs offers a 30 day risk free FREE trial without a credit card at sign up.

#2 Outschool

Outschool is our absolute favorite virtual classroom resource for homeschooling. Outschool has quickly become one of our favorite resources for homeschooling because it offers classroom quality courses from the convenience (and safety) of your home.

Outschool offers classes about nearly every topic which makes finding a course your child will enjoy a breeze.

We also love how we can login to Outschool and add a course at the very last minute. This is an awesome way to add a fun spur of the moment activity to your child’s day.

We’ve tried and loved Play-Doh clubs, music classes, ballet, cheerleading and even a Bernstein Bear book reading!

Here is what we LOVE about Outschool:

  • The variety. There are classes about a huge variety of topics including math, science, art, language and so much more.
  • The classroom vibe. Kids get exposed to a zoom classroom where they get an opportunity to socialize in a classroom setting. This is extra helpful in teaching classroom etiquette like raising your hand, waiting your turn and listening.
  • Convenience. There are courses available every day in the morning, afternoon and evening. So, you can easily find a class to fit your schedule. We’ve added last minute play-doh courses and book readings when our daughter was bored and wanted to do something new and fun.
  • Educational Opportunities. Since there is such a large variety of courses and topics you can easily turn a favorite hobby into an opportunity for learning. Check out some awesome examples of our favorite classes below.

Some of our favorite Outschool Classes:

#3 ABC Mouse Early Learning Academy

5 Best Engaging Resources For Homeschooling Your K-6 Child

ABC Mouse Learning Academy is another of our favorite resources for homeschooling. At ABC Mouse, kids as young as 2 can learn about reading, math, science and arts and colors. What we love most about ABC Mouse is that it is highly interactive and engaging for young kids which makes learning fun.

Here is what we LOVE about ABC Mouse Learning Academy:

  • A membership gives you access to over 10 000 educational activities including reading, math and science.
  • You can add up to 3 children to each membership. So, you can get 3 kids involved with ABC Mouse for the price of 1.
  • ABC Mouse Learning Academy is accessible on all devices including iOS and Android.
  • Advanced progress tracking allows you to see your kids progress in real time so you can see exactly how they are doing.


#4 Hooked On Phonics

5 Best Engaging Resources For Homeschooling Your K-6 Child

Hooked on Phonics is another of our favorite resources for homeschooling. I’ve used their program with my own students in the past and have been blown away by how effective this reading program is. Hooked on Phonics makes learning a breeze with their incredibly fun program.

Here is what we LOVE about Hooked On Phonics

  • It’s simple. Hooked on Phonics uses a simple system of Learn >> Practice >> Read >> Celebrate to improve literacy
  • It’s affordable. Each membership can be used for up to 3 learners
  • It’s accessible. Hooked On Phonics is available across all devices including phone, tablet and computer
  • It builds confidence.The Hooked On Phonics reading program uses a proven reward system to encourage kids to complete more lessons.


#5 Times Tales

We are nowhere near learning multiplication yet but I’m bookmarking this one and coming back to it when we are ready to start because I just love how Times Tales works. The Times Tales Multiplication Mastery Bundle is the key to mastering multiplication for the visual learner. This is one of those resources for homeschooling that is a must for any child starting to learn their multiplication facts.

Here is what we LOVE about Times Tales

  • It’s a visual learning kit which makes it awesome for right-brained kids
  • The multiplication mastery bundle comes with a DVD or Download, Workbook, Mini Storybook & Multiplication Chart Mastery
  • It’s got practical real life application for kids to see multiplication at work in real time
  • It’s a great option for kids with dyslexia or dysgraphia


#6 Mrs Wordsmith

We just love Mrs Wordsmith learning products! In fact, Mrs Wordsmith has quickly become one of our favorite resources for homeschooling. Although we love using technology with learning we do also like to encourage screen free learning. Mrs Wordsmith offers printable worksheets, games and books that build on foundational skills reading, vocabulary and spelling.

Here is what we LOVE about Mrs Wordsmith:

  • It’s fun! From family game bundles to see it and stick it sight word books, Mrs Wordsmith makes learning really fun for young kinds.
  • Instant downloads. Mrs. Wordsmith makes learning quick and easy with instant download of printable worksheets.
  • Mrs Wordsmith creates books, games, and apps to improve the reading and writing outcomes of kids aged 4 – 11, and to make word learning hilariously fun both at school and at home.

Did you enjoy these resources for homeschooling?

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6 Really Fun Resources For Homeschooling Kids K-6

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