19 Best Quick and Easy Recipes That Use Spiralized Potatoes

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Here are 19 delicious ways to use spiralized potatoes in recipes that you’re going to love! From breakfast to dinner, we’ve collected the best spiral potato recipes for every occasion.

19 Recipes Made With Spiralized Potatoes

Recipes That Use Spiralized Potatoes

Are you looking for delicious , quick, and easy to make recipes that use spiralized potatoes? Well, we’ve collected 19 of the best recipes that use spiralized potatoes for you to try!

These recipes are all quick, delicious and healthy making them the perfect choice for busy people everywhere.

Spiralized potatoes are a fun and healthy way to enjoy eating potatoes. Potatoes that have been spiralized can be used to create delicious breakfasts , lunches, snacks, and even main dishes. These recipes will show you how to use spiralized potatoes in a variety of recipes that are quick and easy for anyone to make!

So, whether you want spiralized potatoes for hash browns, salads or casseroles, there is something for everyone in this collection of easy recipes!

Continue reading to find out which recipes made it to our list of the best recipes that use spiralized potatoes.

But first, here are a couple of common questions we receive regularly about spiralizing potatoes. If you’d prefer to go straight to the recipes simply scroll down to the bottom of this post.

Let’s get started!

Why Use Spiralized Potatoes In Recipes?

People often ask why they should use spiralized potatoes in their recipes. There are a number of reasons to leave the peeling, chopping and boiling behind and instead opt for a healthier alternative like spiralized potatoes!

They’re Healthy – Spiralized potatoes are a great source of vitamin C, magnesium, potassium and more! They’re low in calories yet very filling making them the perfect choice for anyone trying to lose weight and following a diet like Weight Watchers. Spiralized potatoes are also gluten free which makes them a great option for people with dietary restrictions.

They’re Delicious – Spiralized potatoes are surprisingly delicious! They have a sweet taste that is great when paired with savory dishes. Cooking with spiralized potatoes gives you a whole new way to enjoy the taste of potatoes!

They’re Versatile – Spiralized potatoes can be used in a variety of ways making them a very versatile ingredient for recipes! They work well as a replacement for traditional potato ingredients such as hash browns, French fries, mashed potatoes, and boiled potatoes.

Can you spiral a potato?

Yes a potato can absolutely be spiralized (this whole post is dedicated to recipes that require spiralized potatoes as a main ingredient!). Spiralizing a potato requires a spiralizer that takes a potato and turns it into a “spiral” of potato noodles.

A spiralizer is a kitchen tool used to cut vegetables into long spirals. Most spiralizers also come with a variety of blades allowing you to make thicker or thinner spirals depending on what you are cooking. They come in many different forms including handheld, tabletop, and electric. (check out the question below to see which spiralizers we recommend)

What is a spiralized potato?

Spiralized potatoes are raw or cooked potatoes that have been turned into noodles using a kitchen tool called a spiralizer. Potatoes can be spiralized using a spiralizer which turns a raw potato into a long, spaghetti-like strand that you can add to a variety of different recipes and dishes.

How do you Spiralize potatoes by hand?

Spiralizing a potato requires that you use either a manual or electric spiralizer. Potatoes are hard which makes them difficult to cut and spiralize by hand.

We do not recommend trying to spiralize potatoes (or any other vegetable) without a spiralizer. Instead, we suggest investing in a manual or electric spiralizer so you can safely and easily turn potatoes and other vegetables into noodles.

What Spiralizer should I buy?

There are many spiralizers (click here to check out Amazon’s inventory) available on the market today so picking one can seem like a daunting task.

A good spiralizer will be able to turn a potato and any other vegetable into a long noodle shape that can be used in recipes. The spiralizer should also be easy to use and clean and ideally should be dishwasher safe.

We’ve listed some of our choices below for both manual and electrical models:

Manual Spiralizers:

Electric Spiralizers:

21 Delicious Recipes That Are Made With Spiralized Potatoes

Here are some of our favorite ways to cook with spiralized potatoes. These 19 quick and easy recipes are ideal any night of the week and are sure to please kids and adults alike.

#1 Spiralized Potatoes On A Stick

spiralized potatoes

These baked tornado potatoes or spiral potatoes on a stick are inspired by a popular Korean street food that is similar to a corndog. Instead of using traditional potatoes, you’re going to spiralize your potato and thread it onto a skewer and then bake it off in the oven. The outside gets nice and crispy while the inside remains soft. (get the recipe from Anna Banana)

#2 Spiralized Potatoes With Parmesan and Garlic

Spiralized Potatoes With Parmesan and Garlic

We love this 3 ingredient recipe that uses spiralized potatoes because it’s quick, easy and produces delicious fluffy spiralized potatoes that literally pair well with everything. This simple recipe is makes the perfect side for weeknight dinners but can also be paired with fancier fare during the holidays or at casual dinners parties. (get the recipe from Inspiralized)

#3 Deep Fried Spiralized Potatoes

deep fried spiralized potatoes - curly fries

Who needs store bought curly fries when you can make your own deep fried spiralized curly fries at home? These ultra crispy and mega flavorful curly fries make a great side or snack and are simple to make. Top with some of your favorite seasonings like garlic powder, taco seasoning and even cinnamon and sugar for something tasty and different! (get the recipe from BHG)

#4 Spiralized Potato Baked Nachos

spiralized potatoes baked nachos

What’s better than spiralized potatoes? Spiralized potatoes that are transformed into loaded baked nachos! These easy nachos are made using spiralized potatoes as a base and then loaded with delicious nacho toppings like salsa and cheese. Take this a step further and add in black beans, taco meat, corn and sliced jalapeno peppers! (get the recipe from Potato Goodness)

#5 Spiralized Potatoes Au Gratin

hasselback spiralized potatoes au gratin

These spiral potatoes au gratin are beyond delicious. Loaded with garlic, prosciutto, cheese and fresh herbs this dish is an explosion of flavors. The potatoes are spiralized and stuffed hasselback style with garlic, prosciutto, cheese and herbs and then baked until hot and bubbly. (get the recipe from Just A Little Bit Of Bacon)

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#6 Air Fryer Spiralized Potatoes

air fryer curly fries

These air fryer curly fries are crispy, flavorful and a guaranteed hit for kids and adults alike. You can pretty much season these spiral potatoes with anything you want from garlic powder and salt to sriracha, cayenne pepper and more. Top with fresh herbs like parsley or sage for a tasty finishing touch! (get the recipe from Cringey Kitchen)

#7 Spiralizer Potato Casserole

spiralized potato casserole

We love casseroles and this one is no exception! Inspired by a traditional potato au gratin this casserole combines spiralized turnip and potato to create a lighter (and healthier) version of a classic comfort food. Easy enough to make on a weeknight to feed the family a wholesome comforting dinner this delicious potato casserole is so good it’s even worthy of a holiday table. (get the recipe from Skinny Taste)

#8 Oven Baked Spiralized Sweet Potatoes

baked spiralized sweet potatoes

These savory oven baked sweet potato spirals are a delicious alternative to traditional spiral potatoes. A little bit sweet and a little bit savory these baked spirals of goodness are the perfect side dish for any meal. Season as much or as little as you like to make this recipe truly your own. (get the recipe from Last Ingredient)

#9 Crispy Baked Spiralized Fries

spiralized crispy curly fries

These crispy baked curly fries are just begging to be dunked in ketchup, ranch dressing or even your favorite hot sauce. Spiralized potatoes are baked at a high temperature until golden brown and crispy. The secret is not overcrowding your pan to get each spiral perfectly crisp. (get the recipe from The Healthy Maven)

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#10 Spiralizer Hash Browns

spiralized hash brown recipes

The perfect breakfast side has been reinvented with the addition of spiralized potatoes. They’re light, airy and perfect in the morning alongside some eggs and crispy bacon! (get the recipe from Cooking Light)

#11 Spiralized Scalloped Potatoes

spiralized scalloped potatoes

This spiralized take on classic scalloped potatoes is just as rich and indulgent as the original. In fact, we’d wager to say this version is better. Loaded with mushrooms, onions, Gruyere cheese and a heavenly cream sauce, this creamy Scalloped potato dish is a guaranteed winner. (get the recipe from Sprinkles and Sea Salt)

#12 Spiralized Potato Kugel

spiralized potato kugel

This spiralized potato kugel is so delicious that it’s sure to (almost) steal the show away from your Bubbe’s recipe. Swap shredded potato for spirals in this traditional comfort food recipe and we promise your family will be raving about it for weeks. (get the recipe from Smitten Kitchen)

#13 Spiralized Potato Salad

spiralized potato salad

This vegan twist on classic potato salad is loaded with spiralized potatoes, fresh veggies and a delicious vegan dressing. Perfect for barbecues or as an easy summer side dish this spiralized potato salad is sure to be a crowd pleaser no matter the occasion! (get the recipe from Karissa’s Vegan Kitchen)

#14 Spiralized Potato Buns

spiralized potato buns

Potato buns are a thing of beauty. They’re a gluten free way to get your sandwich or burger fix. Quick and easy to make these delicious spiralized potato buns are quickly going to become a favorite. (get the recipe from Today)

#15 Spiralized Potato Crust Pizza

spiralized potato crust pizza

This spiralized Margherita pizza revolutionizes the traditional dish by creating a lighter and healthier version that’s perfect for lunch or dinner. In fact, this is a Weight Watcher’s friendly recipe coming in at only 6 WW Smart Points. This easy to make recipe makes pizzas with a spiral potato crust that is perfect for anyone looking for a really good gluten free or lower calorie alternative to a traditional crispy pizza crust. (get the recipe from Inspiralized)

#17 Spiralized Potato Enchiladas

spiralized potato enchilada recipe

Who doesn’t love a good enchilada? These spiralized potato enchiladas are packed with protein and veggies and smothered in an extra cheesy cream sauce to make this one an amazing gluten free and low calorie dinner option the whole family will love. (get the recipe from A Saucy Kitchen)

#18 Spiralized Potato Latkes For Chanukah

Spiralized Potato Latkes

Spiralized potato latkes are a twist on this traditional Chanukah favorite. These crispy fried potato pancakes are great for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Top these latkes with applesauce or serve them up with some sour cream and chives to create your perfect appetizer or side dish. (get the recipe from The Colorful Kitchen)

#19 Savory Spiralized Potato Waffles

savory spiralized potato waffles

Pull out that waffle maker and give these savory potato waffles with smashed avocado and egg a try if your looking for a change from your traditional brunch staple. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or even dinner this savory waffle recipe is a great way to cook with spiralized potatoes. (recipe from Kale Me Maybe)

Final Words

When you need a quick and easy dinner, lunch or breakfast these recipes are right for the job. From spiralizer potato side dishes to loaded enchiladas and pizza crusts, this list has you covered. Whether you’re looking for gluten free options or vegetarian recipes these 19 spiralized potato dishes are delicious and filling no matter what your dietary needs might be!

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19 Recipes Made With Spiralized Potatoes
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