Recently, Margs came down with her first full fledged virus. You know, leaky nose, cough, fever, staying up all night because she couldn’t sleep bug – this is motherhood I thought to myself as I rocked her back to sleep for the 6th time that night. Turns out, baby girl was dealing with hand, foot and mouth disease and was incredibly uncomfortable because of sores in her mouth and under her feet. I looked at this tiny little girl and I remembered all those sleepless nights of her infancy and a twinge of guilt came over me.

this is motherhood

How many times did I wish time away? Countless times.

How many times did I will time away and hope she’d age and grow out of her neediness? More times than I can count.

This is motherhood isn’t it? When things are tough we tend to wish time away – hoping for times where baby needs us less so we can get our coveted sleep. Then, brief moments like rocking your sick child snap you back to reality and you realize that a time will come when they wont need us anymore. What then? I’ll miss those moments I’m sure.

Motherhood is such a complex journey isn’t it? In some ways I feel like I’ve been on autopilot cruising first through her infancy and now into toddler-hood. I stand here now and look back on her early days and question if I truly savored every single moment. Is it even possible to do so when you are so deprived of sleep?

We savor what we can while we simply try to survive, am I right?

Motherhood is mostly about unconditional love, partly about survival and often about doing our best when faced with uncertain and utterly exhausting new situations.

The days are so incredibly long aren’t they? A sick child makes every 24 hour period feel like an eternity while the years seem like they fly by in an instant. It seems that suddenly, I have a nearly 17 month old toddler who climbs, jumps, sings and calls out to me when she wants my undivided attention.

In some respects I’m not sure how we’ve managed to get here. How did we make it through months and months of little to no sleep? How did we manage? I suppose the easiest way to answer this question is to admit that we accepted that this tiny girl will only be little once. We’ll eventually get to a point in our lives where we’ll crave her neediness and have to accept that she’s a grown child who doesn’t need to be rocked for comfort anymore.

Until then, the days and nights will surely be long but I’m trying to savor these moments because I know that this tiny miracle will not be little forever.

How do you savor the moments? Have you caught yourself wishing time away?



Margsy turned 16 months old over the weekend! I just can’t wrap my head around this. She’s nearly 1.5 years old. Time just flies doesn’t it? I wrote a similar post honoring Margs’ 15 month birthday last month and had a lot of fun sharing a typical day with you fine folks so I figured I’d do it again.

Like I mentioned last month, our days are pretty predictable around these parts. Sticking to a solid routine seems to work best for us so our days aren’t extraordinarily exciting. But, since last months installment was on a weekday I decided to base this one on a weekend. Sunday to be specific!


5:30 am – my alarm goes off and I get out of bed and head downstairs to put on a coffee. I listen to an anxiety podcast while I wait. I drink my morning coffee, listen to podcasts, check emails and answer blog comments. <—- my morning routine!

6:30 am – I jump in the shower and get ready for the day. I don’t feel like blow drying my hair so I put in some conditioner and let it air dry. (My hair is on the wavy side so I can pull this off)

7:00 am– I tidy the kitchen (unload dishwasher, wipe down counter tops and sweep and wet swiffer the floor)

7:27 am – Margs is up for the day. I head upstairs when I hear her yelling “Maaaaaaaaaaa, Maaaaaaaaaa”. I bring her back down with me, give her a quick diaper change and put on her current favorite movie. (This buys me enough time to get her breakfast ready)

7:40 am – Margs is eating breakfast. (Oatmeal with banana whipped in). Mer comes down and we discuss the day at the table over coffee. I’m on my 3rd cup.

8:05 am – I get Margs ready for swim lessons. I put on her water diaper and bathing suit. She drinks her milk while I pack her diaper bag.

8:30 am – We leave for swim lessons.

8:40 am – We arrive at the pool. I get her undressed, lock up her bag and head to the pool deck where Mer is waiting for her.

9:00 am – Swim lesson begins!

9:40 am– Back out of the pool. Dried off, dressed and ready to go.

10:00 am – We pull into the driveway and Margs is fast asleep. Mer carries her up to bed and decides to take a nap with her.

10:30 am – After putting in a load of laundry, I decide to write a few blog posts for the upcoming week. I’ve started using an editorial calendar to try and get blog related stuff done more efficiently. I drink more coffee while I write.

12:00 pm – Mer and Margs sneak back downstairs and scare me. She loves sneaking up on people and frightening  them. I’m not sure why or how she learned to do this but she laughs hysterically every single time.

12:30 pm – We sit down to eat lunch. Nothing fancy, a bunch of reheated leftovers from the fridge. Margs eats broccoli and nothing else.

1:00 pm – I head off to the grocery store for my weekly trip. Mer decides to take Margs on a walk to the park.

1:10 pm – I arrive at the grocery store and do our weekly shopping. I ring up at 98.36$ – right under our 100$ weekly budget.

2:15 pm – Back at home I find Margs playing with her dad in the driveway. I play with her some more while Mer unloads the grocery and offers to put it away. (I hate putting grocery away – the worst chore ever in my books)

2:45 pm– Mer comes back out and asks if we’d like to head out for a drive. We get in the car and head to the waterfront. We point at ducks and birds and Margs laughs hysterically.

3:30 pm – Margs is getting fussy and irritable- she’s probably very tired. Swim days are a little rough on this poor girl. We head back home and she falls asleep in the car again.

3:45 pm – Back at home Mer tries to take her out without waking her – no such luck. She’s awake and super irritated that we woke her up from her nap.

4:00 pm – To try and cheer her up we play hide and seek. Daddy usually hides while Margs and I “find” him. She thinks it’s particularly awesome when her father hides behinds the curtains.

5:00 pm – I start working on dinner. Tonight we’re having chicken quesadillas, baked rice, green beans and a huge green salad.

6:00 pm – Mer’s parents arrive for a surprise visit! We offer them dinner but they decline. I brew some strong coffee and pull some apple cake out of the freezer to have for dessert. They play with Margs and she has the best time ( we hear giggles and shrieks coming from the living room)

6:45 pm – Mer’s parents suggest we head out and take a little break. They kindly offer to put Margsy down for the night. We gladly take them up on their offer.

7:30 pm – We leave the house (Margsy is well on her way to dream land) and head over to a local pub to have a beer and listen to some live music. We call and check in on baby far more times than I’m comfortable admitting 😉

10:00 pm – We head home and straight to bed after thanking Mer’s parents profusely!


What does a typical Sunday look like in your house?




Happy Friday folks! Busy weekend ahead?

Ours is shaping up to be pretty quiet except for Margs’ swimming lessons. Mer has been working evening shift all week and we’re all extra tired from the change of routine. We’ll be spending the weekend eating good food, relaxing, taking walks, watching movies and resting up for the coming week.

If you’re just catching up here are the posts that I published this week.


Surviving a complete change of schedule. Our little family was thrust into a night shift this week. Every few months, Mer works a 3 pm – 12 am shift for a couple of weeks. Well, it’s the first time he’s on this shift since Margs has developed a little bit of separation anxiety. She’s super excited to have her dad home during the day and we were really worried about how her nighttime routine would go since he usually puts her to sleep for the night. This little girl is a rock star and has been adapting like a champ all week!

A few small home reno projects are being discussed. When we bought this house last year it was pretty much in move in condition. There were a few things we wanted to change but agreed that they weren’t pressing issues and that we’d hold off. Mer and I have been discussing tackling each project and I’m really excited to get started. Our list includes: removing wallpaper from our foyer and painting it a neutral color, repainting the powder room which currently has a black ceiling and landscaping the front of the house to give it a little more curb appeal. I’m looking forward to taking this on!



Rainy wetness most of the week. It rained on and off all week which meant Margs and I didn’t get the chance to play outside much. Thankfully her father was home during the day and she thought it was the coolest thing ever. Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous and I’m crossing my fingers for nice weather this weekend because all this rain is a real downer.

Baby blood work. It’s done and I guess that’s what counts but oh man the process sucked. I’m crossing my fingers her results are fine and we wont have to venture down that road again anytime soon (routine anemia work up). In a nutshell it took 2 phlebotomists and Mer to hold her down. It was just awful.


What are your highs and lows for this fine week of March 27th?






Reach out to someone who needs you.

Send a kind email to someone who needs a little sparkle in their day.

Compliment someone randomly without wanting anything in return.

Buy a friend a cup of a coffee just for being an awesome friend.

Leave your partner a post it note telling them why you love them.

Read your kiddo an extra bed time story.

Enjoy the moment with your family. The laundry can be folded later.

Say hello to a complete stranger.

How have you been kind today?



Hey there! How has your week been treating you?

If you’re just popping in, here are the posts that I’ve written this week. If you have a minute please have a read. It’s also not too late to enter the Happy Maps giveaway happening here on TTBH. Contest closes on Sunday at 6pm, so if it’s something that interests you please head over and enter to win!


My mom is officially moved in. Work on the basement has finally ended and my mom is comfortable and settled in her new apartment one month ahead of schedule! We converted our basement into a 1-bedroom apartment for her to help reduce her living expenses. Her apartment turned out better than we’d expected and she’s loving being here to spend more time with Margs. Margs also realizes that bubbie now lives “downstairs” and bangs on the door to tell me she wants to head down for a visit. I’m also loving having her so close by because it’s really nice to be able to have adult conversation throughout the day.


New blog opportunities. A few new blog opportunities have come my way over the last week and I’m excited! When I first decided to monetize the blog I really wasn’t sure where it would take me since my blog is so young and doesn’t necessarily have huge volumes of traffic. I’m thrilled that despite being in its infancy, TTBH is helping me generate a little revenue. I’m planning to write a post about my progress in the coming weeks so stay tuned for that.

Enjoying experimenting with the Keto Diet. I‘m still trudging along on my weight-loss journey. So far I’ve lost roughly 6 lbs which I’m really pleased about. I don’t necessarily feel that my weight loss is visible just yet but I do feel far more energized and in control of my eating habits. I’ve been experimenting with a really relaxed form of the Keto diet this week and although I probably wont stick to it long term (it’s far too rigid to be sustainable for me) it has been really eye opening to learn about carb content by keep track of my food choices with myfitnesspal. I really view this as a learning curve since I’m essentially reteaching myself about healthy choices and portion control.

Activities for Margs. Baby girl has had a busy week. After a discussion with Mer about my concerns that Margs might be bored we decided it was in her best interest to start taking part in some organized activities. She now goes to a play group on Mondays and Wednesdays and takes swimming lessons on the weekend. She really enjoys socializing with other children and has a great time playing, running and tumbling. Her excitement is just adorable and so is her tiny swim cap 😉



Margs’ pediatrician appointment. We headed back to the pediatrician this week. Again, I left there feeling pretty defeated. Margs is a big little girl. She’s nearly 33 inches tall and weighs roughly 31 lbs. According to her growth chart she’s in the 97% for height and essentially off the charts for weight. Her doctor questioned her eating habits and made some suggestions that we think might help slow down her weight gain. Basically, I’ve been told to start giving her 2% WCM and to reduce her intake of yogurt. Her doctor wasn’t overly concerned but I’m an anxious mama and it makes me feel terrible that I’m potentially feeding my little girl an unhealthy diet. I’m doing my very best since she eats primarily vegetables and fruit but clearly we need to reevaluate and make adjustments.

Estimated Due Dates. Thursday was a rough day. March 9th was my estimated due date for my twin pregnancy and every year it seems to just creep up on me. By now, you’d think I’d be prepared for the roller coaster of emotions that come from facing a due date but nope – it hit me like a ton of bricks. I took a little break while Margs played with her grandma to have a good cry. It just feels like someone else’s life ya know? I should have 4 year old twins! My gosh, 4 years have flown by and my life is not at all what I imagined it to be. I’m insanely grateful for my precious baby girl but some days the burden of the past is just harder to deal with. March 9th was one of those days.

What are your highs and lows for this fine week of March 6th?