Looking for delicious (and healthy) veggie spiralizer recipes?

7 Healthy Veggie Spiralizer Recipes You Gotta Try


Well, you’ve absolutely come to the right place!

Here are 7 absolutely deeeelicious and healthy veggie spiralizer recipes that you’ve just got to try.

We love using a spiralizer because it helps us swap out some carbs for veggies without sacrificing the taste. We all certainly love our carbs but have been making a more conscious effort to swap out some pasta for spiralized veggies where we can. So, we wanted to share our favorite veggie spiralizer recipes with you all.

Spiralizing veggies is an especially easy way to introduce (okay, sneak) more vegetables into your families diet without sacrificing the taste of your meals.

So, here are 7 of our favorite veggie spiralizer recipes!

But first, here are a couple of bonus tips and tricks for getting the most out of your spiralizer.

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Tips and Tricks For Preparing Veggie Spiralizer Recipes

Enjoy these Veggie Spiralizer Recipes any night of the week! These healthy recipes are perfect alternative to traditional noodle dishes with far less carbs. So, whether you are watching your carb intake or just want to add more vegetables to your diet these delicious Veggie Spiralizer Recipes make for the perfect meal.

What Spiralizing Vegetables Means

Vegetable Spiralizing simply means taking vegetables and transforming them into noodle like spirals. Spiralized veggies are an excellent way to replace traditional carb heavy meals with nutrient dense vegetables and make yummy veggie spiralizer recipes . So, with a good quality spiralizer you can transform many common vegetables into noodles that can easily replace traditional noodles in soups, casseroles and pasta dishes.

Benefits Of Veggie Spiralizer Recipes

Spiralizing vegetables has many wonderful benefits. Specifically, it allows you to transform carb dense meals into lower calorie low carb versions that are equally satisfying and delicious.

Top 10 Benefits Of Spiralizing Vegetables

  1. Health benefits.  Spiralizing veggies is a great way to easily add more vegetables to your diet.
  2. It fits with any lifestyle. it’s great for vegetarians, Keto folks, Paleo Dieters and anyone else who wants to make healthier eating choices.
  3. Allows you to eat your favorite foods with a (healthier)twist.  You can enjoy calorie dense meals with far less guilt because spiralized vegetables seriously cut calories and carbs. Think healthy and delicious fettuccine Alfredo with zero guilt!
  4. It works really well with meal prep. You can easily spiralize a bunch of your favorite vegetables on the weekend to enjoy (quickly) throughout the week. This makes meal prep a breeze on busy weeknights.
  5. It helps vary a kids diet. If you’ve got a picky kid then introducing spiralized vegetables is a great way to sneak some vitamin rich vegetables into their diet.
  6. It makes meal time easy. Cooking spiralized veggies is quick and painless. It makes getting dinner on the table a breeze for busy families.
  7. Spiralized Vegetables Save Money. By adding spiralized vegetables to your meal plan you save money by reducing your consumption of meat protein.
  8. They’re gorgeous and colorful. Colorful vegetables means you are eating a variety of different vitamins and minerals. Spiralized veggies make for gorgeous colorful meals packed with tons of good for your nutrients.
  9. They’re fun to make. Making spiralized veggies is fun!
  10. Kids love to watch and help. Kids especially love to see vegetables transformed into super cool noodles! And, kids who help make their food are more likely to eat it. So, it’s a total win win!

Want to get to the delicious and healthy veggie spiralizer recipes? Skip to the bottom of this post! 

Recommended Spiralizer Tools FOR veggie spiralizer recipes

#1 Brieftons 7-Blade Spiralizer (available via Amazon by clicking here)
Enjoy these Veggie Spiralizer Recipes any night of the week! These healthy recipes are perfect alternative to traditional noodle dishes with far less carbs. So, whether you are watching your carb intake or just want to add more vegetables to your diet these delicious Veggie Spiralizer Recipes make for the perfect meal.

We highly recommend this Brieftons 7 Blade Spiralizer over many of its competitors. This affordable spiralizer comes with 7 stainless steel blades which are great for spiralizing softer and harder vegetables. It suctions really really well to work surfaces making using it safe and easy to use. And, storage is easy and safe because the blades are securely attached to an embedded caddy.

#2 Bestand Spiralizer Attachment (7 Blades) Compatible with KitchenAid Stand Mixer (available via Amazon by clicking here)

If you already own a Kitchen Aid Mixer you can also buy Bestand Spiralizer Attachment. The advantage of buying this attachment is that it is great for folks who don’t want to give up more cabinet space or who have limited storage. This small attachment comes with 7 blades and does a great job of spiralizing a variety of vegetables and fruits. It’s also dishwasher safe which makes clean up pretty easy.

#3 Brieftons Cleaning Brush for Spiralizers (available via Amazon by clicking here

Although not totally necessary, we do suggest investing in a cleaning brush for your spiralizer like the Brieftons brush. Any small brush would do but it’s really important to get something that can get into all the small spaces to properly clean your spiralizer because tiny bits of vegetables do collect in and around the blades.

IDEAL VEGETABLES FOR veggie spiralizer recipes

Here is a list of some of our favorite vegetables to spiralize.

  • Zucchini
  • Carrot
  • Potato
  • Sweet Potato
  • Beet
  • Butternut Squash
  • Chayote
  • Cucumber
  • Daikon Radish
  • Jicama
  • Kohlrabi
  • Onion
  • Parsnip
  • Radish
  • Rutabaga
  • Sweet Potato
  • Taro Root
  • Turnip
  • Summer Squash

Tips + Tricks For Making Spiralizing Simple

#1 Aim for vegetables with a consistent width. 

We find that we get nicer spirals when our vegetables are a consistent width. So, picking vegetables that have a consistent diameter will help make all your spirals about the same size. Think wide and long to get the best spiralized veggies.

#2 Spiralize In Bulk

Since spiralizing does take some prep work we suggest setting aside a day to spiralize in bulk.  You can easily store your spiralized veggies in airtight gallon ziplock bags layered with paper towels to use over the period of a few days. Preparing your spiralized veggies in bulk helps reduce clean up time and speeds up meal prep during the week. Make the mess once and make the fruits of your labor last you a couple of days.

#3 Pat Dry Your Noodles

When you plan to store your spiralized veggies in the fridge it’s a good ideas to pat them dry before layering them in gallon zip lock bags. Patting dry and removing as much moisture as possible makes your veggies last longer. We like to layer paper towel between thin layers of veggies to prevent excess moisture from accumulating.

#4 Don’t Always Cook Your Noodles

If you’re worried or turned off by the idea of mushy spiralized veggies then opt to serve your vegetables without cooking them. Most spiralized veggies are sliced so thin that they cook rapidly when mixed with hot sauces or added to soups. So, prevent your spiralized veggies from turning to mush by not cooking them or adding them to your dish at the very last minute.

#5 Use Thick Sauces 

If you’re planning to make a spiralized veggie pasta dish aim to make a sauce that’s extra thick. Spiralized vegetables will always contain moisture and a thicker sauce helps offset the moisture the vegetable spirals let off.

#6 Buy Reduced To Sell Vegetables To Cut Costs

Always check out your reduced to sell produce section at your local grocery store to score delicious and cheap vegetables to spiralize.

Must Watch Sprializing Tutorials

7 Veggie Spiralizer Recipes You Need In Your Life

#1 Raw Spiralized Thai Salad

We love love love this quick and easy raw Thai salad from Strength and Sunshine. It’s one of our absolute favorite veggie spiralizer recipes! This makes for the perfect quick and easy lunch on a hot summer day. Add a dash of toasted sesame oil to elevate the Thai flavors even more.

#2 Spiralized Zucchini Caprese Salad

Caprese salad is a go to in our house! Couple delicious spiralized zucchini with traditional Caprese ingredients like tomatoes, garlic and mozzarella and you’ve got a delicious and healthy meal. Check out  Cook At Home Mom for the detailed recipe.

#3 Thai Zoodles With Tomato & Pepper

We LOVE Thai flavors. So, this delicious Thai Zoodle recipe is a favorite in our house. Get the full recipe from A Hedgehog In The Kitchen!

#4 Courgetti With Coconut Milk And Sundried Tomatoes

Don’t you just love the richness coconut milk adds to soups? Check out Recipes From A Pantry for this healthy and satisfying coconut milk sundried tomato soup with courgetti noodles. This is one of those easy veggie spiralizer recipes you will not regret trying. Yum!

#5 Raw Vegan Pad Thai

Next time you’re in the mood for Pad Thai skip the take-out okay? This delicious and completely raw vegan pad thai is a great way to satisfy the craving in a delicious and healthy way. Check out Simply Healthy Vegan for the full recipe.

#6 Sweet Potato Pad Thai

And since we’re talking about Pad Thai. How good does this recipe look? This cooked Pad Thai is another one of those veggie spiralizer recipes that you’ll make again and again. This one packs a little extra protein by adding some delicious shrimp! Check out The Good Hearted Woman for the full recipe.

#7 Courgette With Whole Wheat Pasta & Poached Egg

And, if you love goat cheese then you’re going to have to give this delicious recipe a go. Imagine delicious courgetti, whole wheat pasta, pine nut and goat cheese all tossed together with a perfectly poached egg. Yum right? Check out A Mummy Too for the full recipe.

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7 Healthy Veggie Spiralizer Recipes You Gotta Try

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