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  1. They are yummy looking! I am just recently discovering the amazing uses of the slow cooker and I am trying different recipes one by one. Will have to try some of these soon.

    • It’s worth the investment and storage space. I grew up without even knowing what this was and since we started using it I’ve never looked back. It really makes cooking/getting meals on the table a breeze!

  2. What a fabulous round-up of delicious and affordable crock pot recipes! Your post is like a huge library of deliciousness. I can hardly wait to scroll back up and dive right into each and everyone one of these recipe gems! Thanks so much for sharing your recipe collection.

  3. These look great. I have never tried the lasagne or meatloaf in a crock pot but I will definitely like to try these.

  4. I don’t know what I would have done without my slow cooker, particularly when my five kiddos were little. As much as I’ve cooked in one though, I’ve never tried to make a slow-cooker frittata – I’m tempted to give it a go now.

  5. Omg these look so amazing! I’m definitely picking up a few ingredients for some of these at the store today!

  6. I am all about crockpot recipes and can’t wait to try out these recipes! *-* (Especially that chicken pot pie soup + the Thai chicken + rice!!)