40 Best Spooky DIY Halloween Wreaths

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DIY Halloween Wreaths are a great way to spruce up your door in anticipation of Halloween

Here are 40 of the absolute best DIY Halloween wreaths. From cute and kid friendly to super spooky there is a DIY Halloween wreaths to fit every decor preference.

Hooray for DIY Halloween Wreaths! 

Here are 40 of the absolute best DIY Halloween wreaths. From cute and kid friendly to super spooky there is a wreath to fit every decor preference. #DIYHalloweenDecor #DIYHalloweenWreath #DIYDollarStoreHalloweenWreath #EasyHalloweenWreaths #DIYHalloweenWreathIdeas

Are you looking for DIY Halloween wreaths?

Here are 40 best DIY Halloween wreaths that you gotta consider making this year. These DIY Halloween wreaths are awesome because they are unique and one of a kind! These DIY Halloween wreaths are the perfect way to spruce up your front door in time for Halloween.

If you enjoy wreath making then you have to consider making one of the DIY Halloween wreaths listed below.

In this post you’ll find everything from fun kid friendly DIY Halloween wreaths to spooky and creepy wreaths that’ll terrify guests and trick or treaters alike. Whatever your Halloween style you’re guaranteed to find a wreath project below.

These DIY Halloween wreaths are easy to make and require supplies that you can easily find at your local dollar store, on Amazon or  local craft store.

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40 Best DIY Halloween Wreaths

#1 Black Crow Halloween Wreath
Source: A Pumpkin and A Princess

This spooky glam Halloween wreath is the perfect way to welcome trick or treaters.

You’ll need: a grapevine wreath + black spray paint + a crow + glitter stems.

#2 Grapevine Snake Wreath
Source: Guru Decor

Add some slithering snakes to your front door to make welcoming trick or treaters extra creepy.

You’ll need: grapevine wreath + black spray paint + rubber snakes

#3  DIY Skeleton Wreath
Source: Ready Set Craft

Great your guests with this easy wreath made from a Styrofoam skeleton.

You’ll need : a Styrofoam skeleton + Styrofoam glue

#4 Boney Wreath
Source: Grandin Road

This stylish wreath adds a creepy touch to your front door with only a few craft supplies.

You’ll need: A foam wreath + hot glue + black tulle + spider webs + skeleton bones

#5 Giant Black Fuzzy Spider Wreath
Source: Pinterest

This huge fuzzy spider is the focal point of this traditional Halloween color wreath!

You’ll Need: Styrofoam Wreath + Multi Colored Tulle + Orange Ornaments + Glitter Stems + Extra Large Spider

#6 Creepy Doll Head Wreath
Source: Pinterest

This ultra creepy doll head wreath is the perfect way to add some fright to your front door. You can even hang it above your mantel to bring some Halloween spook indoors.

You’ll Need:  a styrofoam wreath + black deco mesh + doll heads

#7 Halloween Zombie Door Hanger

Make an ultimate spooky door hanger with this easy to put together zombie prop frame!

You’ll Need: Zombie Prop + Frame + Chicken Wire Ribbon + Staple Gun

#8 Spooky Eye Ball Wreath
Source: A Pretty Life In The Suburbs

Gluing 90+ plastic eyeballs to a grapevine wreath creates a spooktacular masterpiece.

You’ll Need: grapevine wreath + black spray paint + glue gun + plastic eye balls

#9 Pennywise The Clown Wreath
Source: Pinterest

This super creepy Pennywise clown wreath is guaranteed to freak out visitors.

You’ll Need: a large Styrofoam wreath + colored tulle + Pennywise  prop

#10 Fabulous Skeleton Wreath
Source: Fun Loving Families

This fun glam feather wreath incorporates just enough spook to make it a perfect way to greet visitors on Halloween.

You’ll Need: a grapevine wreath + black feather boa + Styrofoam skeleton parts + Styrofoam glue

#11 Creepy Black Rose Wreath
Source: The How To Mom

If a glam Halloween wreath is more your style this gorgeous black roses and crows is guaranteed to be a perfect fit for your front door.

You’ll Need: Wire Wreath + Black Roses + Spider Webs + Crow

#12 Creepy Crows Halloween Wreath
Source: Home Talk

Crows are ultra creepy and this crow wreath is mega spooky with it’s neatly arranged flock of crows.

You’ll Need: artificial crows + glue gun

#13 Tutu Halloween Wreath
Source: Busy Creating Memories

This super fun colorful Halloween wreath is a non-scary way to welcome guests for Halloween.

You’ll Need: a foam wreath + tulle + ornament balls + hot glue

#14 DIY Fabric “Boo” Halloween Wreath
Source: The Suburban Mom

This cute colorful wreath is perfect for those looking for cute Halloween door decor.

You’ll Need: a wire wreath + colored fabric + wood letters + acrylic craft paint

#15 Spiderweb Embroidery Hoop Wreath
Source: A Sister’s Suitcase Blog

For a simple wreath that comes together in under 20 minutes this hoop embroidery wreath is a perfect fit!

#16 Traditional Burlap Pumpkin Wreath
Source: Grillo Designs

If you’re looking for a wreath that’s suitable all autumn long then this traditional burlap pumpkin wreath is a must try.

#17 Fun Witchy Wreath
Source: Crafty Sisters

This super cute non-scary witchy wreath is the perfect way to welcome even the smallest of trick or treaters.

You’ll Need: a foam wreath + black fabric + witch prop

#18 Halloween Mummy Wreath
Source: Pretty Providence

If simple wreaths are your thing then you’re going to LOVE this Halloween Mummy wreath. It literally comes together within minutes and costs almost nothing to make.

#19 Purple People Eater Halloween Wreath
Source: Hoosier Homemade

This super easy to make kid friendly Halloween wreath is the perfect addition to any fun non-scary Halloween decor.

#20 Glitter Skull Wreath
Source: Tried and True Blog

This super simple glitter skull wreath is easy to make and makes your front door look gorgeous. The Styrofoam skulls can be spray painted in any color your want to make them pop even more.

You’ll Need: Styrofoam Skulls + Rebar Tie Wire +Spray Paint + Ribbon

#21 DIY Witches Hat Wreath
Source: Intelligent Domestications

For a cute witch leg door hanger this project is a must try. It’s a wonderful kid and family friendly way to decorate for Halloween.

#22 Skull & Bones Wreath
Source: The Kim Six Fix
#23 Dollar Store Halloween Wreath
Source: Eighteen 25

This super easy wreath comes together quickly and uses materials that you can easily find at your local dollar store.

#24 Jack Skellington Pizza Pan Clothespin Wreath
Source: Keeper Of The Cheerios
#25 DIY Mummy Wreath
Source: Michelle’s Party Plan-It
#26 Dollar Store Halloween Wreath
Source: Simply Designing
#27 Halloween Skeleton Wreath
Source: Lolly Jane
#28 Spooky Bookish Halloween Wreath
Source: Rae Gun Ramblings
#29 Easy Halloween Pumpkin Wreath
Source: Eighteen 25
#30 Fun Mini Halloween Wreath
Source: Domestically Creative

#31 Vintage Skeleton Wreath
Source: Mod Podge Rocks Blog

#32 Simple Crow Halloween Wreath
Source: Twelve On Main

#33 DIY Skeleton Wreath
Source: DIY Candy

#34 Pool Noodle Halloween Wreath 
Source: Halloween Costumes

#35 Rat’s Nest Halloween Wreath 
Source: Dream A Little Bigger

#36 Halloween Boo Wreath
Source: Ribbons & Glue

#37 Tulle Halloween Wreath
Source: Overstuffed Life

#38 Black and White Tulle Halloween Wreath
Source: Eighteen 25

#39 DIY Dollar Store Halloween Wreath 
Source: What Meegan Makes

#40 Black Cat Halloween Hoop Wreath
Source: Shaken Together

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Here are 40 of the absolute best DIY Halloween wreaths. From cute and kid friendly to super spooky there is a wreath to fit every decor preference. #DIYHalloweenDecor #DIYHalloweenWreath #DIYDollarStoreHalloweenWreath #EasyHalloweenWreaths #DIYHalloweenWreathIdeas

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