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  1. I’ve always used and loved Dawn but I never thought that there were that many uses for it! I have heard of a few, but now I’m excited to have more uses for it 🙂

  2. I’ve never tried it in the toilet either. You gave me an idea. I’m wondering if it works for breaking up my husband’s side of the bathroom sink that gets clogged with shaving cream remnants. Think I’ll try it.

  3. Oooh, I wish I read that before my big poison oak incident. Never thought about using dish soap. Thanks so much for all of these ideas.

    x, Juliet

  4. Wow, I knew Dawn dish soap was good but you’ve listed some ways I have not used it. Generally, apart from dishes, I used it for cleaning bathrooms, decreasing, window cleaning, and such but have never used it to remove stuff from the kids hair. Great to know that tip since some of the kids sometimes get sticky stuff in their hair.

  5. I knew dawn dishsoap could be used for a lot of things but wow! I never realized the list was so long.

  6. I absolutely love using Dawn as a shampoo for my pet, helps those fleas go away. But wow didn’t know some these great ways to use Dawn. I need to try that ice pack one.

  7. The hidden power of Dawn dish shop is something every single, unmarried man learns about in the first month after he moves out of his parents’ home. The number of actual uses for the stuff goes into the thousands.