35 legitimate ways to make money online

35 legitimate ways to make money online

Morning friends!

Since Margsy started part time daycare I’m finding myself with plenty of free time to start considering alternate forms of income for our family. The blog is my main side hustle and although it does generate some income I’ve been exploring options to supplement my families income even further by exploring other online options.

The internet is a tricky place and if you google things like “make money online” I can almost guarantee you that you’ll find yourself sucked down a rabbit hole of dead end links, shady business and other questionable activities that claim you will make you a fortune by simply putting in a few hours of computer work.

I’ve done my research folks and I’ve clicked around enough that I can say with confidence that the sites and opportunities below are not only 100% legit but also offer up the potential to really supplement your income in a meaningful way if you’re committed to putting in a little time and effort! As a precaution be aware that any site asking you for a payment is likely a scam. I stay away from those and so should you!

35 Side Hustles - LEGIT ways to make money online #sidehustles #blogging #makemoneyonline

1. Write a blog

Clearly, blogging can make you money – I monetized this very space last winter and have been making a steady stream of revenue ever since. Starting a blog is relatively easy and is super fun but building a readership and online presence takes persistence and consistency. So, although you can make a good income blogging it isn’t necessarily a quick way to do it. It’s super fun though so I find it a worthwhile investment of my time.

If you’re considering starting a blog to make a little extra cash here are a few TTBH posts you might find helpful: Finding sponsored post opportunities , 10 things I learned from my 6 months blogging , how a workflow can make you a better blogger.

2. Take Online Surveys

Fill out online surveys to earn a couple of bucks. All the sites listed below are completely free to use and pay you to answer questions! Some pay cash while others reward you with gift cards, prize drawings or free products.

Daily Rewards, Swag Bucks & Survey Junkie

3. Become a freelancer

Doing freelance work is probably one of the easiest and quickest ways to make a good amount of extra income. Whether you’re a stay at home mum with a history degree or a multilingual professional looking to supplement your income to say pay off some debt sites like Up Work match you with potential job opportunities. Simply sign up for an account, create a profile and find freelance jobs that fit your niche!

4. Become a technical freelancer

If you’re tech saavy and want to freelance then technical freelancing is probably a good fit for you!

Check out these sites, create an account and get matched to potential freelance gigs!

People Per Hour, Up Work & Freelancer

5. Provide Online Tutoring

Tutoring is an awesome way to bank a little extra cash. Have a look at the sites below if it’s something that interests you!

Chegg, TutorMe, VipKid

6. Make and Sell Lesson Plans

Are you an educator or home schooler? Why not sell your lesson plans to make a few extra bucks!

Teacher’s Notebook, Educents, Teachers Pay Teachers

7. Sell your stuff

Getting rid of extra clutter around the house couldn’t be easier. You can use sites like ebay if that’s your jam but I always prefer to keep things more local since it makes selling items easier. Check out the sites below to earn a little extra cash from stuff you’ve already got.

Bonanza, Varage Sale, Let Go, Thred Up, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist

8. Be Part of a Focus Group

Earn a little extra cash by taking part in focus groups which if we’re being honest are similar to surveys. 20/20 Research is a great option!

9. Fix Search Engine Mistakes

If you’ve got great attention to detail you can earn some cash by fixing search engine mistakes!

LeapForce, LionBridge, Appen

10. Make and sell digital invitations

If you’re crafty and got the knack for design create and sell digital invitations on sites like etsy.

11. Get crafty and sell on etsy

If you’re crafty and enjoy making things why not sell your creations on etsy to make some money?

12. Become a freelance transcriptionist

If you’re detail oriented try and pick up few transcription gigs from sites like UpWork. They are relatively easy to complete and pay quite well!

13. Sell your photos

If you enjoy taking photos why not sell them to sites like Shutter Stock or IStockPhoto?

14. Share your amazon purchase history

Use shop tracker to earn money by sharing your amazon purchase history!

15. Get paid to watch youtube videos

InBox Dollars pays you to watch videos!

16. Sell your CDs/DVDs/Videogames & Electronics

If you’ve got old Cds, DVDs, videogames and electronics laying around sell them through sites like Gazelle, Next Worth and Usell.

17. Get paid for your trivia knowledge

Sign up for RewardTV and get paid to answer trivia questions. Super fun too!

18. Provide Customer Service

If you’ve got the time, companies like Sykes and Working Solutions offer gigs in the area of home based customer service.

19. Sell your skills on Fiverr

Starting at 5$ a gig, Fiverr is an awesome way to make extra cash in the areas of web design, graphic design, social media marketing and anything and everything technical.

20. Do data entry

If you’ve got quick and accurate typing skills turn to sites like UpWork to score some data entry gigs.

21. Write catchy slogans

If you enjoy writing catchy titles or slogans head on over to Slogan Slingers, Get a Slogan or Freelancer to get paid for your creativeness!

22. Write and sell an e-book

If you’ve got a passion for writing sites like Kindle and ITunes Connect provide a perfect low-cost platform for self-publishing.

23. Sell an audiobook

Create and sell audiobooks with Audible.

24. Sell professional services on 99designs

Sell any professional service – think techy stuff like website development, wordpress themes, SEO optimization with 99designs!

25. Build an online store with shopify

If you’re not interested in setting up shop with a site like etsy, turn to shopify. They have an easy interface that allows you to set up your own shop in minutes.

26. Answer professional questions with justanswer

If you’re a professional and have a very specific knowledge of a niche field why not use your expertise to answer questions with Just Answer and get paid to do it?

27. Create educational courses on udemy

Create and sell courses that teach useful skills on udemy.

28. Become a virtual assistant

Virtual assistants are the back bone of many companies online presence. They check emails, schedule social media and help get a companies ideas out there to the internet world. To score a VA job check out these sites: Upwork, Zirtual

29. Become a virtual tutor

If you’re tech savvy and enjoy teaching others why not offer virtual tutor services to those who are seeking to learn about anything and everything related to the internet. Payment can come directly via paypal and you set your own rates!

30. Write articles for websites

If you enjoy writing why not get paid to write articles for websites? Check out the sites below that pay you to write articles of all types of different genres.

The Dollar Stretcher, Wow Women Writing, Matador Network

31. Make money with swagbucks

Swag Bucks allows you to make a little cash by doing things you already probably do online. Take surveys, do some online shopping, watch videos and visit websites and make a little extra cash in the process.

32. Create video tutorials on YouTube

If you like being in front of the camera why not create YouTube tutorials to share? This probably wont net you a ton of money quickly but similar to blogging as your following increases so does your earning potential!

33. Sell used books

Rather than letting your books collect dust earn some extra cash by selling them on BookScouter.

34. Get paid to shop with ebates

If you’re already an online shopper ebates is an absolute must since it gives you cash back on your purchases!

35. Get paid to lose weight

If you’re on a weight loss journey sign up for sites like Diet Bet and HealthyWage that pay you get healthy!

35 Legit ways to earn extra income online with and without a blog | Make Cash | Supplemental Income | Side Hustles | Make Money Online

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What’s your side hustle?





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