40+ Best Trending DIY Crafts For Teen Girls in 2024

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Here are over 40 DIY crafts for teen girls that are so much fun to make!

DIY crafts for teenage girls

Does your teen girl love to craft? If so, you’re going to love this post.

We’ve collected the best fun DIY crafts for teen girls that are a great way to encourage your teenager to be creative and create really cool crafts at home.

If you’re looking to occupy your own time or if you want to plan an activity for a teen girls next birthday party or sleepover, these DIY crafts for teen girls are a perfect choice.

This collection of cute DIY crafts for teen girls are a great way for tweens and teenagers to learn new skills and express themselves creatively at the same time.

DIY crafts for teen girls can be as simple or complicated as you want them to be and are a fun way to transform everyday materials into a fun craft project!

Here are some of our favorite DIY crafts for teen girls that are easy enough even if you’ve never picked up a glue gun before in your life.

These DIY crafts for teen girls are really fun and creative DIY projects that will bring out your daughter’s sense of style.

From DIY bath bombs, DIY friendship bracelets to DIY wood crafts and DIY paper crafts, we’ve got you covered with this collection of the best DIY crafts for teen girls!

Use our convenient table of content to quickly and effortlessly jump around our large list of crafts and project ideas for teenage girls!

30+ Best Popular DIY Crafts For Teen Girls

#1 Friendship Bracelets

DIY Friendship bracelets are a great idea for teen girls because they are affordable to make and can be created in a bunch of different colors and color combinations.

Friendship bracelets also make great gifts and allow teen girls to express their creativity.

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#2 Homemade Soaps

Soap making is one of those DIY ideas that are perfect for teens, tweens, and even older kids and young adults.

Soap making is one of those fun DIY crafts that is fun and engaging to make and is great for teenage girls because it’s easy to make beautiful soaps that look like they came from a store.

Our Favorite DIY Soap Making Kits:
  1. DilaBee Soap Making Kit 
  2. Essential Oil Soap Making Kit for Teens
  3. Pifito Soap Making Kit (Aloe Vera, Oatmeal, Goats Milk)

#3 Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is a DIY craft that many teen girls love to do. Teens love scrapbooking because it is the perfect way for them to express their sense of style and personality in a creative, unique, and fun way.

The best part is that scrapbooking requires very little materials (paper, glue, etc) and can be done at any time of the day with very little preparation.

#4 Yarn Crafts

Yarn crafts are another great project for teens and tweens. DIY yarn crafts are a great alternative to DIY paper crafts because there is no need for craft supplies like paper, glue, or tape.

Yarn crafts can be created in a variety of styles and colors which makes them a great DIY craft option for teenage girls who have already completed several DIY paper craft options or enjoy making easy DIY projects made of yarn.

#5 Paper Crafts

Paper crafts are another fun idea for teen girls. Paper crafts include cool DIY projects like DIY notebooks, DIY cards, and even origami.

DIY notebooks, cards, and origami can take a variety of forms in different colors. And, the great thing about paper crafts is that they can easily be turned into great gifts for friends, family members, or loved ones.

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#6 Ring Dish

Another fun project for teen girls is making ring dishes like this marbled DIY ring dish from A Beautiful Mess. Ring dishes can be made in different ways using a variety of materials including air dry clay, aluminum foil, metal, papier-mache and even paper.

DIY ring dishes are easy crafts for teen girls because the ring dishes can be made with materials that are simple to find around the house or in craft stores.

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#7 Bath Bombs

Making bath bombs is an easy DIY project that includes things like baking soda, citric acid, coconut oil and essential oils – perfect ingredients for making scented bath water! Making your own bath bombs is as simple as following step by step instructions.

Bath bombs also make cool DIY gifts making them a great homemade gift idea around the holidays.

Our favorite bath bomb kits:

#8 Faux Crystals & Geodes

Homemade crystals and geodes are another example of cool diy crafts that teenage girls can make in their free time.

The fun part of this easy idea is watching the crystals grow and take shape. Growing crystals and geodes is so much fun we know that your teenage daughter will love it!

#9 Paper Bracelets

Paper bracelets are one of our favorite diy crafts for teenage girls. Paper bracelets are easy DIYs to do with your teen girl and her girlfriends because they don’t require anything special other than paper, washi tape, and glue which you probably already have at home.

Plus, paper bracelets are an easy idea that’s guaranteed to bring our your teenagers creative side! Visit Pickle Bums for a detailed tutorial to make the diy bracelet pictured above.

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#10 Pom Pom Mousepad

Best DIY Crafts For Teen Girls

This adorable pom pom mouse pad from Design Improvised is another DIY craft for teen girls that teenagers will love making.

A trivet is transformed into colorful monogramed pom pom mouse pad that teenage girls will proudly want to display at their work space. This is one of those teen diy crafts that is perfect for younger and older teenagers alike!

#11 Pom Pom Wall Hanging

Best DIY Crafts For Teen Girls

Teenage girls love pom poms and this pom pom wall hanging from Sugar & Cloth is the best way to have young girls display their artistic talent.

This is one of those fun activities and craft ideas that would make for perfect slumber party or birthday party entertainment. Teenage girls can work on creating pom poms together and put them together to create a gorgeous work of art.

#12 Lip Balm

DIY and homemade lip balm is another great way for teenage girls to get crafty and make cool stuff.

There are a ton of easy step by step tutorials, kits and recipes you can find online that teenage girls will enjoy making. From strawberry to ice cream flavor there is guaranteed to be an easy tutorial your teenager will love!

#13 Dream Catchers

Best DIY Crafts For Teen Girls

Dream catchers are one of our favorite diy crafts for teenage girls because they are so versatile!

DIY dream catchers can be made in your favorite colors and with a variety of materials making them great teen crafts for both younger and older girls.

You can even make your dream catcher using old t-shirts and other recycled materials you may have laying around your home! How cool is that? Visit Semi Gloss Designs for an easy tutorial for a DIY dream catcher.

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#14 DIY Candles

Best DIY Crafts For Teen Girls

These easy DIY pineapple candles from Happiness is Homemade are one of our favorite crafty ideas for teenagers who LOVE candles.

Your teenager will love making their own pineapple scented candles with this easy to follow DIY candle tutorial.

#15 Bookends

Best DIY Crafts For Teen Girls

We love these adorable animal bookends from Mad In Crafts. Quick and easy to make these DIY bookends made our list of crafts for teenage girls because they are budget friendly and adorable.

#16 Chunky Arm Knit Throw

Best DIY Crafts For Teen Girls

If your teenage daughter loves to work with yarn then this DIY chunky arm knit throw from Lily Ardor is the best thing ever!

This cozy arm knit throw uses arms instead of needles to create a gorgeous, warm and chunky blanket that any teenage girl would gladly want to make part of her room decor. Make it in solid color or change the colors as you knit to create a rainbow effect as you go!

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#17 Mason Jar Crafts

These adorable DIY watermelon mason jars from Brit.co are perfect for the girl who loves everything watermelon. This is one of our favorite diy crafts for teenage girls because they’re so easy to put together and look beautiful!

Plus, we love DIY crafts that involve mason jars as they give such a rustic farmhouse or shabby chic vibe to any DIY craft project.

#18 DIY Tote Bags

Tote bags are always a popular DIY craft idea for teenage girls because it’s something they can use often.

DIY totes like the simple DIY stenciled tote bag from The Pretty Life Girls are perfect for teens because they’re stylish, functional and an easy DIY idea that teenagers will love adding to their wardrobe or carrying with them when traveling or shopping!

#19 DIY Pouches

DIY pouches come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Teens can make pouches for makeup, jewlery, pencils and paper, art supplies and so much more! DIY pouches are a fun DIY idea that teenage girls will love adding to their DIY craft collection. We love this basic beginner level jewelry pouch tutorial available from Melanie Ham because it’s functional and easy to make.

FYI some adult supervision is required for kids just starting to use a sewing machine!

#20 Painted Mugs

We love painted mugs because kids can get carried away with their own ideas and creativity. These hand designed dishwasher safe mugs from Designer Trapped are colored with sharpie markers.

These are great crafts that make for wonderful DIY gifts anytime of the year!

#21 DIY Decoupage Storage Boxes

Decoupage storage boxes are basically DIY boxes that have been decorated and covered in paper or fabric. The box above was transformed using wallpaper and mod podge.

The result is a gorgeous floral decoupage box that offers some storage space! Head on over to Girl In The Garage to get all the details!

#22 DIY Wall Art Stencils

One of our favorite DIY ideas to decorate your teen’s room is DIY wall art stencils. Making DIY wall art stencils is one of the best DIY projects for teens because it gives them an opportunity to express their creativity and be part of putting together something beautiful in their bedroom (or any room).

There are a lot of DIY wall art stencil ideas out there which made choosing just one DIY craft for this list a bit tricky! We love the blog post about DIY wall art stencils from Jocie at One Project Closer because it’s a quick and easy DIY craft idea that is perfect for beginners who are ready to dip their toe into the DIY world.

#23 DIY Hair Accessories

DIY hair accessories are DIY crafts that any teenage girl can appreciate because it’s something they use every day.

DIY hair accessories like DIY velvet braided headbands from One Crafty DIY Girl look are both beautiful and functional. They’re fun to make, allowing kids a chance to play with their hair or create a super cool DIY gift for someone they know!

#24 Sharpie Sneakers

Sharpie DIYs are a great DIY craft for teen girls because they’re easy and allow teenagers the chance to show off their creativity.

We love these DIY Sharpie sneakers from The Craft Patch because they’re stylish and will look amazing on any teenage girl! All you need is a plain pair of sneakers and some sharpies!

#25 Painted Sea Shells

Sea shells are DIY crafts that can be used as DIY décor or DIY gifts.

These DIY painted sea shells Handmade Charlotte offer a creative DIY craft for teen girls who love to collect seashells while they’re at the beach!

#26 DIY Painted Succulent Pots

Best DIY Crafts For Teen Girls

Succulent DIYs are DIY crafts that will bring life to any DIY craft project.

These DIY painted succulent pots from Lauren Conrad offer a creative DIY for teens who love plants and flowers!

#27 DIY Notebooks

DIY notebooks are DIY crafts that are ideal for the teenage years, especially during the school year.

DIY notebooks are the perfect craft idea if you’re looking for DIY gifts for kids because they’re super easy to make and will be appreciated by any teenage girl or boy!

#28 Custom DIY Cell Phone Case

DIY cell phone DIYs are DIY crafts that are both easy to DIY and fun to make! Custom DIY cell phone cases allow kids to feel creative while also using some of their favorite characters on their personal DIY case.

It’s one of the best ways for teenagers to express their style and creativity. Plus, nearly every kid has a phone and making their case custom is totally awesome. Check out Color Made Happy for some phone case inspo!

#29 Decorative Garlands

DIY garlands are a simple craft idea that can be made by DIYers of all DIY skill levels. DIY garlands are crafts that offer a final product that is not only cute but can be used as room decor.

We love this crepe paper flower garland from A Beautiful Mess because they’re unique and look great up on the wall!

#29 DIY Tassel Necklace

DIY tassels are a craft that every DIYer in the world should try at least once. DIY tassels are fun to make and can be used in so many ways!

They’re great DIY craft ideas for teens because they just require some string, fabric and/or beads. Check out this adorable DIY ombre tassel necklace from Homemade Banana that we love!

#31 Tye Die Socks

Tie die DIYs are one of our favorite DIY crafts because they’re so fun to make. You really cannot mess it up! Tie die DIYs are great DIY crafts for teen girls because they don’t require too much time or effort and the end result is beautiful!

Check out these DIY tie die socks from Chaotically Yours for a fun teen craft idea!

#32 DIY Rag Rug

rag rug diy crafts for teen girls

Rag rugs are another must try DIY crafts for teen girls. Rag rugs are made out of old clothes and other materials that are cut into strips and then knotted together.

This bed sheet rag rug from Grillo Designs is a gorgeous and simple DIY craft idea for teen girls and DIYers with any skill level!

#33 Duct Tape Watercolor Art

watercolor DIY crafts for teen girls

DIY duct tape DIYs are crafts that will wow any DIYer! DIY duct tape watercolor art from The Gift Of Curiosity is a craft idea for DIYers of all levels. It’s easy enough for the DIY novice but also offers a fun challenge to those more advanced DIYers looking to have a new craft idea!

This type of watercolor art is not only beautiful but also easy to make!

#34 DIY DIY Nail Polish Crafts

nail polish DIY crafts for teen girls

DIY glitter nail polish projects are DIY crafts for teen girls that they will love making and wearing.

DIY glitter nail polish is one of the best DIY craft ideas for teen girls because it’s easy to create, uses readily available materials and creates fun crafts that teenage girls will be proud to wear and show off!

#35 Paracord Bracelets DIY

If your teenager loves to wear jewelry then a DIY paracord bracelet is a must try.

These fun DIY bracelets from A Girl and A Glue Gun provides a detailed and easy to follow tutorial that even the most beginner bracelet maker will easily understand.

#36 Easy Washer Necklace

jewelry DIY crafts for teen girls

Creative jewelry DIYs are always make great DIY crafts for teen girls because they are fun and DIYers love wearing what they make.

DIY washer necklaces from Sun Hats and Wellie Boats is a simple DIY craft that can easily be completed in just an afternoon or evening! It’s the perfect jewelry DIY for any girl over the age of 5 because it’s fun, colorful and stylish!

#37 DIY Custom Umbrella

unique DIY crafts for teen girls

Umbrellas are so much fun to customize which makes DIY custom umbrellas another of our favorite DIY crafts for teen girls. Check out these awesome DIY fruit slice umbrellas from Studio DIY.

#38 DIY Desk Organizers

desk organization DIY crafts for teen girls

Desk organizers are a must for any teenager to keep their school stuff tidy and organized. DIY desk organizers are DIY crafts for teen girls that are fun to make and practical to use.

Check out these absolutely adorable magazine holders from Gathering Beauty for some desk organizing inspiration.

#39 Glass Photo Magnets

keepsake DIY crafts for teen girls

Keepsakes like glass photo magnets make awesome DIY crafts for teen girls.

This beginner tutorial for glass photo magnets from Mod Podge Rocks Blog is a fun way for your teen to turn their photos into keepsakes. We love this idea for a DIY gift too!

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#40 DIY Decorative Pillows

no sew DIY crafts for teen girls

Decorative pillows make for great DIY crafts for teen girls because they leave them with a gorgeous DIY piece of art that your teenager will proudly want to display in their room.

These DIY decorative throw pillows from Homey Oh My comes with detailed instructions with photos to show every step required to make these gorgeous DIY decor pillows!

Plus, they are 100% no-sew making them the best choice for beginners!

#41 String Art

creative DIY crafts for teen girls

String art is so much fun because it’s budget friendly and produces gorgeous wall art that your teen can hang in their bedroom.

String art DIYs are made by winding string around nails which create patterns and shapes. Check out this gorgeous string art heart project from Feels Like Home Blog for some inspiration.

#42 DIY Jewelry Organizer

simple DIY crafts for teen girls

Teens love jewelry so it’s only fitting that they have a custom jewelry organizer to keep it all tidy.

Check out this gorgeous DIY jewelry organizer from Tator Tots and Jello for some gorgeous DIY ideas any teen would enjoy making.

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We hope you enjoyed all of these creative DIY crafts for teen girls.

We loved curating these crafts for teenage girls because we love transforming everyday supplies into fun things!

These kids crafts are an easy way for older kids, tweens and teenage girls to pick up crafting and create something beautiful in the process.

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What are your favorite DIY crafts for teen girls?

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