Air Dry Clay Ideas: 25 Gorgeous Projects Anyone Can Make

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These gorgeous DIY Air Dry Clay ideas are a great creative craft project for kids, tweens, teens and even adults!

Do you love crafting but wish you didn’t have to wait for glue or paint to dry? Then, these air dry clay ideas and craft projects are a great alternative.

Air dry clay is a fun and versatile crafting material that can be used to make many different projects. Air dry clay is a great crafting medium for older and younger crafters alike. So, air dry clay crafts are a great craft choice for teenagers and adults too!

You can make anything from jewelry, figurines, and masks with this medium making air dry clay a great choice for kids and adults alike.

The best part about air dry clay is it dries without baking or firing in the oven like traditional clays do. So, there’s no need for any special equipment.

Air dry clay is perfect for after school crafts and rainy day arts and crafts with the kids. Air dry clay is also so versatile and fun to work with that even adults will enjoy crafting with this material and creating unique and beautiful pieces.

As a result, we’ve collected 25 of our favorite air dry clay ideas to help inspire you to start a new air dry clay project of your own!

air dry clay ideas

What is Air Dry Clay?

Air dry clay is a great material for making air dry clay crafts and projects. This type of clay is made from natural materials like flour, corn starch and yeast which means it doesn’t contain any chemicals or toxins that you might find in other types of craft supplies.

Air dry clays can also be used by adults who enjoy working with their hands because air dry clay ideas don’t require much time or special equipment at all!

All the air dry clay ideas we’ve rounded up below will help anyone looking for easy art activities make something beautiful quickly and without spending a ton of money on expensive craft supplies.

What Kind Of Crafts Can You Make With Air Dry Clay?

From air dry clay masks to air dry clay crafts that look like gems and jewels, there are endless possibilities when it comes to what you can make with air-dry clays.

You can use air dry clay to make bowls, decorative pieces, saucers, jewelry, cups and so much more.

All of the air dry clay ideas below will help even absolute beginners create something beautiful without spending hours struggling through some complicated step by step process.

Which Type Of Air Dry Clay Is Best For Crafts?

There are different air dry clay brands available on the market which means you have a wide variety of air-dry clays to choose from. Our favorite is Das which is available on Amazon and most local craft stores.

The best air dry clay for crafts will be one that is strong and durable enough to hold its shape when it dries but also easy enough to work with so there won’t be any frustration during air-dry clay projects.

Crayola air dry clay is the cheapest air dry clay option and a good choice for kids because it’s so easy to mold into shapes. But, this air-dry clay might not be as durable or strong as other types of air drying clays, like polymer air-dry clays which are typically stronger and more durable.

Polymer air-dry clays are good choices for air dry clay crafts especially if you plan on doing any air dry clay sculpting projects. Polymer air-dry clays tend to hold their shape well making them a better choice for adult projects.

Are Air Dry Clay Crafts Good For Beginners?

Air dry clay crafts are a great choice because they are so easy and don’t require any special equipment. In fact, if you don’t have any artistic talent whatsoever or find sculpting difficult then air dry clay is the perfect material for your next craft project because it is so easy to work with.

Can Children Make Air Dry Clay Crafts?

If you have kids then air-dry clays are also perfect for your little ones since they can use them with minimal supervision.

Beyond this air dry clay is perfect for kids because:

  • air dry craft ideas and crafts don’t require any special equipment
  • you can purchase and use non-toxic air dry clay for safe crafting for kids
  • air dry clay crafts are a great last minute screen free activity
  • air dry craft ideas require minimal adult supervision
  • air dry craft projects are fun

30 DIY Air Dry Crafts and Projects

Air Dry Clay Ideas: Pots & Planters

air dry clay ideas: pots and planters you can diy

#1 Clay Petal Planter (Via A Beautiful Mess)
#2 Air Dry Clay Succulent Planters (Via Hello Glow)
#3 Terrazzo Clay Planter (Via Spatial Dwelling)
#4 Stamped Clay Succulent Pots (Via Damask Love)

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Air Dry Clay Ideas: Necklaces, Earrings & Bracelets

air dry clay ideas

#5 Geometric Air Dry Clay Pendant (Via Delia Creates)
#6 Botanical Clay Necklaces (Via Fun 365)
#7 Air Dry Clay Feather Earrings (Via Little Red Window)
#8 DIY Air Dry Clay Beads (Via Make and Fable)
#9 Air Dry Clay Terracotta Earrings (Via Fall For DIY)

Air Dry Clay Ideas: Desk Organizers

air dry clay ideas

#10 DIY Rainbow Crayon Holder (Via Lines Across)
#11 Air Dry Clay Photo Holder (Via Doodle & Stitch)
#12 Clay Shark Cell Phone Stand (Via Crayola)
#13 DIY Embossed Air Dry Clay Paper Weights (Via Gathering Beauty)

Air Dry Clay Ideas: Decorative Items

air dry clay ideas

#14 DIY Garden Gnomes (Via First Day Of Home)
#15 Sloth Planter (Via Happy Thought)
#16 Air Drying Clay Cones (Via A Happy Home In Holland)
#17 DIY Air Dry Clay Decorative Ornaments (Via First Day Of Home)

Air Dry Clay Ideas: Plates

air dry clay ideas

#18 DIY Air Dry Clay Bowls (Via Gathering Beauty)
#19 Mosaic Pinch Pots (Via Handmade Charlotte)
#20 Drawer Organizing Bowls and Trays (Via Pastels & Crystals)
#21 Air Dry Clay Ring Dish (Via I Spy DIY)

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Air Dry Clay Ideas: Key Chains

air dry clay ideas

#22 Air Dry Clay Keychains (Via Average But Inspired)
#23 DIY Essential Oil Necklace & Keychain (Via Hello Glow)
#24 Gold Dipped Air Dry Clay Heart Keychain (Via Squirrely Minds)
#25 Air Dry Clay Leaf Stamped Keychains (Via Unknown Source)

Frequently Asked Questions About Air Dry Crafts:

#1 What can I Make With Air Dry Clay?

You can mold air dry clay into all sorts of shapes and sizes using your hands or molds. It’s especially good for air-dry clay craft projects that require painting because air dry clay dries super hard. Also, air dry clay is very easy to work with making it a perfect choice for kids since there won’t be any frustration during crafting sessions.

Air dry clay can be used to create:

  • Planters
  • Vases
  • Statues
  • Figurines
  • Ornaments
  • Sculptures
  • Cups
  • Plates
  • Keychains
  • Jewelry
  • Beads
  • Gems
  • Magnets
  • Bowls
  • and much more…

These air dry clay ideas and crafts can be painted with acrylic paints after they are completely air dried which will give your finished air dry clay crafts a gorgeous look that really makes them pop.

You can even press air-drying clay into silicone molds to create custom air dry clay mold crafts like clay magnets.

Air drying clays can be used in so many different ways because there are no limits when it comes to what you can do with this versatile material!

#2 Can you put water in air dry clay?

You can add water to air dry clay but you shouldn’t do it too often. Air drying clay is so porous that adding water will likely cause the material to start crumbling. So, use water with caution.

Adding a little bit of water (a few drops) at a time when you want to use your air dry clays for craft ideas or clay mold crafts can be a good idea since water will help the air-dry clay hold its shape. But, be cautious not to over do it!

It’s also important to note that adding too much water may cause warping in your air drying clays. So, you should only add as little possible to keep them looking their best.

You should air dry air-drying clays in a well ventilated area to keep them from smelling or getting moldy.

By following these air drying clay tips you can get the best possible results for your air dry clay ideas and projects.

#3 Is air dry clay durable?

Dry air dry clays are extremely durable. Once dry they are hard and durable.

The only exception to this rule is if you use a lot of water when working with your air dry clay material. Using too much water can make your finished air dry clay ideas crack. So, use water sparingly.

You can easily dry air-drying clays by placing them on a clean, flat surface. Or, you can allow your air dry clay projects to dry in their clay molds for 24 hours so they can harden up before removing your finished creation from its mold.

#4 Can I paint air dry clay before it’s dried?

For a better looking finished product it is always better to allow your air dry clay ideas and crafts to dry completely before painting.

#5 What Kinds Of Paint Should I Use To Paint Air Dry Clay Crafts?

You should use water-based acrylics when painting air dry clays since oil based paints may cause warping while the materials are being dried which could damage your finished project. So, it’s best to paint air dry clay crafts with water-based acrylics to avoid any warping during the drying process.

#6 Does air dry clay need to be sealed?

Once your air dry clay project is completely dried and hardened up it’s a good idea to seal them with an acrylic sealing spray.

Sealing your air-dry clay crafts will make the finished pieces more durable if exposed to water. And, applying a sealant will protect any paint work you’ve created so that your final results last longer!

#7 How do you keep air dry clay from cracking?

Air dry your creations on a clean, flat surface or in molds that are made specifically for this type of clay to avoid warping.

Always keep your air dry clay at room temperature and never put it under hot lights since heat can cause changes within your air crafts which could lead to cracking once they’re finished.

If you want to add some color on top of any air dry clay craft project just make sure not to use oil based paints. Oil based paint products may encourage cracking when exposed to moisture if applied directly onto dried clays so using acrylics instead is best!

Always air dry your air dry clay ideas and projects on a clean, flat surface or in an air mold before adding any paint work.

#8 Can I Rehydrate Air Dry Clay?

There are many ways you can rehydrate your dry clay to change and improve its texture.

The easiest way to rehydrate dried out clay is to try manipulating the dry clay in your hands. Sometimes, the warmth and moisture in your hands will help soften the clay and improve its texture.

If manipulating the clay doesn’t work you can also try to rehydrate your air dry clay by reintroducing moisture to your dried out clays using a plastic bag and a spray bottle.

Place your dried out air dry clay in your resealable bag and spray with 1-2 sprays of water. Seal the bag and let it stand for 30 minutes. Manipulate the clay in your hands to check for texture. Should your clay still be dry repeat the process until you’ve rehydrated your dried out clay.

Tips For Creating Air Dry Clay Crafts:

  • keep your air dry clay ideas and creations in well ventilated areas when they are being air dried to avoid molding
  • add only small amounts of water at a time if you want to use wet/dry products for air dry art projects since too much moisture can cause warping
  • always use acrylic paints instead of oil based ones since oil based paint can damage items made from these porous materials
  • air dry air-drying clays on a clean, flat surface or in air drying molds
  • let your air dry clay creations dry completely before removing your finished products from their molds if you are using one
  • seal your finished air crafts with acrylic paints and a good quality spray sealant for added durability
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