DIY Plant Stand Ideas: 60+ Popular DIY Indoor & Outdoor Plant Stand Projects Anyone Can Make

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Do you want to give your plants a new home? Here over 60 of the best DIY plant stand ideas that anyone can make with a little imagination. Indoor and outdoor plant stand options are included, as well as instructions for making the best supports for succulents, cacti, roses, orchids, pots, and more!

DIY Plant Stand Ideas

Houseplants are an amazing addition to any home. Not only do they add a pop of color and life to any room, they actually clean the air we breathe by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. As a result , many of us are tucking more houseplants into our homes than ever before.

With more houseplants comes the need for plant stands so we wanted to collect the best DIY plant stand ideas for a variety of different household plant varieties.

These DIY plant stand ideas are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. They are also great for people with limited space or money. Many of these ideas can be adjusted to fit different pot sizes (just make sure your pot fits the stand you choose before starting your DIY) and are created using materials you probably already have at home.

We conveniently divided this post into indoor and outdoor DIY plant stand ideas. From mid century modern plant stand ideas to more of a farmhouse aesthetic, we’ve collected DIY plant stand ideas that fit every budget and style.

Use our convenient table of contents down below to hop around this post.

What materials can you use to make a DIY plant stand?

diy plant stand materials

The materials you can use to create DIY plant stands is limited only by your imagination. Wood, metal, plastic, corkboard… anything you can imagine is up for grabs!

From buckets to boxes, suitcases and even old furniture, you can find a way to convert practically anything into a DIY plant stand.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to DIY plant stands which is why we included over 60 of the best DIY plant stand ideas to inspire you.

What can I use as a plant riser In My DIY Plant Stand?

A plant riser is a piece of equipment that sits within the pot of a plant to improve the soil’s surface area, allowing it to absorb more water and oxygen.

Plant risers also help prevent overwatering and promote drainage, keeping your plants happy and healthy. Plant risers can be bought at your local home hardware store or online. If DIY is more your thing you can easily make your own plant riser by using plastic cups, Styrofoam plates and rocks.

How do you make a modern plant stand?

A modern plant stand can be made using a variety of materials like wood, metal, plastic and will often feature clean lines to make the stand appear lightweight and airy.

Create visual interest with contrasting finishes. You can create contrast by adding a brightly colored pot or plant to a more neutral, modern stand.

It can also be designed to fit a variety of different types of plants from cacti to large tropical plants. In this post you’ll find some great DIY modern plant stand ideas that will fit into most modern décors.

How tall should my plant stand be?

Tall plant stands are perfect for plants that require higher levels of light. Short plant stands are ideal for cacti and succulents that don’t require as much light. But, ultimately the choice of tall and short plant stands depends on your plants and the room and location you plan to put them in.

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DIY Indoor Plant Stand Ideas

#1 Dollar Tree DIY Indoor Plant Stand

dollar tree DIY plant stand idea

This quick and easy tutorial from Simple Made Pretty creates an adorable farmhouse style plant stand from materials you can buy at your local Dollar tree. Gorilla glue and a glue gun transform mini Jenga into this easy plant stand idea that will add charm to any room in your home. This craft is perfect for beginners and takes less than 5 minutes to put together!

#2 Easy DIY Tomato Cage Plant Stand

easy DIY Plant Stand idea made from a tomato cage

Turn an old tomato cage into a stylish and functional DIY plant stand with this easy to follow tutorial from Martha Stewart. It only takes 30 minutes and requires no tools or special skills – just some metallic spray paint and the desire for new decor! This is the perfect project for beginners looking for something fun and creative to do on their weekend off from work. Plus, it makes great use of materials that would otherwise go unused so it’s eco-friendly too!

#3 DIY Tiered Plant Stand

DIY tiered ladder plant stand

Do you have a ladder in your garage or basement that’s just collecting dust? If so, we have the perfect project for you! This DIY tiered ladder plant stand is quick and easy to make and offers a good amount of space for a variety of potted plants. Plus, this fun ladder project can be created to complement any room style making it a great choice for anyone looking for a fun and functional plant stand. (Tutorial from A Beautiful Mess)

#4 DIY Wood Plant Stand (Tutorial from Lily Ardor)
#5 DIY Hairpin Leg Plant Stands (Tutorial from Kippi at Home)
#6 Upcycled Lampshade DIY Plant Stands (Tutorial from Craft Invaders)
#7 Tiny Ladder Plant Stand (Tutorial from My Happy Simple Living)
#8 Rustic Modern DIY Plant Stand (Tutorial from Mountain Modern Lifestyle)

DIY Plant Stand Projects & ideas

#9 DIY Modern Wood Plant Stand (Tutorial from A Beautiful Mess)
#10 DIY Concrete Planter With Wood Feet (Tutorial from Anika’s DIY Life)
#11 Homemade Floating Plant Stand (Tutorial from Homemade Modern)
#12 Copper Pipe Succulent Plant Stand (Tutorial from Pure Sweet Joy)
#13 Upcycled Bar Cart DIY Plant Stand (Tutorial from Paper n Stitch Blog)

#14 DIY Wash Tub Plant Stand

DIY plant stand ideas

The perfect little plant stand – a repurposed metal wash tub provides a practical and trendy place to house your plants. And because it’s on wheels, this DIY plant stand is incredibly versatile and can be moved around your home with ease! Whether you’re going for a contemporary contrast with succulent gardening or making an impact with magnificent fiddle leaf figs, this DIY plant stand is an excellent option. (Idea from Liz Marie Blog)

#15 Upcycled Piano Stool Plant Stand

Did you know that a boring piano stool can be transformed into an exquisite plant stand with just some paint and a little DIY effort? A boring stool becomes an adorable DIY plant stand that will look wonderful in any room of your house after a coat of paint and some simple handy work! (Tutorial from Nur Noch)

#16 DIY Upcycled Bar Stool Plant Stands

Don’t overlook the bar stools at a flea market or thrift shop. Make a beautiful rustic DIY plant stand out of them that will immediately add character and beauty to your home. Even the most inexperienced DIYers will be able to construct this easy and quick project, making it an excellent choice for first-timers!(Tutorial from The Frugal Homemaker)

#17 DIY Basket Plant Stand

diy basket plant stand idea

This boho-inspired DIY plant stand is surprisingly simple to construct! A woven basket is secured to wood legs to make a boho-chic plant stand that will go well in any space. (Tutorial from Alice and Lois)

#18 DIY Hanging Plant Stand (Tutorial from Alice and Lois)
#19 Upcycled Drawer Plant Stand (Tutorial from Happy Together)
#20 DIY Scrap Wood Tiered Plant Stand (Tutorial from Anika’s DIY Life)
#21 Small Table Top Plant Stand (Tutorial from Mein Feenstaub)
#22 DIY Ladder Plant Stand (Tutorial from The Merry Thought)

#23 Mini DIY FIMO Table Top Plant Stands (Tutorial from Schere Leim Papier)
#24 Raw Edge Concrete Plant Stand (Tutorial from Lily Ardor)
#25 DIY Upcycled Book Plant Stand (Tutorial from A Kailo Chic Life)
#26 Mid-century DIY Cactus Plant Stand (Tutorial from Sugar and Cloth)
#27 DIY Trash Can Plant Stand Idea (Tutorial from Homey Oh My)

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#28 DIY Wood Plant Stand

It takes a little know-how, but this mid-century plant stand is well worth the effort.. The final product is a chic DIY mid century modern plant stand that will complement any room. (Tutorial from DIY Montreal)

#29 DIY Concrete Plant Stand

DIY Concrete Plant Stand

These weighted concrete plant stands are made from repurposing concrete sprinkler barriers into modern planters. This weighted plant stand DIY is a beautiful desk top planter or paper weight and can be painted to match any style or aesthetic. (Tutorial from Paper n Stitch Blog)

#30 DIY Mini Plaster Suspended Plant Stand

DIY plant stand ideas

Succulents, cacti, and other tiny plant species will thrive in these small colored plaster planters. These lovely pots are constructed of plaster of Paris and are colored special ingredient that provides gorgeous outcomes. These pastel containers look great suspended from the ceiling in a hanging plant stand and are a gorgeous addition to any room. ( Tutorial from Paper N Stitch Blog)

#31 DIY Decorative Plant Stand

DIY Plant Stand Ideas

These delicate boho style dream catcher plant stands can be made in a variety of different heights making them a great choice for all types of plants. They look great displayed in a bedroom, over a kitchen island or even in the bathroom! The best part is they are simple to make and can be whipped up in an afternoon. (Tutorial from The Lovely Drawer)

#32 DIY Tiered Mid Century Plant Stand

DIY Plant Stand Tutorial
This lovely tiered mid-century modern plant stand is ideal for a huge plant like a fiddle fig on top and a group of potted plants on the lower shelf. This adorable and functional DIY plant stand will brighten up any space. (Tutorial from My Attic)
diy plant stand projects

#33 DIY Upcycled Clothing Rack Plant Stand (Tutorial from
#34 DIY Plant Stand On Wheels (Tutorial from Lovely Indeed)
#35 DIY Upcycled Ikea Cart Plant Stand (Tutorial from This Little Street)
#36 Upcycled Drawer Plant Stand (Tutorial from Organized Clutter)
#37 DIY Quick Wastebasket Plant Stand (Tutorial from DIY in PDX)

diy plant stand projects

#38 Rustic DIY Railroad Tie Plant Stand (Tutorial from Unknown Source)
#39 DIY Rustic Plant Stand Idea (Tutorial from Unknown Source)
#40 Dollar Tree DIY Plant Stand (Tutorial from Simply Minded)
#41 DIY Upcycled Suitcase Plant Stand (Tutorial from Angels In The Architecture)
#42 Succulent Chair Plant Stand (Tutorial from Garden Therapy)

diy plant stand projects

#43 DIY Floating Shelf Plant Stand (Tutorial from Place Of My Taste)
#44 DIY Wood Plant Stand (Tutorial from The Merry Thought)
#45 DIY Modern Plant Stands (Tutorial from A Beautiful Mess)
#46 DIY Painted Tiered Crate Plant Stand (Tutorial from Michaels)
#47 Upcycled Ikea Stood Plant Stand (Tutorial from Tidewater and Tulle)

diy plant stand tutorials

#48 DIY Tiered Plant Stand (Tutorial from By Brittany Goldwyn)
#49 DIY Cinder Block Plant Stand (Tutorial from Remodelista)
#50 DIY Wire Basket Plant Stand (Tutorial from The Shabby Creek Cottage)

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DIY Outdoor Plant Stand Ideas

#51 DIY Rolling Herb Plant Stand

diy plant stand ideas

This DIY rolling shelf is an excellent way to create a vertical herb garden for indoor or outdoor use! Plus you can move it easily, so there’s no need to worry about where the sun will be at any given time. (Tutorial from Fresh Mommy Blog)

#53 DIY Outdoor Plant Shelf

DIY plant stand ideas

This DIY plant stand and shelf is a great way to organize your plants outdoors so they can get the maximum amount of sunlight. It also makes an easy and functional planter that you could put out on any patio space to liven it up with some greenery. It’s a really easy project that requires only a few common materials and tools, so you can have your very own DIY outdoor planter in no time! (Tutorial from A Shade Of Teal)

#53 DIY Outdoor Wooden Plant Stand

DIY plant stand ideas

This DIY wooden plant stand would make a stunning addition to any seasonal porch decor. This DIY plant stand would look lovely with summer blooms or autumn plants like mums. With a quick coat of paint, you can have a standing accent piece for your porch in no time. (Tutorial from Bitter Root DIY)

#54 Stair Riser Plant Stand

Create a multilevel container garden that will stand out on your front or back porch. To add visual spice, fill it with a variety of different sun seeking plants.. Paint your DIY plant stand a bold color to really make it pop! (Tutorial from This Old House)

#55 DIY Welcome Sign Plant Stand Hanger (Tutorial from Unknown Source)
#56 DIY Tiered Ladder Plant Stand (Tutorial from Love & Renovations)
#57 DIY Modern Outdoor Plant Stands (Tutorial from Wood Shop Diaries)
#58 Wall Mounter Outdoor Plant Stand (Tutorial from Shanty To Chic)
#59 DIY Fence Mounted Outdoor Plant Stand (Tutorial from Growing Spaces)

#60 DIY Upcycled Old Drawers Plant Stand (Tutorial from My Love 2 Create)
#61 Upcycled Suitcase Plant Stand DIY (Tutorial from Garden Therapy)
#62 DIY Recycled Rocking Chair Plant Stand (Tutorial from Home Stories A to Z)
#63 Easy DIY Window Hanging Plant Stand (Tutorial from Craft Berry Bush)
#64 DIY Gabion Plant Stand (Tutorial from Better Homes and Gardens)

Final Thoughts

We love plants because they are a beautiful addition to any home. Beyond purifying the air plants add to your home decor and create living spaces that are inviting and cozy.

We hope that these 60+ creative DIY plant stand ideas will inspire you to create your own special plant stand to display your plant collection.

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Do you want to give your plants a new home? Here over 60 of the best DIY plant stand ideas that anyone can make with a little imagination. Indoor and outdoor plant stand options are included, as well as instructions for making the best supports for succulents, cacti, roses, orchids, pots, and more!

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