The Best Keepsake Fingerprint Flower Craft For Mother’s Day

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Here’s an adorable fingerprint flower craft perfect for Mother’s Day. 

This easy keepsake craft is a great DIY gift idea preschool and kindergarten kids will proudly gift mom or grandma in honor of Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day Fingerprint flower craft for kids

Fingerprint Flower Craft

​Fingerprint crafts are always loads of fun for kids of all ages. There’s something so satisfying about dipping your fingers in paint and creating an art project from your finger prints. 

So, with Mother’s Day around the corner I created this adorable fingerprint flower pot craft activity that young children can use to create adorable fingerprint flower art for the moms in their life. 

This adorable craft makes great keepsakes since younger children use their tiny fingerprints to create the center of the flower and the flower shape. 

They can use their favorite colors to create flower petals and give this easy craft an extra personal touch by creating flowers in different colors. 

Little artists will be so proud to gift their mom their unique fingerprint art flowers. in honor or Mother’s day.

Craft Supplies You’ll Need To Make A Fingerprint Flower Craft

Mother's Day Fingerprint flower craft for kids

These are the supplies you’ll need to make a fingerprint flower craft.

All these simple craft supplies can be purchased at your local craft store.

Avoid the long shopping trip and order from Amazon if you are strapped for time.

  • A copy of our free printable fingerprint flower craft for Mother’s day. The download link can be found at the very bottom of this post.
  • Paper towel, construction paper or newspaper to protect your work surface.
  • Washable craft paint/acrylic paint in various colors  or fingerprint ink pads
  • Paper plates 
  • Pom pom, small paintbrush
  • Markers, wax crayons, coloring pencils
  • Construction paper or scrapbook paper
  • Glue stick
  • Picture frame (optional)

Step-by-Step Instructions To Make A Fingerprint Flower Craft

Print The Fingerprint Flower Craft

Mother's Day Fingerprint Flower Craft for kids

My fingerprint flower craft was created in black and white and should be printed on standard size white paper. 

To download simply click on the download link found at the bottom of this post.

The PDF document contains one copy of the  fingerprint flower craft.

From there, you can print as many copies as you need.

Please note that all our printables including this fingerprint flower craft are for classroom and personal use only. They cannot be modified or reproduced with the intent to sell or claim ownership.

Prep Your Work Area 

Mother's Day Fingerprint flower craft for kids

When we started working on our fingerprint flower craft I used paper towel to protect our work surface.

Use whatever you’ve got laying around.

Other than paper towel you can use newspaper, cheap plastic table clothes, cardboard etc.  Adult supervision is also highly recommended since this is a one of those flower craft ideas that can get real messy.

This activity is a great project that’s fun and works on fine motor skills, but it can get messy. So, plan to protect your clothes and work surface before you start.

We used a paper plate to hold our paint colors.

We went with yellow paint, green paint and purple paint.

It’s a good way to keep excess paint in the plate and not dripping all over your paint surface. But, if you’re using a finger paint stamp pad you can skip this step.

Have Fun Fingerpainting

Mother's Day Fingerprint flower craft for kids

The goal of this fingerprint flower craft is to create a gorgeous spring craft for mom.

Children need to dip finger in the paint to create the center of the flower and the flower petals.  

We went with red spots around a yellow center and yellow petals around a green center.

It would be worth showing young children that the size of your finger changes from finger to finger to create different types of flowers.  

The pointer finger and middle finger are what we went with to create different sized petals. 

Let Your Creation Dry

Mother's Day Fingerprint flower craft for kids

Each fingerprint flower craft needs time to dry before you can prepare it for gifting. 

Drying time depends on how much paint you used.

We put our bouquet of fingerprint flowers in a sunny spot for a few hours to dry completely. 

Finish Your Fingerprint Flower Craft

Mother's Day Fingerprint flower craft for kids

To finish up this fingerprint flower craft we’re going to want to either stick it to a rigid background or frame it to gift it to mom. 

Pick a thick construction paper or scrapbook paper in a contrasting color to glue your child’s fingerprint craft.

This is a great way to  make the final project more resistant.

This is a helpful tip if you’re doing this craft at school and want the final product to hold up when it’s brought home in a book bag.  

Have children spread glue on the back of the flower craft and glue it to the construction paper of their choice.

Another good option is putting the finished product in a large frame to gift mom.

We framed ours and are planning to give it to grandma as a cute gift for Mother’s day.

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Helpful Tips

Mother's Day Fingerprint flower craft for kids
  • Children can use wax crayons, a green marker or coloring pencils to highlight and color their flower stems and flower pot to really make this fingerprint flower craft their own.
  • Glue green chenille stems to your flower stems to make them colorful and textured
  • Use a pom pom, craft stick or paintbrush to make your flower petals if you don’t want to have children get their tiny hands dirty.
  • Encourage kids to create their mom’s favorite flowers to make this fingerprint flower craft even more thoughtful
  • Have especially young children and toddlers use their index finger for better control.

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Download Links

Fingerprint flower craftclick here to download the free template in pdf format

Before You Go

We had so much fun creating this fingerprint flower craft in honor of Mother’s day.

It’s such an adorable way to honor the very special way a Mom’s help their child blossom.

An easy (although messy lol) craft, this great craft is the perfect gift for Mom on Mother’s day.

I’d love to see your finished product. So, snap a photo and let me see how your different flowers turned out by getting in touch on Facebook.

Got a question? Drop me a comment down below with a valid email address so I can get back to you.

🌺Happy Mother’s Day!🌺

P.S check back soon because I’ve got some awesome busy bag activities and an adorable fingerprint butterfly craft coming your way!

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