18 Best Cute & Easy Giraffe Activities For Kids

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These giraffe activities for kids are a fun way to be creative and learn about these beautiful animals.

From printable activities to simple giraffe craft ideas we’ve collected a large collection of craft activities for kids of all ages.

Giraffe Activities For Kids

Giraffe’s are such amazing animals. Whenever we visit zoo animals at our local Zoo, my daughter is always amazed by Giraffes – the giraffe’s body is really quite amazing to see in person.

So, we collected a large collection of fun craft and activity ideas about giraffes for elementary aged kids.

Crafting is such a wonderful way to work on fine motor skills like hand-eye coordination and encourage creativity. And, these giraffe activities for kids are so much fun – there’s no better way to learn about this amazing animal.

Fun Facts About Giraffes

Giraffe’s are really interesting creatures. Here are a handful of interesting facts kids love learning about giraffe’s.

  • Giraffe’s are wild animals or safari animals that life in the savannahs of Africa
  • Giraffe’s are the tallest living land animals. Their long necks and long legs can make a giraffe body stand up to 5.5m tall – that’s about the height of 3 adult humans! 
  • The giraffe’s neck and height allows it to watch out for predators like hyenas and lions.
  • Giraffe’s have excellent eye sight.
  • Giraffe’s are herbivores. This means they eat only plants. 
  • A giraffe can eat up to 45 kg of leaves and twigs every day. 

Giraffe Activities For Kids – Crafts, Free Printables & More

giraffe activities for kids

Felt Giraffe Craft

A fun mixed media giraffe craft we created out of craft scraps. This simple craft idea uses odds and ends you have laying around your craft space. Kids can get creative and cover the legs, neck and head over their giraffe’s in whichever creative ways they want. Get your free printable giraffe template to get started.

giraffe activities for kids

Giraffe Finger Puppet

This cute giraffe craft for kids is so much fun to make. The best part? The kids can have fun playing with their giraffe finger puppets by putting their fingers through the holes in the yellow circle. When you’re done you can even read Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae for some added fun. (Craft from I Heart Crafty Things)

giraffe activities for kids

Toilet Paper Roll Giraffe Craft

This easy activity uses basic supplies like yellow paint and construction paper to create an adorable giraffe craft. You can use empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls to create a small or giant giraffe. (Craft from Non Toy Gifts)

giraffe activities for kids

Paper Plate Giraffe Craft

This neat giraffe craft is so much fun to make using a paper plate, tissue paper and black spots for eyes . Head over to Glued To My Crafts Blog for all the details and a step-by-step process to make your own.

giraffe activities for kids
giraffe activities for kids

Giraffe Handprint Craft

This adorable giraffe craft for kids is a fun choice for preschool and kindergarten students. You’ll need brown and yellow construction paper, glue sticks, markers and a copy of the free template. (Craft from Simple Everyday Mom)

Easy Paper Giraffe Craft

We love this easy giraffe craft! Use a brown or black marker to create the face on your giraffe head before using brown paint to create spots! So much fun for really young children. (Craft from Our Kid Things)

giraffe activities for kids

Bubble Wrap Giraffe Paintings

What a fun giraffe craft idea! A great choice for younger and older children this craft is a great way to let kids get creative using paint and bubble wrap to create giraffe spots. (Craft from The David Lubin Art Studio)

Giraffe activities for kids
giraffe activities for kids

Giraffe Paper Craft

Young children are going to love this giraffe activity. The great thing about this giraffe’s head craft idea is that young children love to wear and show off their creations. Preschool and kindergarten kids will proudly wear their headband on top of their head! (Craft from Simple Everyday Mom)

giraffe activities for kids
giraffe activities for kids

Baby Giraffe Craft

This giraffe child’s craft is lots of fun to make. One of our favorite crafts if you are searching for neat bulletin board ideas for your classroom. You’ll need paper plates, googly eyes and paint. (Craft from Kids Activities Blog)

giraffe activities for kids

Brown Paper Bag Giraffe Craft

This neat paper bag giraffe craft is loads of fun and uses simple supplies! A simple brown paper bag is transformed into a giraffe with yellow and brown paint for the giraffe’s spots. So cute! (Craft from I Heart Crafty Things)

giraffe activities for kids

Popsicle Stick Giraffe Craft

This simple craft idea from Glued To My Crafts Blog uses popsicle sticks to create fun giraffes! Googly eyes and small circle shapes in black bring this creation to life. Just adorable. 

giraffe activities for kids

Clothes Pin Giraffe Craft

This adorable craft uses clothes pins to create a Giraffe’s legs! You’ll need clothes pegs, construction paper, glue and a popsicle stick to make your own giraffe. (Craft from Our Kid Things)

giraffe activities for kids

3-D Paper Giraffe Craft

We love how much extra dimension this craft has! This one will probably require a little more adult supervision and help if crafters are especially young so it’s a good idea to stay close by when children start assembling their paper giraffe. (Craft idea from Arty Crafty Kids)

giraffe activities for kids
giraffe activities for kids

Giraffe Paper Craft

This is one of our favorite giraffe activities for kids if you’re looking for something simple that requires basic supplies. A perfect way to teach preschoolers about the letter g this printable craft is a great addition to lesson plans. All you’ll need is a printable template, yellow paper, black crayon, scissors and glue. Kids will have so much fun assembling the small pieces to create their own giraffe. (Craft from Preschool Play and Learn)

giraffe activities for kids

Handprint Giraffe Craft

Paint is such a great way to engage kids in sensory play like dunking a child’s hand in paint! So much fun, this is one of those giraffe activities for kids that can get a little messy – so, plan ahead! (Craft from Arty Crafty Bee)

giraffe activities for kids

Letter “G” Giraffe Craft

Early literacy and reading skills are so important! This letter G craft is a simple craft idea perfect for introducing the letter G to especially young learners. Pair this with a fun book like The Giraffe Who Found Its Spots for even more fun in the classroom. (Craft idea from Kids Activities Blog)

giraffe activities for kids

Mixed Media Giraffe Craft

This is one of our favorite giraffe activities for kids because it uses up loads of odds and ends in a single project. Let kids tear their materials and glue them down to create a creative jungle scene. There’s no right or wrong way so let children get carried away with their imagination. (Craft idea from Education.com)

Giraffe Activities for kids

Paper Cone Giraffe Craft

How cute is this giraffe craft? Isn’t the orange pipe cleaner clever? Such an adorable and easy craft for young children to make with simple supplies. (Craft idea from Kids Craft Room)

giraffe activities for kids

Rock Animal Giraffe Puzzle

Isn’t this a neat idea? We knew we had to add it to our collection of giraffe activities for kids! First thing you’ll need to do is paint your rocks yellow and use a brown marker to create spots. Such a clever idea! I can imagine creating an elephant craft this way too. (Craft from Hello Wonderful)

Letter recognition worksheets – these fun preschool worksheets are perfect for early learners. Use them at home or in the classroom.

Cinco de Mayo crafts – these festive crafts are loads of fun to make in honor of May 5th.

Spring crafts – cute and engaging these spring crafts are a wonderful way to boost creativity.

Paper roll crafts – recycle your empty paper rolls into fun crafts for kids with these simple toilet paper roll craft idea.

These giraffe activities for kids are so much fun to make! We know you’ll have a hard time picking just one to make with your child (or in the classroom).

We’d love to see your finished product too! We may even share it on our social media and Facebook page. So, don’t forget to snap a photo and send it our way.

Giraffe activities for kids

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