The Best Free Thanksgiving Unscramble Worksheets (3 Printable Games)

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These Thanksgiving unscramble worksheets are a great way to have some holiday fun with the whole family! Print off a few copies and play our free Thanksgiving word scramble while you wait on Thanksgiving dinner or anytime during the month of November.

These Thanksgiving unscramble worksheets are a great way to have some holiday fun with the whole family! Print off a few copies and play our free Thanksgiving word scramble while you wait on Thanksgiving dinner or anytime during the month of November.

Thanksgiving Unscramble Worksheets

With Thanksgiving day quickly approaching we created a fun Thanksgiving word scramble worksheet.

My daughter is at the age now where she loves printable games with scrambled words. In fact, she’s a big fan of all kinds of different types of puzzles that require she use problem-solving skills. 

We’ve already created Thanksgiving word searches, color by number and I Spy Thanksgiving free printables. So, we wanted to add a few Thanksgiving unscramble worksheets to our growing collection of free downloads for the holiday season.

These holiday word scrambles are the perfect Thanksgiving game for older kids who are familiar with Thanksgiving-related words. 

Continue reading to find out more about our free Thanksgiving worksheet and how to download your free printable Thanksgiving word scramble.

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How to Play Word Scramble Puzzles

Our free printable Thanksgiving unscramble worksheets requires that players decode thanksgiving-themed words that are scrambled.  

Each of the 3 printable word scramble sheets we created have 12 scrambled words. 

The scrambled words are Thanksgiving words and have a festive holiday theme.

To make these Thanksgiving unscramble worksheets more challenging there is no word list or word bank to help figure out the words. 

As a result, this little word scramble activity is best suited for older kids and upper elementary aged kids, tweens and even teens.

Younger kids can also take part in the fun by playing with older family members or friends.

Best Uses For Our Fun Thanksgiving Word Scramble

thanksgiving unscramble worksheets

Our Thanksgiving unscramble worksheets are a great activity on Thanksgiving day or anytime in the month of November.

You can opt to use this with the kids while you prepare Thanksgiving food for dinner or to honor the holiday season anytime during the month of November. 

Our Thanksgiving unscramble worksheets also make great educational resources  and have a variety of uses in the classroom.

More ways you can use this Thanksgiving word puzzle:

Road trips – a great Thanksgiving time activity for road trips or any type of travel during the holiday season. The car, plane or train is the right place to do our Thanksgiving unscramble worksheets.

Early finishers – another one of those fun ideas we love for early finishers in the classroom. Use throughout the month of November for early finishers in your class to allow the rest of your students time to finish their work

Second language learners – a great way to teach foreign language  or new English language arts learners some new Thanksgiving themed vocabulary. 

Family gatherings – a fun activity you can do at family gatherings during the Thanksgiving holiday. A great time will be had by all!

Thanksgiving vocabulary – a fun way to introduce Thanksgiving themed vocabulary in English language arts class. We also know of a reader who used our printable in a special education class. 

Busy binders or folders – couple with other Thanksgiving activities like a Thanksgiving word search puzzle, turkey color by number, crossword puzzle and I Spy activity to create a busy binder full off learning fun that’s a guaranteed fun time for kids!

Morning work at school – a fun and quiet activity choice for the morning work at school. It’s a nice calming activity to do before focusing on other subject areas with your students.

Thanksgiving lesson plans – our Thanksgiving unscramble worksheets are great free resources you can include in a larger Thanksgiving themed lesson plan or unit.

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​Why We Love Unscramble Word Puzzles

thanksgiving unscramble worksheets

Word scramble puzzles are a great activity for a variety of different reasons.

Not only are they loads of fun at home in the  month of November or on Thanksgiving day but they are a great educational resource too. 

The best part? Kids learn a ton while completing the unscramble puzzle. Here are some neat things that Thanksgiving unscramble worksheets work on:

Problem solving skills – kids really have to rally and use their problem-solving skills to decode the Thanksgiving words. Some are short words while others are long so they really have to use their creativity and information processing skills to unscramble all the words.

Vocabulary words –  Thanksgiving unscramble worksheets are a great way to introduce new Thanksgiving themed vocabulary words. It’s a fun way to learn a new set of vocab while doing an engaging activity.

Fun activity – despite working on good stuff like problem solving and vocabulary skills our Thanksgiving unscramble worksheets are lots of fun for anyone who enjoys the challenge of a word puzzle.

More Thanksgiving Printables & Freebies

thanksgiving unscramble worksheets

Thanksgiving word search – a fun little word search activity we made in honor of Thanksgiving! So much fun for kids and adults alike.

Thanksgiving I Spylet your little search and find all the Thanksgiving themed items in the game box. 

Turkey color by number – a fun little coloring activity for kids.

​Thanksgiving potluck sign up sheeta free printable potluck sign up sheet perfect for anyone organizing a Thanksgiving potluck.

​Closed for Thanksgiving signlet customers and clients know you’re closed in honor of the national holiday.

​Thanksgiving coloring pages – our favorite set of printable coloring pages for kids. Our kiddo in 1st grade loves them!

​Create a Busy Binder For The Kids

Busy binders keep kids busy with engaging screen free play.

You can create a Thanksgiving or autumn themed busy binder by combining our Thanksgiving unscramble worksheets with a few more of our free printables that fit with this theme. 

Printables you can include in a Thanksgiving Busy Binder

Halloween coloring pages – creative count and color work sheets that kids love completing.

Halloween word search – a spooky word search puzzle perfect for welcoming Halloween.

Thanksgiving color by number – fun little coloring activity for kids in honor of Thanksgiving.

Halloween I Spy – can your kiddo find all the Halloween themed items?

Thanksgiving I Spy – a great Thanksgiving activity that especially young kids love completing.

Thanksgiving word search – a must for anyone who loves word puzzles and word games.

Download Instructions

thanksgiving unscramble worksheets

Our free Thanksgiving unscramble worksheets were created to be printed on standard US letter size paper (8.5 x 11).

In addition, we created our word scramble worksheets in festive colors so we highly suggest checking your printer settings and printing the worksheets in color. 

The full download of this product is available at the end of this post.

Make sure you have the latest version of Google chrome and click on the download link to initiate and the instant download.

The pdf file containing all 3 Thanksgiving unscramble worksheets should open in a new window where you can then print. 

Each pdf file contains 6 pages: 3 Thanksgiving unscramble worksheets and 3 answer sheets.

*If you do not have access to a color printer we suggest visiting a local print shop. 

Please note that all our free printables, interactive resources and pre-made digital activities are for classroom and personal use only. 

Final Thoughts

We hope you plan to print a copy of our Thanksgiving unscramble worksheets in honor of Thanksgiving.

Whether you plan to use them at home or in the classroom we want to know about it! Reach out to us on social media (Facebook is your best bet) or leave us a comment down below to let us know how it goes! 

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Pinterest so you can stay up to date with all our new products, printables and pre-made digital activities. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Download Link

thanksgiving unscramble worksheets

Thanksgiving unscramble worksheets and answer sheet – pdf file

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