#1 Free Spooky Printable I Spy Halloween Worksheet For Kids

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A fun and free download, our I Spy Halloween worksheet is a fun activity for children in honor of Halloween. Print off a copy for your young children to enjoy during the Halloween season.

I Spy Halloween worksheet
free I Spy Halloween worksheet

I Spy Halloween Worksheet

We just love creating festive games like I Spy worksheets for kids.

An I Spy sheet is so much fun for kids of all ages and is a great way to get kids in a festive Halloween mood. 

With Halloween fast approaching we came up with this fun Halloween activity for a little extra fun during the Halloween season.

This spooky little I Spy worksheet is the perfect way to work on building some Halloween spirit for younger and older kids alike.

Whether you’re planning to use it as a Halloween party game at home or for early finishers in your classroom this I Spy Halloween worksheet is a fun way to celebrate the arrival of Halloween.

In a rush? Skip down to the bottom of the page to get the I Spy Halloween worksheet and answer key as a pdf file.

Why we love I Spy Free Printables

I Spy worksheets are such an undervalued activity and tool for kids.

Not only are I Spy games a great activity for older and younger kids but they work on the good stuff like observation skills, vocabulary and math.  

Plus, they promote some screen free play which is always a winner in our books.

Top Reasons We Love I Spy Games:

☑️ Fun activity sheet – I spy games like our I Spy Halloween worksheet are loads of Halloween fun during the month of October. Kids really enjoy finding the different Halloween items hidden throughout the game box.

☑️ Visual discrimination skills – I Spy type activities really help build observational and visual discrimination skills. As older and younger children search for the different pictures in the game box they are grouping, sorting and organizing the different items. 

☑️ Fine motor skills – circling, coloring or making Xs over the different Halloween items in the play box help strengthen fine motor skills. Little eyes and hands have to work together to get the correctly calculate the number of Halloween items.

☑️ New vocabulary – children are exposed to a set of Halloween words they may not know yet! It’s the perfect opportunity to learn new and interesting themed words while having fun. They’ll learn a variety of different words that are commonly associated with Halloween.

☑️ Math skills – a fun and engaging was to practice and master counting skills kids really enjoy the challenge of finding all the different Halloween items in our free worksheets.

​Our favorite uses for I Spy Printable Games

I Spy Halloween Worksheet printable
Halloween I Spy printable

I Spy printable activities including our I Spy Halloween worksheet can be used in a variety of different situations. 

We love their versatility. From school parties and games to nights out at the restaurant when you need a little quiet, I Spy games are our go-to free printable game. 

Creative ways to use free printable Halloween I Spy games:

☑️ Halloween parties – if you’re hosting a classroom Halloween party our I Spy Halloween worksheet is a great game idea. Have students race against the clock. The student who gets the correct answers first wins a prize!

☑️ Occupational therapy – a fun Halloween themed activity that helps build confidence while kids work on their fine motor skills.

☑️ Halloween loot bags – our I Spy Halloween worksheet is a great addition to a Halloween loot bag. Print off a bunch of copies and tuck it into a loot bag with Halloween candy like candy corn, chocolate and lollipops.

☑️ Family game nights – an easy Halloween game for family game night! Set a timer and see which family member finishes this fun game first!

☑️ Road trips – a must for anyone traveling with kids in October. Print off a couple of copies and let the kids find all the different items to pass some time while on the road.

☑️ Restaurants – a great choice when you want to buy yourself some extra time when out for dinner with the family. Keep a couple of copies in your purse during the month of October for quick and easy last minute activity for the kids.

☑️ Early finishers – I spy activities are always a great choice in the classroom. They’re a fun and clever way to keep early finishers busy while their classmates finish their work.

☑️ Lesson plans –  our I Spy Halloween worksheet makes a wonderful addition to any lesson with a Halloween theme. It’s so much fun to complete that kids will eagerly want to complete the activity.  Pair our activity with these Halloween picture books!

​How To Play

The goal of an I Spy is simple: use visual tracking skills to find and count all the different objects in the game box.

Think of I Spy games as paper scavenger hunts where children use an imaginary magnifying glass to locate and count all the Halloween items in the legend.  

Our Halloween I Spy worksheet is loaded with Halloween themed objects and items that kids need to group, organize and count as they play.

They can opt to color, circle, highlight, or make an X on each object as they make their way through the game box.  

To make the activity more challenging, older children can opt to keep track without marking up the sheet. That’s completely up to them. 

Once they’ve counted the total for each of the different items they should write the total in the small circle next to the object in the legend.

Our I Spy Halloween worksheet has the following Halloween items:

  • Candy
  • Skull
  • Cauldron
  • Witch hat
  • Bat
  • Spider web
  • ​Frankenstein
  • Tombstone
  • Spider
  • Pumpkin
  • Boooo!
  • Potion
  • Vampire
  • Witch
  • Ghost

What You’ll Need

Our I Spy Halloween worksheet requires a few very basic supplies.

Here is what we suggest you have on hand to get the most out of our free printable Halloween activity.

​High quality card stockthicker paper is worth the extra cost when it comes to printing I Spy games. Kids press hard when they color and high quality card stock is a great solution to prevent tearing and colors bleeding through.

​Writing tools – pencils, crayons, markers or highlighters work well.

Clip board – a great choice for creating a hard writing surface if you are using the I Spy Halloween worksheet on a road trip or any other situation where you don’t have a stable surface to work on.

Laminator teachers love to laminate their I Spy activities so they can reuse them from one year to the next. We highly recommend this cheap laminator from Amazon. It’s durable and works great. 

Dry erase markers – a must if you laminate your I Spy worksheets. Let kids use dry erase markers to mark up their I Spy worksheet as they work. Erase and reuse the sheet from year to year.

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​Download Instructions

I Spy Halloween worksheet printable
I Spy Halloween

Our I Spy Halloween worksheet was created in a black and white version.

It was designed to be printed in black and white ink on standard US size paper (8.5 x 11). We highly recommend printing this Halloween activity on high quality card stock for added durability. 

​To download and print simple click on the download link located at the bottom of this post.

This link is an instant download which will open the I Spy Halloween worksheet in pdf file in a new browser window. From there you can print as many copies of our I Spy Halloween worksheet as you need.

​​​Please note that our I Spy Halloween worksheet was created for non commercial classroom or personal use only. In addition, it is prohibited to alter, modify or reproduce it in any way.

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Final Thoughts

​We hope you enjoyed this blog post and plan to download your own copy of our I Spy worksheet. 

​Whether you plan to use this free Halloween printable for classroom parties or at home we hope you have loads of fun.

If you plan to use our I Spy Halloween worksheet we want to know about it!

Reach out to us on our socials (Facebook is your best bet) and let us know about it!

Otherwise, leave us a comment down below with a valid email address so we can get in touch!

🎃Happy Halloween!🎃

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​Download Links

I Spy Halloween Worksheet
I Spy Halloween printable worksheet

​I Spy halloween worksheet + answer sheet – pdf file

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