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  1. I’m not a mom yet, but these are such great ideas! Margsy sounds absolutely adorable. When i was a kid, we had somethng similar to the smart piggy bank. We had a store front, a church, and a bank that we would celebrate our money into.

  2. This is such an important post! Generational poverty is something I deal with everyday with kids I work with and teaching them about money is really a life changer. Thanks for sharing all of these super creative ideas; I need to incorporate these in the class I teach.

  3. Some really good tips here. When my teen was a little boy, we had a special piggy bank that had separate slots for saving, spending, donating, and investing. He learned the difference between these things from a very young age! My 7-year old girl just got a fancy new wallet of her own where she keeps money that she gets from her birthday or occasionally from Mommy or Daddy for doing special chores. She has learned how to add up or subtract so that she now knows how much change she’ll get back from the store when she goes to buy something.

  4. I have a 3 year old and we are just starting to introduce the concept of money, working, and paying for things. I love the wallet idea! Our son is fascinated with ours and I think this could really help drive home the concepts!

  5. Good ideas! I found a game called Presto Change-O that I use with my kids. It teaches them how to make change. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s being manufactured anymore, but it would probably crop up on ebay or at thrift stores occasionally.

    • I’ve actually seen that game at a local thrift shop but it was in horrible shape so I didn’t buy! I’m definitely going to keep an eye out!

  6. These ideas are awesome! We have a “Money Bingo” that my mom bought for the boys, where the coins actually look like our Canadian currency and it’s helped my 5 year old a lot. He still calls our nickel a beaver but at least he knows what’s on the coins, right?!

  7. I am SO bookmarking this! One of my kids is money obsessed and the other couldn’t care less, so hopefully there is something to suit them both. Totally approve of kids learning to be smart with money ASAP! x

  8. Love these ideas- My kids are older and we have loved Dave Ramsey’s Foundation in Personal Finance Middle School edition. It is always great to start them early.

  9. I think I might check out these books! My husband and I come from families with two VERY different opinions about money and I want my son to grow up knowing how to manage his money!

  10. yes! We have a chore system that has helped tremendously. The kids are so proud when they get to buy things with the money that they have earned themselves!

  11. These are all great idea’s.I have a two year old. Right now her focus is driving but soon we’re going to dive into the world of money management so all of the resources you listed above are going to come in handy! Thanks for the ideas.

  12. We are working on learning about money at our house with our 5-year old!! These are great products that I’m definitely going to look into! Thanks for sharing!

  13. I have such sweet memories teaching my girls about money and wow these are great mama! I love the pretend money!
    xo, Nicole

  14. This is such a great idea! We did not teach our children the importance of money and now our teens have a hard time saving. Teaching them now is much harder and I regret not starting sooner.

  15. These are excellent resources! We were already getting my son a cash register for his birthday later this month, but I will definitely be checking out the other resources mentioned!