Free (2 version) Autumn I Spy Printable Count and Color Activity For Kids

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This free Autumn I Spy Printable is the perfect way to welcome autumn. If you want to help the kids celebrate the changing of the leaves and the start of cooler weather this fun activity is a perfect choice.

With Fall right around the corner this free printable count and color is the perfect way for preschoolers to practice their coloring and counting skills all while having fun.

Free Printable Autumn I Spy Activity For Kids

This fun Autumn I Spy is totally free and can be scaled for difficulty. So, it makes for a perfect educational and screen free activity for young kids in anticipation of Fall!

Keep on reading to find out how this Autumn I Spy printable count and color printable works. And, get all the details about how to download and print your own copy.

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Autumn I Spy Printable Count & Color Activity For Kids


Welcome Fall with this fun Autumn I Spy Count and Color game for kids. Cutting screen time doesn't get much easier! So, download your free printable fall themed I Spy today.

The learning objectives of this Autumn I Spy count and color activity include:

  • Numeracy skills including counting and sorting.
  • Pattern recognition skills including identifying similar objects.
  • Coloring skills including hand strength and motor skills.
  • Identifying colors and coloring objects appropriately.
  • Reading skills to determine colors in the more difficult stencil (see below).

Children need to count and color all similar Autumn themed objects according to the legend.

This Autumn I Spy count and color activity includes the following back to school items:

  • 7 Orange Leaves
  • 6 Green  Pumpkins
  • 9 Black Corn 
  • 5 Yellow Squirrels 
  • 3 Blue Sweaters 
  • 5 Purple Apples 
  • 8 Pink Pies 
  • 8 Red Scarecrows


Free Printable Fall I Spy Activity For Kids

This Autumn I Spy count and color activity is easily adaptable for younger and older kids because it has two free printable versions.

If your child is a fluent reader you can use the difficult version. So, in addition to promoting numeracy, sorting and coloring your child is practicing their reading too.

And, for younger kids the easy version is best. The easy version includes color coding for kids who can’t read yet.


This Autumn I Spy count and color activity requires only a few supplies.

First, we highly suggest a color printer so that color coding comes through. Also, a good set of markers or crayons are a must so kids can color the activity well.


Printing this activity is easy. Simply click on the link that corresponds to the version you want to download.

A new window with a printable pdf will appear and you can proceed to print your free Autumn I Spy game.

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