Free Earth Day Headband Printable Craftivity For Kids

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Here is a earth day headband printable your child can use to make an adorable Earth Day Crown.

This is an easy and low-prep activity perfect for celebrating our beautiful planet on April 22nd with kids of all ages.

earth day headband printable

Earth Day Headband Printable

As Earth Day approaches there’s a lot of curiosity in our house about planet Earth and reducing our carbon footprint.

Our 2nd grader has been asking tons of questions which I love. So, I’ve been busy behind the scenes creating some Earth Day worksheets and activities for her that are a great way to sneak in some screen free play why learning about environmental protection. 

If you want to check out some more earth day activity pages we’ve got an Earth Day I Spy, Earth Day Bingo, color by number, scavenger hunt and Earth Day word search that are free downloads too.

Our free Earth Day worksheets and fun Earth day craft ideas are a great opportunity to have an Earth Day celebration at home or in the classroom.

This fun craft is a simple way to help young children understand the importance of our world and why we need to take good care of our planet. 

So, let’s get to the nitty gritty so you can make your own adorable headband!

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Supplies For An Earth Day Printable Headband

Earth Day Head Band Printable

To make your own Earth headband craft you will need a few basic supplies. 

This head band craft is easy to make and requires the following materials that you likely already have.

If not, can easily purchase them at your local Dollar Tree.

  • Earth day headband template – the pdf file containing the black and white template is located at the bottom of this post. Download and save it to your computer so you can print as many copies as you need.
  • White paper – you’re gonna need white paper or card stock paper to print the main headband. 
  • Scissors – for cutting the earth day headband printable. We highly recommend blunt tip safety scissors for especially young children.
  • Construction paper – any color works. You’re going to cut strips of construction paper to fasten together to wrap snuggly around the child’s head.
  • Colors – markers, coloring pencils or wax crayons! 
  • Ruler – for measuring the width of the side panels you’ll need to create the band that wraps around the your kid’s head.
  • Glue – for gluing the extra bands together and fixing the colored earth day template to the front of your own headbands.
  • Stapler (optional) – I fixed my bands together using staples to make it more sturdy. 

How To Make Printable Earth Day Headbands

earth day headband printable

Step 1: Print a copy of the template for the front piece of this Earth Day headband craft. The download link is located at the bottom of this post. 

earth day headband printable

Step 2: Have children color the front piece of the Earth Day headband printable using their favorite crayons or markers. We went with markers but you can use coloring pencils or wax crayons too.

earth day headband printable

Step 3: Carefully cut along the outer black lines of the Earth Day headband printable using scissors. Cutting with scissors is a fun activity that works on fine motor skills if you let young kids cut out the front piece of their headband themselves.

earth day headband printable

Step 4: Using a ruler draw a straight line across the longest edge 3 times using the ruler as your guide. We used blue construction paper but you can use any color you want. Cut along the lines to create 3  separate bands of paper. 

earth day headband printable

Step 5: Using glue or a stapler connect the 3 bands of paper together to create a headband that will fit your child’s head. If you’re using glue plan to give it some extra time to dry before wearing it.

earth day headband printable

Step 6: Glue the colored Earth day headband printable to the front of the construction paper grown!

Step 7: Celebrate Earth Day!

More Free Earth Day Printables

Here are some of our favorite Earth Day Activities. These fun activities are a great way to celebrate Earth Day with children!

Earth Day Word Search – loaded with Earth Day vocabulary words this word search puzzle is perfect early finishers who need some independent work during class time. The perfect way to encourage young children to take care of the earth.

Earth Day Color by Number – a fun Earth day themed brain break for kids in preschool and kindergarten.

I Spy Earth Day – a fun way to work on visual discrimination skills with young children. How long will it take to sort all the Earth day images?

Earth Day Bingo – a favorite among Kindergarten students and elementary aged kids, this free Bingo game is a great way to end any Earth Day celebration.

Earth Day scavenger hunt – walk around the neighborhood and see how many Earth day themed items you can find.

Easy Earth Day Crafts – a huge collection of the best fun Earth Day activity ideas for kids of all ages! Such a creative way to incorporate some Earth Day activities into the classroom. 

Download & Print Instructions

earth day headband printable
Earth Day headband printable

Our free Earth Day hat template was created in black and white on standard size 8..5 x 11 paper. To print simply click on the download link down below to save the Earth day headband printable to your computer.

Once you click on the download link the pdf file will open in a new window. Before hitting print confirm that your printer is set to print in black and white and in portrait orientation. 

Please note that this Earth Day headband are for classroom use or personal use only. This means that it is 100% free for you to use. BUT, we prohibit our users from claiming ownership, reproducing or altering our free printable ideas for commercial purposes. You cannot under any circumstances sell our creations.

*Note: Having a hard time downloading our Earth Day headband printable? Make sure you have the latest version of Google Chrome or  Mozilla Firefox before trying to download 

Before You Go

This Earth day headband printable can be used as a creative activity for kids of all ages. Perfect for adding to Earth Day themed lesson plans for your entire class to enjoy this DIY Earth day hat is always a great time for kids!

We’d love to see your completed creations using our free printable Earth day hat templates! So, snap a photo and share it with us via our social or by email.

Also, don’t forget to follow our Pinterest and Facebook page to stay up to date with all our new activities, printables and crafts.  There’s no better way to stay up to date with what we’re sharing!

🌎 Happy Earth Day 🌎

Earth Day Headband Printable Digital File

Earth Day Headband Printable – pdf file (Click here to print the template for Earth day student crowns)

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