I Spy Earth Day Worksheet (Free 1-Click Instant Download)

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Our I Spy Earth day worksheet is a fun way to celebrate Earth day on April 22nd with young children.

Totally free to print and use our free printable Earth Day I Spy is a great choice for home or classroom use.

earth day I Spy worksheet

I’m a huge fan of I Spy activities.  

So much so, that I’ve already created a variety of I Spy activity sheets including Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Birthday, Thanksgiving, Halloween and much more.

These free resources are a fun indoor activity for kids of all ages. 

In our home, I Spy games are a guaranteed great time! Plus, these activities are a creative way to reduce screen time which is a HUGE bonus in our house.

So, with Earth Day right around the corner I wanted to create this fun Earth Day game for kids to enjoy!

Make sure you also check out my other Earth Day activities including an adorable Earth Day word search, color by number, scavenger huntEarth Day crafts, DIY earth crown and even Earth day bingo

Combining these Earth day printables is a great way to create fun and engaging Earth Day lessons for an earth sciences lesson focused on protecting planet earth.

Whether you’re a parent, teacher or daycare provider these worksheets are loads of fun!

Continue reading to find out more about this fun activity and how to get your free pdf file which is located at the bottom of the post.

Free Printable I Spy Earth Day Worksheet

I Spy Earth Day worksheet for kids

My I Spy Earth day worksheet was created using vibrant and colorful images which makes it a great earth themed activity for children of all ages. 

Each I Spy Earth day worksheet bundle contains 1 I Spy Earth Day worksheet and an answer key. All our worksheets are created in pdf formats for easy downloading and printing.

This I Spy Earth day worksheet contains various items with an Earth Day theme including:

  • ​planet earth
  • recycle symbol
  • green energy
  • tree
  • electric car
  • fresh water
  • wind energy
  • compost
  • battery power
  • solar energy
  • plastic waste
  • electricity
  • plants
  • factories

How To Play I Spy

I Spy Earth Day worksheet

The goal of this Earth day activity page is for young kids to use their visual discrimination and tracking skills to sort and count how many different items of each kind they can find in the game grid. 

Younger kids can circle, make and x, tick or use any other strategy they want to keep track of the images. 

My daughter is in 2nd grade and she likes to use different color Sharpie highlighters to keep track as she counts.  

When she was in 1st grade she used to scratch out the objects in different colors as she tallied them. So, there are a variety of different ways kids can play this game. 

What You’ll Need

Printer – we love our Brother digital color printer

Cardstock paper – using high quality 8.5 x 11 cardstock is a must. Kids press hard so this helps avoid ripping the paper.

​Writing tools – pencils, pens, crayons, highlighters, markers 

Dry erase markers (optional) – great if you want to use dry erase pockets or laminte your different worksheets to make them reusable 

Dry erase pockets  or laminator (optional) – an easy way to make your I Spy activities reusable. 

Binder (optional) – create a busy binder of activities with different difficulty levels including our I Spy Earth Day worksheet

​Why I Spy Activities Are Great

I Spy Earth Day Worksheet

I Spy games like this I Spy Earth day worksheet are a great resource for kids from first grade to 4th grade or even 5th grade and older. 

They are fun games that work on a variety of important skills in an educational way that kids really enjoy. 

So, they’re a great brain break activity to add to lesson plans of all types.

This I Spy Earth day worksheet is a great idea if you’re working on an Earth Day themed unit or lesson plan at school.

The printable activity also works on the following really great things:

  • Fine motor skills: this I Spy Earth Day worksheet is a great way to have kids master fine motor by gripping a pencil
  • Visual discrimination skills: the perfect way for young children to spot similarities and differences as they group different items together.
  • Hours of learning fun: an easy way to get kids off a screen and enjoying a hands on activity.
  • Critical thinking: a great activity for encouraging critical thinking and problem solving skills since kids have to figure out a strategy while they work.

When To Use Our I Spy Earth Day Worksheet

Our I Spy Earth Day worksheet is handy in a variety of different situation.

Whether you have younger or older kids you can consider this easy activity and classic search and find game in the following situations.

  • As a brain break
  • For early finishers
  • In small groups in the classroom
  • During occupational therapy
  • On road trips
  • ​As a classroom activity
  • As party of a social studies lesson plan in honor of Earth Day
  • In a restaurant
  • In the waiting room 
  • At daycare
  • At home
  • To celebrate Earth Day
  • At scout meetings
  • As a winding down activity before bed

Print Instructions

I Spy Earth Day Worksheet

For best results and easiest use, our I Spy Earth day worksheet is intended to be printed in color on standard 8.5 x 11 cardstock paper.

You can print it in black and white if you do not have access to a color printer.

Otherwise, bring a copy of the pdf file to a local print shop to get color copies. We do recommend color because it’s bright and colorful. But, it isn’t absolutely necessary.

To print your own copies of this I Spy Earth Day worksheet you will need to download the pdf bundle via the download link located below.

By clicking on the link the pdf document will open in a new window making it simple and easy to print. It is an instant download that requires no sign up.

Make sure your printer settings are set to print in portrait orientation and in color before hitting print.

Download Links​

I Spy Earth Day Worksheet + Answer key – pdf files ( click to download)

Please note that all our free printables, printable pages, printable pdf activity sheets, educational activities, interactive resources and pre-made digital activities are intended for classroom and personal use only. See our terms of use including copyright laws and privacy policy for more information about how use of our printables.

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​Before You Go

I’m so excited to use this I Spy Earth day worksheet with my daughter this year!

We love this classic game and hope you plan to add it to your collection of fun Earth Day worksheets. 

It’s such a fun way to celebrate the importance of taking good care of our planet in honor of Earth Day. 

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🌎Thanks for stopping by and Happy Earth day!  🌎

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