I Spy Space (2 Version Free Printable Game For Kids)

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Encourage independent quiet play with this free printable I Spy Space game for kids. Easy to download and totally free this I Spy printable is a great boredom buster for kids as young as 3.

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I Spy Space Free Printable Worksheet For Kids

Free Printable I Spy Space Activity For Kids

We love I Spy activities for kids and this I Spy space activity is no exception. I Spy games are a great screen free activity that encourage quiet time independent play while building on number sense and problem solving skills for children as young as 3.

I Spy games for kids are a spin off of the traditional “I Spy game” that kids love playing and that most of us remember from our childhood. In these free printable paper versions, children search for their I spy items in a grid, color them and then group them together by counting how many similar items they can find.

I Spy games for kids are one of our favorite screen free activities for kids. As a result, we’ve created dozens of I Spy games in a variety of themes for you to download totally free. We have created a free I Spy worksheet for nearly every holiday and theme and continue to create them on a regular basis! Click here to be taken to the category page for every I Spy activity we’ve created.

The best part? All of our I Spy games, worksheets and activities are FREE. You do not need to jump through hoops to get your free I Spy space download. Instead all of our I Spy activities are free, easy to download and do not require that you sign up or become a member for access.

I Spy activities are perfect for rainy days and last minute situations where you need to engage a child in quiet independent play.

What will you find in this post? First we give you a ton of reasons why I Spy worksheets are an amazing learning tool for young learners. From there, we’ll give you some suggestions about when you might want to use an I Spy worksheet with your kids or in your classroom. Finally, we walk you through downloading your totally free no strings attached copy.

Ready? Continue reading to get more information about this I Spy space game and free printable for kids.

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About This I Spy Space Worksheet

This totally free I Spy space printable was designed with even the youngest learners in mind. With two versions to pick from you can easily customize the difficulty of this activity based on the unique needs of your learner.

The easy version of this I Spy space worksheet is color coded. As a result, the easy version of the I Spy space game is handy for non readers while the difficult version is suited for older children and emergent readers.

This I Space printable game is also useful in the classroom. If you’re in a classroom with children with a varied range of learning styles and needs you can print both versions and distribute a scaled version of this activity based on each student’s unique needs. Having a variety of these I Spy printables tucked away in your desk is always a great idea for days when you need to switch up activities or need to fill a couple of extra minutes before the bell rings.

This I Spy space game is perfect for kids who love learning about space! It’s also a great teaching tool for introducing or concluding a space related unit at school, teaching space related vocabulary or engaging a child who is fascinated by all things space related.

Our I Spy games and worksheets are also a great option for homeschoolers, daycare provides, babysitters, summer camp councilors, tutors, after school clubs or anyone else who is looking for a fun activity kids will enjoy.

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What This I Spy Space Activity Works On

I Spy activities for kids are an excellent learning tool for children. This I Spy space worksheet challenges young learners to search for space related items including rocket ships, astronauts, planets, stars, constellations, satellites and flying saucers.

The learning objectives of this I Spy Space activity include:

  • Encouraging autonomous play and concentration since kids learn better when they are having fun
  • Strengthening problem solving skills because kids have to find a strategy to group their items
  • Encouraging and strengthen visual tracking skills
  • Encouraging observational and deduction skills
  • Strengthening numeracy skills and number sense including counting and sorting
  • Building on pattern recognition skills including identifying similar objects
  • Coloring skills including hand strength, pencil control and fine motor skills
  • Identifying colors and coloring objects appropriately based on a legend
  • Improving reading skills by requiring children to decode colors in the more difficult stencil
  • Building vocabulary skills by learning about space, thematic vocabulary and specific objects

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When To Use This I Spy Space Game For Kids

This I Spy space worksheet for kids is suited for times when you want to encourage quiet time autonomous play. Here are a few examples of when this I Spy game would come in handy.

I Spy games for children are vesatile and are perfect for use at home and in the classroom. I spy activities encourage learning, literacy and mathematics making them a great choice for teachers because they can be scaled for difficulty and based on any topic of theme.

  • Long distance car rides and road trips
  • While travelling long distances on planes, trains and buses
  • When you’re out for dinner, at party or other gathering
  • In the waiting room at the doctor or dentist
  • As a birthday party activity
  • As a boredom buster when kids complain they have nothing to do
  • Indoor or outdoor
  • At grandma’s house
  • When the weather sucks and you’re looking for a last minute rainy day activity that will not break the bank
  • Before bed to enjoy a relaxing screen free activity that helps kids unwind and relax
  • At home when you’re working and need quiet time to get through a meeting
  • At home during afternoon relaxation and quiet time
  • At home when you need to get chores done and it would be helpful to keep your child entertained
  • At home when the baby is napping and your preschooler or older toddler is not
  • In the classroom when a student completes their work early
  • In the classroom when you’re substituting a class and need a fun engaging activity for students
  • In the classroom when you’re encouraging social time with structured play

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Recommended Supplies

I Spy worksheets and games for kids are a great quick and easy choice for times when you want to engage kids in quiet autonomous play. I Spy games for kids need very little in the way of supplies which makes them the perfect quick and easy activity choice.

Here are some of our favorite recommendations for making your child’s I Spy experience a really fun and engaging one:

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Tips for Getting The Most Out of I Spy Activities:

I Spy games can be used in a variety of creative ways that encourage children to have fun while playing and learning autonomously.

Here are a couple of tips for getting the most out of I Spy activities for kids and making them a go-to in the car, at home and in the classroom.

Create An I Spy Busy Book

Print a variety of different I Spy games in different themes and create a busy book that you can pull out on the fly when you need fun activities that encourages quiet independent play.

Creating your very own I Spy busy book is really quite easy. Print a variety of I Spy games (click here to see our entire database of free I Spy games), hole punch them using a 3 hole puncher and place them in a 3 ring binder or duotang folder so they are all neatly stored in one place.

Laminate Your I Spy Games

Laminating your I Spy Games is a great way to cut down on paper and make your I Spy games for kids 100% reusable.

We love the idea of reusing I Spy games for kids by laminating each individual worksheet and using dry erase markers in a variety of colors to complete the activity.

Laminate a variety of I Spy games to have a good selection to rotate and reuse.

Add a Timer

If your child likes an added challenge you can make traditional pen and paper I spy games even more fun by using a timer.

Using a timer turns this solo activity into a challenge that can motivate kids to work more quickly and more efficiently. Challenge them to find items in a set number of minutes and then slowly reduce the allotted time to make it even more difficult.

Adding a timer is especially fun when I Spy games are being used in group settings like birthday parties and in classroom settings. Group kids in pairs and have them compete to solve an I spy challenge.

Gotta go? Click here to save this I Spy space activity to your favorite printables board on Pinterest. This way, you can easily come back to this free worksheet anytime you want!

Carry Extras

Kids have this way of ripping, soiling or otherwise destroying paper. As a result, we highly suggest you print multiple copies (click here to check out our entire collection of free I spy games for kids) to have extras on hand should you need them.

Carrying extras also makes sharing easy! After all, sharing is caring!

More Neat Space Themed Ideas For Kids We Love:

If you child loves learning about space you can provide them with even more learning opportunities about space with these clever space themed crafts and projects we love.

From slime to coloring pages these neat space themed ideas are the perfect extension to our free printable I Spy space activity.

#1. Out Of This World Galaxy Slime: If your kiddo loves playing with slime then you can add to the fun of learning about outer space by making this super stretchy and glittery galaxy slime. (Head on over to Crayons & Cravings for the tutorial)

#2 Recycled Toilet Paper Roll Rocket: Continue learning about rockets with this adorable recycled toilet paper rocket craft. (Visit Two Kids and A Coupon for details)

#3 Easy Comet Toy Craft: Take the fun outdoors after you make one of these quick and easy comet toy crafts. Not only do kids love making these comets but they love watching them fly! (Visit TIkkido for more details)

#4 DIY Straw Rockets: These low mess DIY straw rockets are a great extension to our I Spy space worksheet. This clever STEM activity makes science really fun. Learn about the components of rockets as you color your free printable for an added learning opportunity. (Visit Artsy Fartsy Mama fore details)

#5 Free Printable Space Coloring Sheets: And, since kids LOVE to color these free printable space coloring sheets are a guaranteed hit with older and younger children alike. Print a copy and add it to your I Spy Busy book to have a ton of space themed activities ready and waiting for your young learner. (Visit Itsy Bitsy Fun for your free download)

Print & Download Instructions

Printing these I Spy worksheets is easy. There’s no jumping through hoops required since our printables are always free. There’s no need to sign up to become a member. In fact, these free I Spy printables cost you absolutely nothing and are literally one click away.

To start, click on the link that corresponds to the I Spy Space version you want to download. Remember how we created an easier and more difficult version? Well, you can download one or download both: that’s totally up to you!

A new window with a printable pdf will appear and you can proceed to print your free I Spy Space. We highly suggest you save the document somewhere on your hard drive where it is easy to find so you can print it again and again.

Do you prefer not to download this I Spy space worksheet as a pdf? No problem! You can save each of the images below to your hard drive and print each image file separately after opening it in an image editor.

Click here to download the EASY version of the I Spy Space worksheet for kids.

Click here to download the DIFFICULT version of the I Spy Space worksheet for kids.

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free printable I Spy space worksheet for kids
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Please note that these I Spy printables are free for personal use only. They cannot be sold or modified in any way.

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