January Crafts For Preschool: 21 Adorable Crafts Kids Love Making

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Here are 21 adorable January crafts for preschool! From DIY snowglobes to snowmen made of cotton balls, these winter art projects are fun activities for kids 3+.

january crafts for preschool

Winter is a great time of the year for crafting. The weather is colder and kids often spend more time indoors because too much snow prevents them from heading outside.

These January crafts for preschool are a wonderful screen free activity that can encourage kids to keep busy all month long.

This list of January crafts for preschool are perfect creative activities for preschool and kindergarten teachers because they’re easy, fun, simple to set up, use basic craft supplies you have at hand and also work on fine motor skills like cutting and gluing.

Since Christmas is over, Christmas crafts and activities like Christmas tree art are no longer appropriate. So, we wanted to create a list of cute winter crafts that children can look forward to creating in the New Year when they return to school after their break!

These winter-themed January crafts for preschool are a great at home activity too! These cute and engaging fun winter crafts are perfect for weekend activities or snowy afternoons stuck at home.

Use our table of content to skip around this collection of easy winter crafts ​we’ve collected for you!

21 January Crafts For Preschool

Paper Plate Snow Globes

January Crafts For Preschool
January crafts for preschool

These paper plate snow globes from Smart School House are a great craft to make in the winter. Paper plate crafts are some of our favorite crafts for children because they are so fun to make! This is one of those January crafts for preschool that can easily be made at home or in the classroom using supplies you probably already have at home or school!

Popsicle Stick Hot Chocolates

easy winter crafts for preschool

Popsicle sticks are transformed into a piping hot cup of cocoa in this January craft for preschool from Simple Mom Project. This is one of those simple winter craft ideas that is a fun way to get creative during a snow day spent inside.

Paper Bag Snowman Crafts

January crafts for preschool

This is one of those January craft for preschool that can be made in just ten minutes from I Heart Crafty Things. This simple winter craft ideas is fun and easy to make! Children love playing with these at home or during playdates!

Cotton Ball Snowman Craft

simple January crafts for preschool

This easy peasy snowman craft from A Little Pinch of Perfect is a great craft idea for little hands. This is one of those fun ideas that will be a hit in the classroom or at home!

Handprint Penguin Craft

winter crafts for kindergarten

This adorable penguin handprint craft from Toddler Approved is so much fun to make! We love handprint crafts because they make for the best keepsakes! This handprint craft is a great idea for older children as well making it the perfect craft for the winter months at school when you want kids to get creative but you are looking for simple craft projects.

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Puffy Paint Snow Truck Craft

preschool winter crafts

This adorable snow truck craft from Glued To My Crafts Blog is perfect for the winter months. The truck part of this craft comes via a free printable and the puffy paint can easily be made by mixing some household ingredients like white paint, glue and shaving cream! This simple project is so much fun and is guaranteed to be a hit with kids of all ages.

Snowflake Crafts

crafts for preschoolers in January

This simple craft idea from The OT Toolbox is a great easy snowflake craft that you can create with older kids or younger ones who need some scissors and cutting practice. We love that these beautiful snowflakes are made with rainbow cupcake liners. But, you can also use construction paper, coffee filters or tissue paper. This is one of those January crafts for preschool that would make for fun bulletin board or classroom decor!

Q-Tip Winter Trees

January crafts for preschool

This fun project comes from Fantastic Fun and Learning and is one of those simple ideas that uses materials sourced from nature. We love this nature craft because it can be created as soon as the cold weather arrives making it a good idea for snow days, winter break or anytime during the winter season.

Toilet Paper Roll Polar Bears

low mess January crafts for preschool

This adorable polar bear craft from Mas & Pas is a great choice for, especially young kids. This is one of our favorite winter craft ideas because cardboard tubes are transformed into adorable polar bears that kids will enjoy playing with a put to good use . We love crafts that recycle materials you can find around the house so this toilet paper roll polar bears are at the top of our list of favorite January crafts for preschool.

Igloo Craft

simple January crafts for preschool

This cute Igloo craft from Momtastic is a must try this winter season! Perfect for kids of all ages (even young kids) this DIY marshmallow igloo is a simple craft that really works the motor skills. Plus, it’s fun so the kids are going to have a great time!

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Pom Pom Tuque Craft

January crafts for preschool

This absolutely adorable winter tuque craft from One Little Project was a must add to our collection of easy winter crafts. This simple paper craft comes together with a free printable template, DIY yarn pom poms and some water color paint. The end result is one of the best winter crafts for kids to make during the winter months!

Icicle Craft

Simple January Crafts For Kindergarten

Icicle crafts are the best winter crafts for younger children because they are simple ideas that require very little supplies. We particularly love these icicle crafts from Craft Project Ideas because it uses craft sticks to create tie-die (you can use food coloring) icicles that 5 year olds will proudly want to display. This craft is a guaranteed good time!

Pipe Cleaner Winter Forest

Winter Crafts For Preschool

How cute is this winter forest made of pipe cleaners from All About Hope? This is one of those easy crafts that children love making. We love that you can use this January craft for preschool and kindergarten as an opportunity to teach kids about different types of trees and ecosystems. We also love how creative kids get with pipe cleaners so we think they will have a lot of fun making their own forest scene!

Craft Stick Snowmen

Snowman Crafts To Make With Young Kids

If you are looking for easy winter kids crafts that are simple to make and loads of fun then you’ve gotta try making these craft stick snowmen from The Resourceful Mama. This is one of those January crafts for preschool that are always a hit since kids can decorate their craft stick snowman in a variety of different ways.

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Paper Plate Polar Bear

Winter crafts to make in Kindergarten

We just love this adorable paper plate polar bear craft from Kids Craft Room. This fun project requires kids to create a polar bear out of a paper plate and cotton wool balls. This craft is a great idea for starting off the New Year in a fun and creative way! This craft is also perfect for days when you’ve got cabin fever because you’ve been stuck indoors because of the snow.

Foam Ball Winter Snowman Craft

January crafts for preschool

This fun craft comes to us from Crafty Morning. Quick and easy to make, January is the perfect time to make this adorable snowman and let kids have a blast decorating him with buttons, glue or whatever they can find around the house.

Mitten Craft

January craft ideas for kids

How adorable is this mitten craft from Fireflies and Mudpies? Children can create this indoor snow gear mitten This January craft for preschoolers is a great idea if you want to teach and celebrate the arrival of colder weather!

Stained Glass Mittens Craft

preschool craft ideas during winter

Suncatchers are another incredible crafting opportunity for young children. This stained glass mittens craft from Kinder Craze is a great choice for teachers and daycares because it works on great skills like cutting and gluing. This January craft for preschoolers is a simple idea that can be used to create stained-glass looking mittens using tissue paper that can be used to decorate your room. This January craft for preschool will work wonders on fine motor skills while also celebrating wintertime!

Paper Plate Snowflake Yarn Art

winter crafts that work on fine motor skills

If you can’t already tell we LOVE paper plate crafts and this yarn snowflake from I Heart Crafty Things is no exception. We love how this craft works on the good stuff like fine motor!

Newspaper Polar Bear Craft

winter crafts for young kids

Crafts that upcycle and reuse materials are super popular right now. This January craft idea from I Heart Crafty Things takes old newspaper and recycles it into an adorable polar bear that children will LOVE making!


cold weather crafts for kids

This cute construction paper Eskimo craft from Brenda Johnston is a great last minute winter themed craft idea. This simple to make craft is a January craft for preschoolers that’s super cute and will work on fine motor skills.

Final Thoughts On January Crafts For Preschool

We hope you enjoyed the list of January crafts we collected above. All these awesome winter crafts encourage creativity and build on motor skills in younger children in preschool or kindergarten. These preschool winter crafts are a great winter themed activity for classrooms, daycares, after school programs and community groups.

All these crafts and winter activities use craft supplies that you probably already have on hand making them the best choice for the classroom teachers or parents wanting to add a little crafting to their weekend or snow day.

These preschool crafts revolve around winter themes making them a great craft choice during the winter months. These easy craft ideas are great for younger kids and older ones too!

We hope you enjoyed these great ideas and free printables as much as we do! Each of these craft ideas is a great way to celebrate winter and the arrival of colder weather.

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Winter! Do you love or hate it?

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