Best Free printable cactus template (3 Fun Craft Ideas)

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If you are looking for creative cactus crafts then have fun using our printable cactus template to create a variety of different cactus themed crafts with kids.  

This free printable cactus template is a great way to make a variety of fun kids crafts in a cactus shape for Cinco de Mayo or other cactus themed events.

printable cactus template

Printable Cactus Template

You will need to print a copy of our printable cactus template coloring pages to make any of these fun cactus craft and creative activities. 

If you want to skip ahead and get a copy of these free cactus templates right away you can head to the end of this post to get the downloadable files.

Each of our digital files contains a convenient bundle of 3 printable templates that you can download and use for free. 

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Fun Facts About Cactus Plants

printable cactus template

​Use this neat instructional video from​ in your classroom for even more fun information about Cacti for kids.

  • Cactus plants grow in places where it is dry and rocky like the dessert.
  • A prickly pear or cactus pear is an edible fruit that grows on cactus plants.
  • Aloe vera is a succulent and not a cactus.
  • Cactus plants are as old as dinosaurs.
  • The tallest Cacti recorded is almost 24 meters tall. 
  • Cacti is the plural form of the word cactus.

Supplies Needed

​How To Use Our Printable Cactus Template

Our printable cactus template can be used to create an adorable cactus craft in a variety of different ways.

Here are 3 ways you can use our free printable template. 

printable cactus template

Tissue Paper Cactus Craft

This easy paper craft works on important skills like fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination while young children tear and ball up small pieces of green tissue paper to fill in their cactus arms.  

It’s such a fun way to create a cactus themed craft with really simple supplies like green tissue paper, glue and crayons or markers.

printable cactus template

Coloring Pages

​Our free template can also be used as a fun art coloring project.

Print out the pdf templates and use your favorite types of markers or crayons to color the arms of the cactus and the pot.

We went with a bright green marker to really make our cactus pop.  Use a contrasting color to color in the flower at the top of each arm.

printable cactus template

Glitter Cactus Craft

This fun activity requires some liquid glue or a glue stick and some green glitter.

You will also need some markers or coloring pencils to color in the bottom of the cactus and the top of the cactus head.

Spread a then layer of glue over your cactus and sprinkle with green sparkles or glitter.

Let the template sit for about 15 minutes before dusting off the excess sprinkles. So fun and so simple to make. 

​How To Download – Printable Cactus Template

printable cactus template

Our printable craft template was created in black and white and should be printed on standard size 8.5 x 11 in white paper.

To download the pdf file simply click on the download link located at the bottom of this post. 

Once you’ve opened the pdf document using Adobe Acrobat reader verify that the sizing is correct by checking your print preview.

If the image is too big you can adjust the scale to 90%. 

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Download Link

printable cactus templatepdf file

Please note that our printable cactus template is for personal use only. Feel free to use this at home or in the classroom but do not modify or resell it please. Thank you for your support.

There you have it! A fun printable cactus template you can use with kids of all ages. These easy and low prep’d paper cactus craft ideas are loads of fun for kids of all ages.

If you plan to use our cactus pdf template we’d love to see a picture of the completed project! Reach out to us via our social media Facebook page to show us your child’s craft!

These fun cactus crafts for kids are so much fun for Cinco de Mayo. With 3 free printable cactus templates to pick from you can create fun cactus crafts in a variety of different ways.

These cactus craft ideas for kids are perfect for preschoolers and kindergarten students.

Head over to our website today to snag a copy of these printable cactus templates today and start creating a fun Cactus paper craft at home or in the classroom.

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