The Best Sides For Fish: 19+ Quick and Easy Recipes You Need To Try

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Here are 19 quick and easy sides for fish that you need to try. These sides pair beautifully with all kinds of fish and seafood and work well for weeknight dinners or dinner parties! They are all good choices for serving with your favorite fish dinners!

It’s no secret that fish is delicious. And with so many different types of fish and seafood to choose from, there are plenty of ways to prepare it.

But how do you make the perfect sides for fish? To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of 19 quick and easy recipes that pair perfectly with all types of fish.

These sides for fish will complement all sorts of fish and seafood dishes – whether it’s a simple weeknight fish fry or a dinner party for friends and family these sides for fish are guaranteed to be a hit! These sides for fish are sure to please the entire family.

So, without further ado, here are our favorite sides for fish!

19 Best Sides For Fish

#1 Oven Roasted Sweet Potatoes

sides for fish roasted sweet potatoes
sides for fish

Sweet potatoes are a great side dish to pair with nearly all fish recipes including simple options like fish sticks and fancier seafood meals. And, these oven roasted sweet potatoes with brown butter and maple from Our Happy Mess are no exception. Loaded with flavor this healthy side dish comes together in less than 20 minutes.

#2 Roasted Parmesan Green Beans

sides for fish green beans
easy sides for fish

Fresh green beans are coated in olive oil and coated with parmesan cheese and panko bread crumbs to create a delicious crunch with every bite. These green beans are a great side for fish because they pair beautifully with a variety of different fish types. Plus, they are a healthy option and a simple side dish that you can throw together in a flash. Visit Made To be Momma for the recipe.

#3 Lemon Herb Mediterranean Pasta Salad

sides for fish pasta salad
make ahead sides for fish

Another of our favorite fish side dish recipes is pasta salad. And, this Mediterranean pasta salad from Cafe Delites is loaded with bold flavors from fresh herbs, sun dried tomatoes, bell pepper, feta, olive and red onion. This is one of those sides for fish that pairs beautifully with both fish and seafood making it the best choice for a quick dinner side during the week or a more elaborate family dinner on the weekend.

#4 Oven Roasted Bacon and Brown Sugar Brussels Sprouts

sides for fish brussels sprouts
unique sides for fish

Who said vegetable side dishes were boring? These brown sugar brussels sprouts are anything but. This delicious side dish from Tinsel Box is an easy recipe that is a great choice as a side for any fish entree!

#5 Dill Roasted Potatoes

sides for fish roasted potatoes
hearty sides for fish

Fresh dill and new potatoes are combined to create a tasty side that pairs beautifully with all kinds of fish including white fish. Whether you are preparing one of your favorite salmon recipes or a meaty fish like Swordfish this roasted potato recipe from La Creme de La Crumb will not disappoint! Pair with your favorite white wine to complete the meal.

#6 Saffron Rice

sides for fish rice
delicious sides for fish

This incredibly delicious saffron rice from Tori Avey is an amazing side dish that combines some of our favorite flavors. Saffron, stock, basmati rice, toasted almonds and raisins pair together beautifully to create a side for fish that is elegant, flavorful and perfect for a dinner party or special occasion. But, don’t save this recipe just for those occasions! This rice dish is simple enough to make on a weeknight when you want something special but don’t have a lot of time.

#7 Quick Asian Sugar Snap Peas

sides for fish snap peas
healthy sides for fish

Sugar snap peas are one of our favorite sides for fish because they are so versatile. And, this recipe from Eat Something Vegan is a great example of how easy it is to create healthy and easy side dishes with sugar snap peas in just minutes. These quick Asian sugar snap peas are a great option when you want something light and fresh that will pair perfectly with any type of fish.

#8 Tomato Quinoa Salad

sides for fish quinoa salad
easy healthy sides for fish

If you are looking for a popular side dish that packs awesome nutritional value then this tomato quinoa salad from Peas and Crayons is a must-try. The best thing about this recipe is that it’s simple enough to make as a weeknight dinner side and impressive enough to serve at your next dinner party. Plus, there are so many different flavors that it will pair beautifully with fish of all kinds! And, if you want an extra burst of flavor throw in some fresh cilantro and garlic powder for added deliciousness.

#9 Greek Potatoes

sides for fish greek potatoes
starchy sides for fish

Greek potatoes are an iconic side dish that pairs beautifully with just about any main dish including fish and seafood. What makes them perfect as a side for fish is their intense lemon flavor that compliments most type of fish perfectly. These greek potatoes from Recipe Tin Eats are the best we’ve ever tasted and are loaded with lemony flavor that makes them the best choice for fish prepared in different ways. Always serve with an extra lemon wedge or squeeze of lemon juice!

#10 Potato Mash

sides for fish mashed potatoes
best sides for fish

Mashed potatoes is another basic side dish that is perfect to serve with fish. There are so many different ways you can customize your mashed potatoes for a bolder or lighter flavor depending on the type of fish you cook. This classic version from Belly Full is simple, delicious and always a crowd pleaser!

#11 Cheesy Cauliflower Rice

sides for fish cauliflower rice
keto low carb sides for fish

If you are looking for a low-carb side dish to serve with your fish then this cheesy cauliflower rice is an excellent option. This recipe from Wholesome Yum is simple, easy and perfect when you are looking for something tasty that won’t weigh you down. It boasts a homemade cheese sauce that is loaded with flavor. And, the best part is that it can easily be made ahead of time so you don ‘t have to worry about creating a side dish at the last minute.

#12 Lobster Mac N Cheese

sides for fish lobster mac n cheese
comfort food sides for fish

Another great side for fish is a classic lobster Mac n Cheese. This decadent lobster Mac N Cheese from Cooked by Julie is the perfect dish to serve when you want something special loaded with cheesy goodness. It’s a bit more complicated than some of the other recipes on this list but it is well worth the extra time and effort! The creamy, cheesy sauce and chunks of lobster (or fresh fish) make this dish irresistible. Plus, it will impress your guests!

#13 Seasoned French Fries

sides for fish seasoned french fries
sides for fish for picky eaters

Did you know that you can season french fries with lemon and herbs? These seasoned french fries from Paper n Stitch blog are the perfect side for any fish dinner. The unique flavor from the lemon zest and parmesan cheese compliments the fries perfectly! Bake in the oven or use an air fryer to prepare these delicious seasoned fries! Serve with your favorite dipping sauce on the side!

#14 Savory Fresh Fruit Salad

sides for fish fresh fruit salad
cold sides for fish

In recent years, savory fruit salads have been trending in the food world. There are so many different ways to create savory fruit salad to round out a delicious meal. Fruit salads are a great way to incorporate a healthier alternative into menu plan when you are serving fish. This savory fruit salad from A Classic Twist makes an excellent side dish for fish because it’s light, fresh and pairs well with most types of fish or seafood. Loaded with flavor from fresh berries, balsamic vinegar and goat cheese this savory fruit salad is a must-try the next time you plan to serve fish!

#15 Grilled Polenta

sides for fish grilled polenta
italian sides for fish

Corn is the main ingredient in Polenta meaning its a great mild tasting side for any fish. This simple, yet flavorful grilled polenta from Easy Peasy Eats is a tasty alternative that pairs well with just about any main dish made with fish! Polenta is creamy and delicious on its own but the addition of sauteed garlic and vegetables brings this recipe to another level. This recipe calls for a store-bought prepared polenta making it an easy way to prepare a side dish for fish!

#16 Homemade Tartar Sauce

sides for fish tartar sauce
dipping sauce sides for fish

Tartare sauce pairs beautifully with fish and seafood! If you are looking for a classic condiment to serve with your fish dinner this tartare sauce from Natasha’s Kitchen is the perfect choice. It’s homemade, delicious and features an herbed mayo that packs some incredible flavor! This recipe only takes about ten minutes so it can easily be made in advance making it the perfect choice for a last minute side dish.

#17 Asian Broccoli Stir Fry

sides for fish asian stir fry broccoli
vegetable sides for fish

If you are looking for a healthy side dish to serve with your fish, look no further than this broccoli stir fry from Bake Eat Repeat. This recipe is simple, easy and packed full of flavor! The addition of soy sauce and garlic give this stir fry an amazing depth of flavor that will pair well with any type of seafood.

#18 Instant Pot Corn On The Cob

sides for fish instant pot corn
instant pot sides for fish

Instant Pots are amazing. They make prepping food a breeze and they make cooking a delicious meal a simple task. If you are looking for the perfect side dish to serve with your fish dinner, you can’t go wrong with this Instant Pot corn on the cob from Instant Pot Eats. This recipe uses fresh summer corn and is perfectly cooked in just minutes! The best part? You don ‘t have to wait long to enjoy this delicious side dish!

#19 Roasted Carrots with Honey and Thyme

side for fish roasted carrots
healthy sides for fish

If you are looking for a sweet and savory side dish to serve with your fish, look no further than these roasted carrots with honey and thyme from Zen Belly. These carrots are cooked until tender in a dressing of honey and thyme resulting in a sweet dish that makes an excellent side for any fish dinner. This is the perfect alternative to your standard sides because it adds some color and flavor!

Final Words

There you have it! 19 delicious sides that are perfect to serve with fish or seafood of any kind! No matter what your taste preferences are, there is sure to be a recipe on this list that will appeal to you! So, next time you are planning a fish dinner don’t ignore the sides! These recipes are quick and easy to make, not to mention delicious.

Even though this list contains our top 19 sides for fish there are plenty more delicious fish side dishes and options out there!

These sides for fish work well with any type of fish main course or seafood, including shrimp and lobster recipes. And, they are all easy to make in a snap when you need dinner on the table quickly after a long day at work or school.

These popular side dishes to serve with fish are tasty, use wholesome ingredients and pair beautifully with most fish entrees. They truly are one of the best ways to enjoy a delicious fish supper.

We hope you enjoyed these recipes and plan to incorporate these best side dishes for fish into your meal plan soon!

So which recipe will you try first?

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