Star Wars Crafts & Activities: 75+ Best Crafts, Activities and Games For Kids Who Love Star Wars

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From Star Wars crafts to STEM activities and even DIYs, we’ve curated the best 75+ out of this world totally galactic ideas for kids who are obsessed with Star Wars.

If your child is a mega fan of Star Wars, then this blog post is for you. This article carefully collected 75+ of the best crafts, STEM activities, printables and DIYs that are perfect for kids who love the Star Wars movies.

Kids and adults alike love the Star Wars movies. They are one of the most timeless stories of good vs. evil, right vs. wrong and the ultimate battle between father and son.

But, it’s not just about the movies; there are also tons of crafts, games, activities and DIYs for kids who love Star Wars!

From Yoda-inspired crafts to erupting Death stars, you’ll find plenty of fun activities for all kids of all ages to enjoy together with friends or even on their own time.

To navigate this massive collection of Star Wars ideas we’ve included a convenient table of contents (down below) that neatly divides this post into sections divided by craft and activity type.

Star Wars Crafts, Activities, Games & DIYs

Here are our favorite Star Wars crafts, activities and games for kids who love the movies.

We’ve collected the best in Star Wars themed activities that you can use to celebrate Star Wars Day on May 4th (May The Fourth Be With You). In addition, these fun projects are a great choice for rainy days, birthday parties and much more.

Toilet Paper Roll Star Wars Crafts

Toilet paper roll crafts are a wonderful craft activity for kids because they are affordable, low mess, use basic materials and strengthen children’s fine motor skills.

Here are our favorite toilet paper roll Star Wars crafts that you can easily make with your child at home.

From cardboard tube Ewoks to R2-D2 paper tube crafts, these Star Wars crafts are a sure way to have some galactic fun.

star wars crafts for kids

#1 Paper Tube Star Wars Characters (Tutorial from Hello Wonderful)
#2 Carboard Tube Ewoks ( Tutorial from Crafts By Amanda)
#3 Kylo Ren Paper Tube Craft ( Tutorial from The Heart Drem)
#4 R2D2 Paper Toilet Paper Roll Craft ( Tutorial from Easy Crafts For Kids)
#5 Baby Yoda Paper Tube Craft ( Tutorial from Simple Everyday Mom)

What You’ll Need:

Paper Plate Star Wars Crafts

Crafts using paper plates help children work on and master a variety of different skills as well. Paper plate crafts work on good things like dexterity, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and patterning. They are low mess, easy to put together and can be a fun activity for children to enjoy.

These Star Wars paper plate crafts are no exception and we know that your little Jedi will love making them.

paper plate star wars crafts

#6 Star Wars Paper Plate Masks (Tutorial from Sassy Mama)
#7 Paper Plate R2D2 Craft (Tutorial from Big Family Blessings)
#8 Star Wars Princess Leia Paper Plate Craft (Tutorial from Marcie and The Mouse)
#9 Paper Plate Baby Yoda Craft (Tutorial from Mom Brite)
#10 Death Star Paper Plate Craft (Tutorial from Sunshine Whispers)

What You’ll Need:

Puppet Star Wars Crafts

Creativity, imagination, co-operation and concentration are all encouraged by puppet play. So, we wanted to share some of our favorite puppet Star Wars crafts that will hopefully get your child excited to reenact their favorite scenes from the movie or create their own.

star wars puppet crafts

#11 DIY Star Wars Puppets (Tutorial from Busy Moms Helper)
#12 Cute Yoda Puppet (Tutorial from Coffee Cups and Crayons)
#13 Felt Star Wars Finger Puppets (Tutorial from Dollar Store Crafts)
#14 Chewbacca Paper Bag Puppet (Tutorial from Mommy Made That)
#15 Darth Vader Puppet Craft (Tutorial from The Chirping Moms)

What You’ll Need:

Popsicle Stick Star Wars Crafts

Popsicle sticks are a convenient crafting material for kids because they can easily be transformed into a variety of different objects. Popsicle stick crafts are also low mess and budget friendly making them a go-to for kids who love crafting. Here are our favorite ways to transform plain popsicle sticks into out of this world Star Wars creations.

star wars popsicle crafts

#16 DIY Lightsaber Bookmarks (Tutorial from Crafts By Amanda)
#17 Star Wars Popsicle Stick Ornaments (Tutorial from Vicky Barone)
#18 Baby Yoda Popsicle Stick Craft (Tutorial from Fun Learning Life)
#19 Easy Popsicle Stick Ewok (Tutorial from Instructables)
#20 Popsicle Stick Star Wars Space Ship (Tutorial from Youtube)

What You’ll Need:

Painted Rock Star Wars Crafts

Painted rocks are a popular way to introduce art to people’s everyday lives. As a result, painted rocks and painted rock kits have become very popular in recent years. They are literally popping up everywhere!

Rocks can be painted into a variety of different patterns including Star Wars characters. These clever painted rock tutorials will get the kids excited about creating fun Star Wars painted rocks and then hiding them in nature.

painted rock star wars crafts

#21 Star Wars Painted Jawa Rocks (Tutorial from Crafts By Amanda)
#22 Star Wars Painted Rocks (Tutorial from Frugal Fun 4 Boys)
#23 Baby Yoda Painted Rock (Tutorial from Ruffles & Rainboots)
#24 Darth Vader Painted Rock (Tutorial from I Love Painted Rocks)
#25 Star Wars Painted Rocks (Tutorial from Rock Painting Guide)

What You’ll Need:
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Sidewalk Chalk Star Wars Crafts

Sidewalk chalk is a wonderful creative activity that boosts kids ‘ self-confidence. Sidewalk chalk art is cheap, requires few resources and gives instant results that kids will proudly want to show off.

Kids can create anything they want with sidewalk chalk – from pictures to sculptures and even Star Wars Characters. Let their imagination run wild with these amazing galactic sidewalk chalk art ideas and drawings.

star wars sidewalk chalk art

#26 Star Wars chalk art (Tutorial from Unknown Source)
#27 R2-D2 Sidewalk Chalk Art (Tutorial from Unknown Source)
#28 Chewbacca and Princess Leia Star Wars Chalk Art (Tutorial from White Oak By Amy)
#29 BB-8 Chalk Art (Tutorial from The Daily Item)
#30 Chewbacca Sidewalk Chalk Art (Tutorial from Unknown Source)

What You’ll Need:

Clothespin & Peg Star Wars Crafts

A couple of clothespins or wooden pegs are another great crafting material for kids. Coupled with paint, these materials can easily be transformed into Star Wars characters perfect for role and imaginative play.

We especially love clothespin crafts because they are inexpensive, low mess and build on skills like fine motor and hand-eye coordination.

clothespin star wars crafts

#31 Star Wars Clothespin Figures (Tutorial from The Weisse Guys)
#32 Star Wars Peg People (Tutorial from Sarah Yewman)
#33 DIY Star Wars Peg Toys (Tutorial from Filth Wizardry)
#34 Star Wars Peg Figures (Tutorial from Unknown Source)
#35 Star Wars Peg Princess Leia (Tutorial from The Simple Home)

What You’ll Need:

Egg Carton Star Wars Crafts

Egg cartons are a classic choice for kids crafts (and one of our favorites too!) because they are readily available and they are very versatile.

These egg carton Star Wars crafts recycle used egg cartons into adorable Star Wars characters that especially young kids will enjoy making and playing with. You can use a variety of different materials to decorate the egg cartons, from crayons and markers to paint, paint pens or even stickers.

egg carton star wars crafts

#36 Egg Carton Darth Vader (Tutorial from The Craft Train)
#37 DIY Egg Carton Space Ship (Tutorial from The Weiss Guys)
#38 Luke Skywalker Egg Carton Craft (Tutorial from Jumble Tree)
#39 Stormtrooper Egg Carton Star Wars Craft (Tutorial from Jumble Tree)
#40 Egg Carton Princess Leia Craft (Tutorial from Jumble Tree)

What You’ll Need:

Handprint Star Wars Crafts

Children enjoy painting and these handprint Star Wars crafts will be no exception. A little on the messier side (so, make sure to have a paint smock handy), handprint crafts are a great way for kids to learn about art and express their creativity. Kids are sure to love creating these Star Wars handprint crafts as much as watching the movies!

hand print star wars crafts

#41 R2-D2 Hand Print (Tutorial from Simple Every Day Mom)
#42 Ewok Hand Print Craft (Tutorial from My Kid Craft)
#43 Handprint Yoda Craft (Tutorial from I Heart Arts n Crafts)
#44 Darth Vader Hand Print Craft (Tutorial from Unknown Source)
#45 Princess Leia Hand Print Craft (Tutorial from Unknown Source)

What You’ll Need:

Footprint Star Wars Crafts

Extend the crafting fun by encouraging kids to use their feet too create Star Wars art! These creative foot print Star wars crafts are a great way for kids to learn through sensory play. Foot print crafts are ideal for children of all ages including toddlers.

These crafts can get a little messy though. So, taking this craft outdoors might be a good idea to keep surfaces safe. Here are our top tutorials for making Star Wars footprint arts and crafts at home!

footprint star wars crafts

#46 Darth Vader Footprint Craft (Tutorial from The Pinterested Parent)
#47 Yoda Footprint Art (Tutorial from Fancier’s World)
#48 Star Wars Inspired Footprints (Tutorial from As You Wish Pottery)
#49 Force Footprints (Tutorial from Simply Suppa)
#50 Chewbacca Footprint Art (Tutorial from The Pinterested Parent)

What you’ll need:

Pipe Cleaner Star Wars Crafts

Do you remember using pipe cleaners to create crafts as a child?

Pipe cleaners are a low-cost, readily obtainable craft material that kids can use to make a variety of Star wars crafts and projects.. From Star Wars puppets to light sabers, let kids use their imagination to transform pipe cleaners into Star Wars themed characters and accessories.

pipe cleaner star wars crafts

#51 Piper Cleaner Star Wars Finger Puppets (Tutorial from Curious and Geeks)
#52 Pipe Cleaner Light Sabers (Tutorial from Make and Takes)

What You’ll Need:

Felt Star Wars Crafts

Felt can be used to create a variety of different craft projects as well. Felt crafting is a great craft idea for kids who want to make their own toys, stuffed animals or other fun crafts.

Crafting with felt is also a great way to recycle old t-shirts and other fabrics and transform them into new soft creations. Here are our favorite felt Star Wars crafts that kids will love to make for themselves, friends and family.

felt star wars crafts

#53 DIY Felt Light Saber Rattle ( Tutorial from American Felt and Craft)
#54 Felt R2-D2 Pencil Holder Craft (Tutorial from Crafts By Amanda)
#55 DIY Felt Star Wars Stormtrooper Doll (Tutorial from Wild Olive)
#56 Felt Chewbacca Bookmark (Tutorial from Star Wars)
#57 Princess Leia Felt Ornament (Tutorial from Design Morsels)

What You’ll Need:

Play Doh Star Wars Crafts

Play Doh is our absolute favorite sensory play material. In fact, we love it so much that we regularly make our own Play Doh for modeling, sculpting and building play.

Play Doh builds on good things like a child’s dexterity, imagination and fine motor making it a great choice for especially young kids.

These Play Doh Star Wars crafts are a wonderful screen free sensory activity that encourage kids to lose themselves in the moment and pretend play with Star Wars characters .

play doh star war crafts

#58 Death Star Play-Doh (Tutorial from Little Bins For Little Hands)
#59 BB-8 Inspired Play-Doh (Tutorial from Left Brain Craft Brain)
#60 Play-Doh Star Wars Chewbacca Kit (Available from Amazon)
#61 Star Wars Play Doh Kit (Tutorial from Mama Papa Bubba)
#62 Lego Star Wars Play-Doh Play (Tutorial from YouTube)

What You’ll Need:

Lego Star Wars Activities

LEGO is popular because you can build almost anything with it including Star Wars themed creations. Plus LEGO is a STEM activity that works on fine motor skills and problem solving making it one of the best screen free activities for kids since they can learn while they play.

LEGO encourages kids (and adults too) to build and create their own worlds making it a great choice for using their imagination to recreate their favorite scenes from Star Wars movies or engage in stimulating and imaginative Star Wars play.

LEGO star wars crafts and activities

#63 Star Wars Minifigure LEGO Math Game (Tutorial from Inspiration Laboratories)
#64 LEGO Star Wars Challenges (Tutorial from Simple Play Ideas)
#65 LEGO Star Wars Ice Melt Activity (Tutorial from Little Bins For Little Hands)
#66 Yoda’s Swamp Lego Star Wars Activity (Tutorial from Epic Fun For Kids)
#67 LEGO Star Wars Mosaic Building Cards (Tutorial from Frugal Fun 4 Boys)

What You’ll Need:

STEM Star Wars Activities

We love STEM because it is a way of leaning focused on teaching science, technology, engineering and math. STEM learning is amazing because you can apply STEM curriculum principles to just about any topic making it a highly versatile learning tool for goods with a variety of different interests.

STEM Star Wars activities focus on teaching kids about science, technology, engineering and math while playing one of their favorite games: Star Wars!

Here are a handful of our favorite creative STEM Star Wars activities that we know your Star Wars loving child will love.

STEM Star Wars Activities For Kids

#68 Star Wars Galaxy Obleek (Tutorial from Nerdy Mama)
#69 Homemade Star Wars Soap (Tutorial from Lemon Lime Adventures)
#70 Rescue Hans Solo Star Wars Science (Tutorial from Fun A Day)
#71 Erupting Death Star (Tutorial from Little Bins For Little Hands)
#72 Molten Lava Slime (Tutorial from Fun A Day)

What You’ll Need:

Free Printable Star Wars Activities

The internet is overflowing with amazingly fun free printable Star Wars themed activities, worksheets and games for kids. From Star Wars coloring pages to Star Wars printable games these free printable resources are a must for any kid who loves Star Wars.

free printable star wars activities and games

#73 Star Wars Printable Coloring Pages (Tutorial from Simple Everyday Mom)
#74 Free printable Star Wars Word Search (Tutorial from Sunshine Whispers)
#75 Star Wars Themed Memory Game (Tutorial from Artsy Craftsy Mom)
#76 Free Printable Star Wars Trivia Game (Tutorial from Marcie and The Mouse)
#77 Star Wars Scavenger Hunt (Tutorial from Play Party Plan)

What You’ll Need:

Out Of This World Star Wars DIYs

For even more Star Wars excitement and fun, try out one of these clever and creative DIY Star Wars projects. These unique and easy to make Star Wars DIYs are a lot of fun to make for indoor birthdays, themed parties, home decor or for mega-fans of the series.

star wars crafts and diys

#78 DIY Pool Noodle Light Sabers (Tutorial from Hostess With The Mostess)
#79 DIY Death Star (Tutorial from Pretty Providence)
#80 DIY R2-D2 Painted Garbage Can (Tutorial from Leah In Love)
#81 R2-D2 Luminairies (Tutorial from DIY Candy)
#82 DIY Star Wars Wall Art (Tutorial from Ashley Grenon)

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