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A fun FREE camping word search printable loaded with hidden camping words for kids to find. A great activity for camping trips, car rides or a rainy day indoors.

We love camping! And, with summer quickly approaching camping season is about to start.

So, we thought we’d create a free camping word search puzzle for our readers to download and use.

This camping word search printable is a fun way to get your happy camper excited about an upcoming camping trip.

Or, it’s a great choice for scout meetings, rainy day activities and early finishers at school.

So, our camping word search printable is a great choice anytime you’re looking for a fun free printable word search with a camping theme.

Our camping word search printable was created for kids in upper elementary school.

So, the difficulty level is appropriate for 7th, 6th and 5th grade.  

The best part? You don’t have to sign up for an email list, give us your email address or jump through hoops to get our free printable.

Our fun word search printable is a simple 1-click instant download.

In a rush? Skip to the bottom of this post to digital download and pdf file.

Camping Word Search Printable

Camping word search printable

Our camping word search printable is a fun camping themed word search perfect for all kids who love the great outdoors.

This themed printable game is loaded with hidden words about a camping experience making it a fun choice for teachers, scout leaders or parents. 

In addition, our free printable pdf word scramble is a great screen free activity on rainy days, long car rides, at restaurants and much more.

Our free printable camping trip word search is also a great way to spend some quality time with your kiddo while they learn some new vocabulary.

List Of Words:

Our words list is composed exclusively of camping-related words.

Each camping word search printable contains 24 hidden vocabulary words that are related to camping.

The words include:

  • Tent
  • Campfire
  • Bug spray
  • Sleeping bag
  • Great outdoors
  • Fishing pole
  • Mosquito
  • Hike
  • Trailer
  • Sunscreen
  • Swimming
  • BBQ
  • Flash light
  • Woods
  • Canoe
  • Summer
  • Hot dogs
  • Pack
  • Lantern
  • Story
  • S’mores
  • Sun
  • Cabin
  • Trip

When to Play

Our camping word search printable is a fun activity any time of year.

It’s a good choice both at home or at school.

Here are some of our favorite ways to use this camping themed word search puzzle.

  • at home on a rainy inside day
  • as a fun screen free after school activity
  • in the car on a long road trip
  • on a plane ride
  • at school as part of a fun unit on nature or the great outdoors
  • in the classroom for early finishers
  • to learn new camping related vocabulary words
  • at scout meetings or girl guide troop meetings
  • during a camping trip
  • at summer camp
  • in anticipation of a camping trip
  • at a restaurant
  • anytime you are looking for a quiet playtime activity

How To Play


The goal of our camping word search printable is to find all the camping related words in the word search grid.

Kids are expected to search and find each of the 24 camping vocabulary words listed.

Hidden words can be placed in a variety of different ways including:

  • Up and down
  • Diagonally
  • Backwards
  • Frontwards
  • Left to right
  • Right to left

Tip* Let kids use highlighters or washable kid friendly markers to circle their hidden words when they find them. This helps them keep track of their progress and keeps them motivated.

Download Instructions

Downloading and printing the physical product of our camping word search printable is easy.

All you need to do is click on the download links below to save each pdf file to your computer.

We have one PDF file for the camping word search printable and one PDF file for the answer key.

Each printable sheet will open in a new window where you will have the option to print. You can also click on the thumbnail image to start your download.

We suggest printing our camping word search printable on heavy cardstock paper and in color. If you do not have access to a color printer we suggest visiting a local print shop.

Teacher tip* If you plan to use this in the classroom we suggest laminating the sheets so they can be reused. Children can then complete their word search with dry erase markers that are easy to wipe clean for the next use.

Download Link

camping word search printable

first printable sheet – camping word search printable
second printable sheet – camping word search ANSWER KEY

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Before You Go

We had a great time creating this camping word search printable for our readers! We love creating screen free printable activities for kids of all ages.

This reproducible sheet is a fun option for kids in a variety of different settings. If your child enjoys doing word puzzles like crossword puzzles and word searches they will really enjoy this camping word search printable.

From a fun outdoor activity you can do when your camping to a scout meeting or classroom activity for early finishers we know this word search is an interactive way for kids to do a camping themed activity.

Don’t forget to save this post to your favorite Pinterest board before you leave!

This way you can have access to this free printable camping word search printable anytime you like!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this camping word search printable have an answer key?

Yes it does.

All our word search templates including this camping word search printable come with an answer sheet.

To download it simply click on the download link up above that says answer key.

Can I use this camping word search printable in my classroom?

Yes of course.

All our free printables and printable worksheets are created for personal use or classroom use.

Having said that, we do not give permission for our printables to be modified or sold in anyway. Please read our terms of use and privacy policy for more information. 

If you do plan to use our camping word search in your classroom you may want to consider printing on a bigger printable sheet.

We love the idea of printing on oversized 12 x 17 in paper and creating a classroom game where students work in teams to find the hidden words.

This is also a fun idea for coloring pages, crossword puzzles, I Spy games and mazes. 

The product listing says upper elementary school. My child is in second grade, is this camping word search appropriate?

Maybe. This camping word search printable was created for older children.

But, it can also be an option for younger kids with a little extra help.

Regardless, our camping word search printable is a great opportunity to teach a new set of camping related vocabulary.

Whether you are working with an especially young child or an older kid who speaks a foreign language and is learning English as as second language, this camping word search is a great opportunity to learn a bunch of camping themed words.

Do you have any other camping related ideas for kids?

Yes we do.

If you are looking for more camping related activities for kids we suggest you have a look at the following posts:

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Camping crafts– adorable camping crafts kids love making. A really fun activity in anticipation of a camping trip.

What words are in the hidden word list?

The word list for our camping word search is made up of camping themed words including:

  • Tent
  • Campfire
  • Bug spray
  • Sleeping bag
  • Great outdoors
  • Fishing pole
  • Mosquito
  • Hike
  • Trailer
  • Sunscreen
  • Swimming
  • BBQ
  • Flash light
  • Woods
  • Canoe
  • Summer
  • Hot dogs
  • Pack
  • Lantern
  • Story
  • S’mores
  • Sun
  • Cabin
  • Trip

Do We Have To Print The Camping Word Search printable in color?

No. Printing in color is recommended but not required. Printing our free printable word search in black and white works fine too.

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