Free Elf On The Shelf Word Search Printable

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The perfect way to create some Christmas magic, this Elf On The Shelf word search printable is a great way to have loads of fun during the holiday season. This fun holiday activity is loads of Christmas fun for kids, tweens and teens.

Elf On The Shelf Word Search Printable
Elf on The Shelf Word Search Printable

Free Elf On The Shelf Word Search Printable

Free printables like word searches are one of our go-to activities when we’re looking for a fun way to pass some time without a screen during the Christmas season and winter break.

We’re also huge fans of the Elf On The Shelf tradition. So, naturally we knew we wanted to create some new Elf On The Shelf printables this year.

Plus, my daughter is a big fan of word puzzle activities so we’d already decided to create some free printable Christmas word search puzzles this year. 

We’ve already got a word search devoted to the Christmas season. So, it only felt fitting to add this free Elf On The Shelf word search printable to our growing collection of free Christmas printables and craftivities.

This free Elf On The Shelf printable activity is a fun little worksheet you can do in honor of Christmas time.

It’s one of those fun activities that would be fun on to do with the kids on Christmas eve. Make a quick batch of Christmas popcorn to snack and have fun finding all the hidden words.

Continue reading to get more information about this easy activity. And, if you’re in a rush and want the printable files right away you can skip to the very bottom of this post to get your free pdf file.

Elf On The Shelf Puzzle Word List

Elf On The Shelf Word Search Printable
Elf on The Shelf Word Search Printable

The goal of our free printable Elf On The Shelf word search is to find all the hidden Elf on The Shelf vocabulary words hidden throughout the printable sheet.

Our list of hidden words contains 18 vocabulary words closely related to the the Scout Elf. 

The Elf On The Shelf word list includes:

  • Christmas
  • Holidays
  • North Pole
  • Candy canes
  • Cookies 
  • Toys
  • Santa’s helpers
  • Elf on the shelf
  • Presents
  • Decorations
  • Wreath
  • Sleigh
  • Magic
  • Mrs Claus
  • Naughty
  • Nice
  • Workshop
  • Stocking

How To Play

To play this fun Christmas activity, children need to locate the hidden words. The Elf On The Shelf vocabulary can be found running up to down, left to right or on the diagonal. 

Words never appear from right to left or from down to up.

We create all our word search games including this Elf On The Shelf word search printable for kids of all ages. So, they are easy to read, understand and play. 

You’ll also get an answer key with your download to help correct the word search activity.

What You’ll Need:

Our Elf On The Shelf word search printable is an easy low prep activity for younger and older children alike.

In just a few clicks you’ll be ready to print your fun elf game.

Here are a few supplies we recommend to make the most our of your word puzzle experience.

  • A good quality color printer (taking your PDF file to a local print shop works well too if you don’t have color at home)
  • Double thick cardstock for printing (thicker paper is best for kids since it’s thicker and holds up better during play time)
  • Pencils, crayons or markers for circling words
  • Timer with a buzzer (if you’re using our free printable Elf On The Shelf word search as a party game and plan to declare a winner)
  • Small prizes for the game winner (small prizes really increase the energy!)

When To Play 

Elf On The Shelf Word Search Printable
Elf on The Shelf Word Search Printable

​In The Month of December

Our Elf On The Shelf word search printable is a great elf activity starting in the month of December.

It’s a great idea and so much fun anytime after December 1st.

So, tuck a few of these Christmas activities in your bag when you’re looking for an easy idea that’s low prep.

In The Classroom

 This Elf On The Shelf word search printable is loads of holiday fun in the classroom too.

It’s one of those Elf On The Shelf activities you can use anytime in the month of December in your classroom.

Print off a couple dozen copies and use it for some quiet morning work, early finishers or as part of a Christmas themed activity.

​Make A Busy Binder

Add our Elf On The Shelf word search printable to a printable pack of Christmas themed activities to create a fun busy binder for kids.

Pair this Elf On The Shelf activity with a Christmas color by numberword scramble, Christmas word search and coloring pages for a free source of Christmas themed activities.

Download Instructions

Elf On The Shelf Word Search Printable
Elf on The Shelf Word Search Printable

To download our free printable all you need to do is click on the download link located at the very bottom of this post.

Once you’ve clicked on the link our Elf On The Shelf word search printable will open in a new window.

From there you can hit print to print a copy of our word search puzzle including an answer key.

This Elf On The Shelf word search puzzle was created on standard U.S letter sized paper (8.5 x 11).

It needs to be printed in portrait orientation with color ink.

For best results, we suggest using high quality card stock printing to make the worksheets more durable.

Please note that all our free printables, printable files,  party games, printable props, educational practice sheets, interactive resources and pre-made digital activities are intended for classroom and personal use only. See our terms of use for more details.

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Before You Go

We had so much fun creating these Elf On The Shelf activity sheets.

We hope you plan to use our Elf on The Shelf Word Search Printable as part of your Christmas tradition this year. 

We’d love to hear about your Christmas elf traditions including your Elf’s name.

Snap a picture and reach out to us on social media ( Facebook and Pinterest are your best bet) to show us!  

​Have a wonderful holiday season and Merry Christmas.

P.S Bookmark us and come back soon. We’ve got a neat Elf On The Shelf welcome back letter and elf writing paper in the works that you’ll want to use next year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any more elf on the shelf ideas?

Yes we do. In addition to this Elf on The Shelf Word Search Printable we have a variety of different posts about Elf on the Shelf.

We have a huge post perfect for anyone looking for an easy elf idea or two for nights when they don’t feel like using a complicated elf idea.  

It contains well over 50 of the best Elf On The Shelf ideas for parents who are last minute or want something really simple. 

Also, we have a collection of great tips for welcoming back your elf.

If December 1st has already passed you should absolutely bookmark that post for next Christmas. It’s a lifesaver after the first year. 

Finally, we have a printable Elf On The Shelf letter you can print and use to welcome back your elf at the beginning of December.

Can I print this elf on the shelf word search printable in black and white?

Our free Elf On The Shelf word search printable was designed to be printed in color.

It was made in bright festive Christmas colors which makes the Elf On The Shelf activity even more fun.

But, if you don’t have access to a color printer then you can print the Elf On The Shelf printable in black and white.

Printing in monochrome does not effect the usability of the activity.

Do you have any more free Christmas printables?

Yes we do!

We’ve created a variety of different free Christmas printables for kids in a variety of different difficulty levels.

From dot printables to printable Christmas tree coloring pages we’ve created an archive of neat holiday activity for kids. 

Here are some of our most popular free holiday printables to get you started:

Download Links

Elf On The Shelf Word Search Printable – printable pdf file

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