Free Christmas Color By Number Worksheet Pages (#1 Holiday Download)

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Our popular Christmas color by number worksheet bundle is a fun activity for kids of all ages during the holiday season.

Print out a few copies, give kids some coloring supplies and watch them have so much fun completing these free printable Christmas color by the number pages.

Christmas color by number worksheet

Christmas Color By Number Worksheet

My daughter loves to color and is always asking me to make color by number worksheets.

So, in honor of the upcoming Christmas season I decided to create a Christmas color by number worksheet bundle that she plans to share with her friends and classmates. 

We’ve even added it to our Christmas bucket list!

This free printable Christmas color by number worksheet bundle comes with 2 festive color by number Christmas pages.

If you have kids you’re going to want to add this fun Christmas activity to your holiday bucket list this year. It’s a really great way to build some holiday spirit. 

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When To Use Color By Number Printables

Christmas color by number

Free Christmas color by number worksheets are a fun way to build holiday spirit during the month of December.

Color by number coloring pages are a fun choice for younger children and older children alike in a variety of different situations.

Although, they are most often used with young children like preschoolers, kindergarten students, first grade students and kiddos in 2nd grade. But, these types of fun Christmas activities are also a great option for older kids in 3rd grade and beyond during this festive time of the year. 

Here are some of our favorite ways to use our Christmas color by number worksheet bundle.

At Home

We love using our Christmas color by number worksheet at home in anticipation of Christmas.

Whether it’s after a morning of baking holiday cookies, watching a holiday movie or some quiet time together while we listen to some of our favorite Christmas tunes we think these fun coloring pages are a wonderful way to spend some quality family time at home during the festive time of year.

Christmas Party

Our free printable color by number pages are also a great option for Christmas parties of all types including ugly Christmas sweater parties.

From corporate holiday parties to classroom parties at school or at home, kids of all ages will have fun completing our free color by number printable pack of holiday coloring pages.

Christmas Break

The best thing about spring break is the quiet time at home with family. We love using our Christmas color by number worksheet during winter break as a screen free activity for the kids.

We actually plan to use this printable to kick off the first day of Christmas break. It’s the perfect activity for some family friendly fun.

Print an extra copy for yourself because it’s the perfect way to spend some quality time with your kiddo. 

Road Trip

Is your family traveling during the Christmas break?

Then, using our Christmas color by number worksheet while you travel is the best way to pass the time and build some holiday spirit.

These fun coloring pages are a simple way to make a long drive, flight or train ride less boring for kids.

Waiting Room

If you and the kids have appointments during the month of December then printing off a couple of copies of our Christmas color by number worksheet is a great way to make the wait more tolerable for the kids.

As the kids match the different colors to numbers they’ll pass the time in a fun and festive way.

Early Finishers

Our Christmas color by number worksheet is also a great option for classroom use for elementary school aged kids.

If you’re a teacher we suggest printing off a bunch of copies and offering it to your early finishers in your group.

It’s a fun way to keep early finishers busy while their peers finish up their work. 

Morning Work

Using our Christmas color by number worksheet for some engaging morning work during the month of December is another fun idea. 

Code worksheets like color by number pages are a great transitional activity to get students ready and eager to learn.

Math Centers

We love coloring numbers worksheets as part of a math center for young children in kindergarten or grade 1.

We have plenty of other Kindergarten worksheets that are a fun choice for math centers available on our site so make sure to poke around a little. 

Lesson Plans

​Our Christmas color by number worksheet is a fun addition to any lesson plan in the month of December.

It’s a fun transitional holiday color activity and alternative to a coloring book that kids enjoy doing when you’re looking to give your them a well deserved brain break. 

Why We Love Color-By-Number Sheets

Christmas color by number worksheet

Color by number pictures like our Christmas color by number worksheet have so many benefits for young learners.

Not only are they a really fun activity in anticipation of Christmas but they work on some really good stuff for young learners.

Fine Motor Skills

Color by number pages work on fine motor skills.

Coloring is such a wonderful activity for young learners because it works on their grip and strengthens their little fingers, hands and wrists while they work.

Number Recognition

Having to find the correct number and color it the correct color according to the color key works on number recognition.

Our Christmas color by number worksheet is a great way to work on mastering recognizing numbers 1-8.

Color Recognition 

Color recognition is another great benefit of having children complete color by number worksheets.

The preset colors in the color code legend encourage kids to work on their ability to recognize different colors.

As they color number the corresponding color they practice both visual recognition and the spelling and sight word of the color name.

Holiday Spirit

These types of color by number worksheets are one of our favorite ways to build holiday spirit around Christmas time.

We have plenty of other Christmas worksheets you can pair with our Christmas color by number worksheet for even more fun!

Screen Free Activity 

We’re a huge fan of screen free activities in our home! Anytime we can encourage our daughter to spend some time doing a screen free activity we’ll take it.

Our Christmas color by number worksheet is a great way to encourage some screen free holiday fun.

Put on some of our favorite Christmas songs or play a movie like the Christmas Carol in the background and have fun coloring with your kiddo! 

Busy Binders

We love making busy binders for our daughter! If you enjoy creating busy binders for your child then you may want to consider adding our Christmas color by number worksheet to your Christmas themed busy binder.

Pair our free printable color by number worksheet with our Merry Christmas I Spy, word search and coloring pages to create a festive busy binder your child will really enjoy.


Printer – we have and love this Brother printer available from Amazon. It’s quick, efficient and the toner lasts forever. Our top choice for a black and white monochrome printer.

Cardstock – we recommend printing Christmas color by number coloring pages on high quality card stock paper. This makes the activity more resistant and durable. If you don’t have card stock available regular printing paper works well too.

Box of Crayons – or any other coloring tools. Crayonswax crayons and wooden coloring pencils work well.

Clip board – an optional but useful extra if you plan to use our Christmas color by number worksheet on the road or outside the house. A clip board offers stability for coloring when you don’t have access to a flat table top surface.

Binder – if you’re planning to create a busy binder with other activities for the kids to complete in honor of the Christmas holiday.

Downloading Our Christmas Color By Number Worksheet Bundle

Christmas color by number worksheet

To print our free Christmas color by number worksheet click on the instant download link at the bottom of the page. 

From there the pdf file containing the new coloring page will open in a new window.

You can opt to save the pdf file to your computer or proceed to print without saving. We suggest saving the pdf to your computer so you can come back to it and print more copies later if you need to.

Always do a print preview before hitting print to make sure that your printer settings scale is set correctly.

We suggest selecting “fit to printable area” to ensure that our Christmas color by number worksheet prints with the ideal print quality and size.

Please note that all our free printables, printable pages, printable worksheets, educational activities, interactive resources and pre-made digital activities are intended for classroom use and personal use only. Please read our terms of use for more information.

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Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoy our Christmas color by number worksheet and plan to use it at home or in your classroom.

Whether you plan to use it as a quiet activity after building a gingerbread house or watching your favorite holiday movie we know that you and your child will enjoy the special time together in anticipation of Christmas.

We love to see our free printables in action. So, snap a photo and reach out to us on our socials to let us see your printables in use! (Facebook is probably your best bet!)

🎄Merry Christmas🎄

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Download Links

Christmas color by number worksheet – pdf file Christmas tree color by number
Christmas color by number worksheet – pdf file Santa’s sleigh color by number

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