Ugly Christmas Sweater Voting Ballots Free Printable

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​Here is a neat ugly Christmas sweater voting ballots free printable you can download and use for ugly sweater parties during the holiday season. A fun free printable that’s the perfect way to host an ugly Christmas sweater competition.

ugly Christmas sweater voting ballots free printable
ugly Christmas sweater voting ballots free printable

Ugly Christmas Sweater Voting Ballots Free Printable

Are you looking for ugly Christmas sweater voting ballots free printable? 

Then, you’re come to the right place!

We’ve created these free ugly sweater ballots that party guests at a festive ugly Christmas sweater party can use to vote for their favorite ugly sweaters.

​Continue reading to find out how to download the ugly Christmas sweaters voting ballots free printable and get started on planning your own ugly sweater party.

These free ugly sweater voting ballots would make a great addition to any ugly Christmas sweater party this holiday season.

What’s An Ugly Christmas Sweater Holiday Party

ugly christmas sweater voting ballots free printable
ugly Christmas sweater voting ballots free printable

Nothing screams Christmas more than an ugly Christmas sweater party where party guests come decked out in the tackiest holiday sweater they can find or make. It’s one of the best things about Christmas-time!

​An ugly sweater Christmas party is is a great way to gather friends or family in a friendly holiday competition about who has the ugliest Christmas sweater. 

The idea is simple, invited guests wear the tackiest homemade or store bought ugly Christmas sweater they can find in the hopes they’ll be declared to be wearing the ugliest sweater throughout the night.

​Party goers vote for the ugliest sweater and at the end of the night the winners of the ugly sweater competition are announced and rewarded with a prize.​

Our ugly Christmas sweater voting ballots free printable has the space for three votes.

So, plan to have a 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place winner the night of your get-together.

​Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Ideas

ugly christmas sweater voting ballots free printable
Blank ugly Christmas sweater voting ballots free printable

Set A Theme 

We love Christmas party themes because it’s so much fun. You can let party goers know that the theme is homemade ugly sweaters, store bought tacky sweaters or even ugly sweaters inspired by a holiday movie. 

If you do decide to go with a theme make sure your ugly sweater theme is clear on your ugly sweater party invitations so guests have time to prepare their ugly sweater ideas.

Make It A Potluck

Making your ugly sweater holiday party a potluck is a fantastic way to come together with friends and family during the holiday season. 

Whether it’s an ugly Christmas sweater potluck at home, at the office or for a festive community event we know that making your tacky Christmas sweater party a potluck is a fun way to go. 

Check out our Christmas munch recipe for a quick and easy Holiday potluck recipe ideas.

Feel free to use our free printable Christmas potluck sign up sheet to help you stay organized and plan a potluck party everyone will enjoy.

​Create an Ugly Christmas Sweater  Voting Station

Create a dedicated area for party-goers to vote for their favorite ugly Christmas sweaters. 

​We like setting up a small table with pens, plenty of ugly Christmas sweater voting ballots and a DIY ballot box. 

If you’re hosting a large party you may want to make an ugly Sweater voting sign so guests know where they need to vote!

Play Holiday Games 

Instantly boost holiday spirit at your ugly Christmas sweater holiday party by a fun game or two! We always love playing a couple of rounds of Christmas bingo, holiday trivia and how many words

If you’ve got young children attending your ugly Christmas sweater party you can have them complete a holiday word search, Christmas color by number and I Spy activity.

​Reward Winners

Planning to reward the winners of your ugly Christmas sweater party with fun trophies is always a nice touch.

After the ugly sweater voting cards are counted and the votes are tallied you can announce the winners and award them with a trophy our other small prize reward them for their participation and creativity. ​

​Print & Download Instructions

ugly christmas sweater voting ballots free printable
Ugly christmas sweater voting ballots free printable

Downloading and printing our ugly Christmas sweater voting ballots free printable is simple. 

Our free ugly sweater party printables were created to be printed in color on standard size us letter paper (8.5 x 11).

We highly recommend that you use high quality cardstock for the physical prints because cardstock produces better quality digital images with a professional finish.

To download, click on the download link below and download the digital file in pdf format. The download should open in a new window where you can select print. 

Each of our blank ugly sweater templates comes with 4 fun printable ballots. So, plan to print enough sheets so that every person attending your party can take part in your ugly sweater poll.  

Once you’ve printed ugly Christmas sweater voting ballots free printable use scissors to cut along the dotted lines to create individual ballots.

Please note that all our free printables, digital downloads, digital printable files, high resolution printable files, free printable tags,  party games, educational activities, interactive resources and pre-made digital activities are intended for your own personal use only. See our terms of use for more information.

Before You Go

The great thing about the holiday season is all the fun holiday activities you can organize like Ugly Christmas sweater parties. 

​If you’re planning to host an ugly Christmas sweater party this year we hope you plan to use our ugly Christmas sweater voting ballots free printable to have party-goers vote for their favorite ugly Christmas sweater.

​Let us know how it goes by reaching out! Get in touch on social media (Facebook is best!) or by dropping us a comment with your contact information and email address down below. 

​P.S Bookmark us and come back soon because we’ve got a bunch of free printable ugly Christmas sweater templates and free ugly sweater printables in the works including ugly sweater coloring pages!

​​Happy Holidays

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ugly christmas sweater voting ballots free printable
Ugly Christmas sweater voting ballots free printable

Ugly Christmas sweater voting ballots free printable – pdf file or high-res jpg

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