I Spy Christmas Worksheet (Best FREE Holiday Printable)

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Our free printable I Spy Christmas worksheet is a fun activity for kids of all ages during the Christmas season. Print a couple of copies, give the kids some writing tools and you’ll instantly boost the excitement of the holiday season with this fun Christmas game.

I Spy Christmas Worksheet

I Spy Christmas Worksheet

If you have a child who thinks that doing a I Spy printable worksheet is so much fun then you’re going to love this I Spy Christmas worksheet we created. You can even add it to your Christmas bucket list!

Our daughter loves these types of free printable Christmas games too so we decided to add an I Spy Christmas worksheet to our growing collection of printable games for Christmas.

It’s guaranteed to be loads of holiday fun.

This I Spy Christmas worksheet is a fun way to to play a free festive Christmas game anytime during the month of December.

It’s a great way to instantly boost holiday spirit and have the kids complete a great activity that doesn’t involve a screen.

Continue reading to get more information about our free printable I Spy worksheet and answer key.

And, if you’re in a rush and want the download links for this printable Christmas activity right away just skip to the end of this post to get the download link as a pdf file.

How To Play

I Spy Christmas worksheet

Playing I Spy with free activity sheets like our I Spy Christmas worksheet is a simple and easy activity for young learners. 

This is why we love I Spy games. They are the perfect way to have some quiet time screen free fun for both little kids and big kids.

The goal of an I Spy game is simple; count the different objects in the game box and count how many of each of the Christmas objects you find.

Once you’re done, use the answer key to see if you got the correct number of items for each Christmas item. 

In other words, young learners need to use their little eye to search through the game box using a pretend magnifying glass and count all the different Christmas items they find along the way.

Especially young kids can use color crayons to keep track as they count.

Older children can make it more difficult and keep track without marking the sheet.

The best part is there are no hard rules so kids of all ages can use whichever strategies they want to spy the Christmas objects in the game box.

Our I Spy Christmas worksheet contains the following Christmas objects:

  • ​Christmas tree
  • Santa Claus
  • Christmas ornament
  • Christmas stocking
  • Snowman
  • Gingerbread Christmas cookies
  • Snowflake
  • Angel
  • Wreath
  • Figgy pudding
  • Candy cane
  • Present
  • Mistletoe

 When To Use Our I Spy Christmas Worksheet

Our I Spy Christmas worksheet is a versatile and fun Christmas activity that can be used in a variety of different situation.

From being a great addition to lesson plans and hours of fun at home with the family during Christmas break our printable activity can be used in a variety of really clever ways. 

Here are some of our favorite ways to use this I Spy Christmas worksheet:

Classroom Use

This I Spy Christmas worksheet makes a great classroom activity.

Our free Christmas I Spy printable is the perfect addition to a lesson plan, morning work, brain break or can be uses as a fun game for early finishers in your classroom.

Print a bunch of copies of our Christmas freebie and have them handy throughout the month of December.

Stocking Stuffer

Have you considered tucking a copy of our I Spy Christmas worksheet into your child’s Christmas stocking?

Our I Spy Christmas is loads of Christmas fun on Christmas morning.

Older and younger kids will have a great time completing the I Spy while you get going on preparing Christmas dinner on Christmas day. 

Doctor’s Office

I Spy is also a great game for times when you have a wait ahead of you with the kids.

So, if you’ve got a Dr’s or dentist appointment sometime in the month of December consider bringing our I Spy Christmas worksheet for the kids to pass some time since I Spy games are great boredom busters.

Christmas Celebrations

Our I Spy Christmas worksheet is a fun choice for a Christmas party or any holiday parties you may be planning or attending during the month of December.

For especially large groups you can print out a bunch of copies and have kids work in teams. The first team to complete their I Spy worksheet wins a prize.

Road Trip

We love using I Spy worksheets during a long car ride.

Since the Christmas season is a time of year when many people travel we suggest using our I Spy Christmas worksheet as a boredom buster while you’re on the road.

Busy Binder

If you enjoy creating and using busy binders for young children then our I Spy Christmas worksheet would make a wonderful addition.  

Pair it with some of our other free printable Christmas activities including Christmas word search, color by number, tic tac toe, coloring pages, scavenger hunt and unscramble Christmas worksheets for a fun holiday themed busy binder. 

Christmas Break

Our I Spy Christmas worksheet is a great low prep activity the kids can complete anytime during their holiday break. 

Busy parents sometimes need a go-to activity for some quiet time and I Spy games are a wonderful option to keep the kids busy while you get other tasks accomplished.

Benefits Of Playing I Spy

I Spy Christmas worksheet

Great Boredom Buster

I Spy games are a wonderful screen free boredom buster.

They require that kids focus on the different size objects in the game box and count how many of each object they find.

In some cases, if you print a variety of different I Spy worksheets you can keep kids busy for hours.

Visual Discrimination Skills

Any type of I Spy activity works on important visual discrimination skills.

An I Spy activity forces children to analyze and compare objects and figure out if they are the same or different. Unlike a 

Kinesthetic learning experience where a child learns by physically manipulating an object visual discrimination skills require they organize, sort and keep track of items as they work.

Fine Motor Skills 

Gripping a pencil works on fine motor skills by strengthen finger grip and working the small muscles in a child’s hand and wrist.

When a small child completes an I Spy activity they are using their fine motor skills to complete the worksheet.

Number Recognition

Our I Spy Christmas worksheet also works on number recognition from 1-15.

This is a great way for especially young learners to master their concept of numbers. 

What You Need

  • Printer – for a black and white version of any of our printables we highly suggest this Brother printer. It’s quick, reliable and the ink lasts forever making it a go-to in our home.
  • High quality printing paper – a great idea when your printing I Spy games. This makes them more resistant so they hold up better
  • Writing supplies – Anything works, we suggest colored pencil, crayons, markers, pens
  • Laminator – if you want to make your I Spy worksheet reusable then we suggest laminating them. We love this laminator. It’s cheap and does a wonderful job.
  • Dry Erase Markers – If you’re going the laminating route then you’re going to want to invest in dry erase markers that kids can use to work on these worksheets. The beauty of laminating is that you can just erase and reuse the I Spy printable over and over again. 
  • Clip board – an optional but useful extra if you plan to use our I Spy Christmas worksheet on the road or outside the house. A clip board offers stability for coloring when you don’t have access to a flat table top surface.
  • Binder – if you’re planning to create a busy binder with other activities for the kids to complete in honor of the Christmas holiday.

Download Instructions

I Spy Christmas worksheet

To print our free I Spy Christmas worksheet click on the free download link at the bottom of the page.

From there, the pdf file containing the I Spy Christmas activity will open in a new window.

You can opt to save the pdf file to your computer or proceed to print without saving. We suggest saving the pdf to your computer so you can come back to it and print more copies later if you need to.

For best results, always do a print preview before hitting print to make sure that your printer settings scale is set correctly.

This I Spy Christmas worksheet was designed in black and white and should be printed on 8.5 x 11 standard US sized paper. We do not have a colored version of this game.

In a rush? Skip to the bottom of the post to get the download links for our I Spy Christmas worksheet.

Please note that all our free printables, printable pages, printable worksheets, educational activities, interactive resources and pre-made digital activities are intended for classroom use and personal use only. Please read our terms of use for more information.

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Download Links

Christmas I Spy worksheet and Answer Sheet – PDF File

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