26 Colorful Free Printable Alphabet Flash Cards

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Use our free printable alphabet flash cards to help young learners master uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet.

Colorful and fun these free printable alphabet flash cards are perfect for home or classroom use.

free printable alphabet flash cards

Free Printable Alphabet Flash Cards

Alphabet activities and practice doesn’t have to be boring!

These free printable alphabet flash cards are a fun way to make learning the alphabet fun and exciting. These letter flashcards are a hands on way to engage kids to practice letter recognition.

Made using colorful images, our printable alphabet flashcards are a fun way for young children to become familiar with the different letters of the alphabet – both lower case letters and uppercase letters.

This set of flash cards uses eye catching imagery to help children recognize letters and  letter sounds. 

Our free alphabet flashcards can be used in different ways: from pinning them on a bulletin board or including them in station work in elementary classrooms to at home practice, these free printable flashcards are a great resource to make alphabet practice fun for young minds.

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What You’ll Need

free printable alphabet flash cards
  • a copy of our pdf file containing our free printable alphabet flash cards – the pdf file containing the abc flash cards can be accessed by filling in the form at the bottom of this post. It’s easy – I promise!
  • color printer and good quality card stock paper – for best results we highly recommend this card stock paper available via Amazon.
  • Scissors – to cut out your free flash cards 

Free Printable Alphabet Flash Cards Vocabulary

free printable alphabet flash cards

Our free printable alphabet cards were created using using simple words and a cartoon image for each letter card.  

Each standard size 8.5 x 11 sheet you print will contain 2 flash cards. Use scissors to cut out your flash cards.

Every card has a picture of an item that begins with that given letter including:

  • Aa is for apple
  • Bb is for ball 
  • Cc is for car
  • Dd is for dog
  • Ee is for elephant
  • Ff is for fan
  • Gg is for giraffe 
  • Hh is for house
  • Ii is for igloo
  • Jj is for jelly fish
  • Kk is for king
  • Ll is for lemon
  • Mm is for music
  • Nn is for night
  • Oo is for owl
  • Pp is for pancakes
  • Qq is for queen
  • Rr is for rainbow
  • Ss is for snail
  • Tt is for tree
  • Uu is for umbrella
  • Vv is for violin
  • Ww is for wagon
  • Xx is for xylophone
  • Yy is for yarn
  • Zz is for zoo

​How To Use Our Free Alphabet Flash Cards

free printable alphabet flash cards
  • Play traditional flashcards at home or in the classroom – split children into small groups and have them practice their alphabet recognition using our uppercase and lowercase alphabet flashcards. 
  • Decorate your classroom and bulletin boards using our a- z alphabet flash card set. Create an alphabet board using our flashcards as alphabet wall posters.  
  • Have a scavenger hunt for some high energy learning fun – tape flash cards around the room and have children find the various alphabet letter cards. Make this even more challenging by having children find the letter that corresponds to different sounds.
  • Race to put the flash cards in alphabetical order – mix up the flashcards. Set a timer and see how long it takes your young learner to separate cards and put them into alphabetical order. Alphabet games like these are always a hit with young children.

Download Instructions

free printable alphabet flash cards

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If you have downloaded from us before and are already subscribed to our email updates, simply complete the forum and our software will automatically redirect you to the download link so you can download this word search puzzle immediately.

For best results, we recommend printing our free printable alphabet flash cards on high quality cardstock paper. It makes for a better quality learning experience and is far more durable than standard copy paper is.

Having a hard time downloading this word search puzzle? Make sure you have the latest version of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox installed on your computer. 

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Our free printable alphabet flash cards are so much fun for young learners in preschool, kindergarten and 1st grade. 

With bright and colorful images this comprehensive set of flash cards is a great way to practice letter recognition with young kids. 

Whether you are a full time kindergarten teacher or a parent planning to use these free printable alphabet flash cards with your own children at home – these flash cards can be used to learn lower and upper case letters in a fun and engaging way.

Got a questions? Drop us a comment down below using a valid email address and we will do our absolute best to get back to you.

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Alphabet Flash Cards
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