Kindergarten Writing Number Practice: Free Printable 1-20 Number Pages

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Here are 20 sheets of free writing number practice perfect for kids in preschool and kindergarten. These number 1 to 20 practice worksheets are a great choice for number practice in preschool and kindergarten since they focus on writing, counting and identifying numbers 1 to 20.

free printable writing number practice for preschool and kindergarten children

Writing Number Practice

By the time a child enters preschool you can expect them to start taking part in number recognition activities. As they make their way into kindergarten and then first grade a bigger emphasis is placed on recognizing, writing and quantifying numbers.

In elementary school number recognition looks like writing number practice that focuses on writing numbers in numerical form, writing them out in word form and writing the number’s quantity.

So, we created a free printable bundle of writing number practice sheets to help your learner master their numbers 1 to 20 in a fun and engaging way.

Continue reading to find out how our preschool number practice worksheets work and how you can get your own free copy!

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Writing Number Practice Sheets

free number recognition worksheets for preschool and kindergarten

Our writing numbers 1 to 20 worksheets are free to use in the classroom or at home. These 1 to 20 number practice writing sheets are a great choice for introducing beginner writing number practice to young learners or as a tool for extra practice at home or with a tutor.

These preschool and kindergarten number practice stencils are a great way to encourage kids to write numbers both in number and word format. There are also two separate activities that teach leaners about visual representation of quantity.

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How to use these writing number 1-20 worksheets?

writing number practice
number practice pages for kids

Our package of writing number practice sheets for number 1 to 20 include 20 separate worksheets.

Each number practice writing sheet contains 5 distinct activities that work on a different writing number practice skill.

Writing Number Practice Activity 1:

This section of number practice for preschool focuses on visual representations of the number. Learners are asked to color all the circles that contain the number they are practicing. This activity helps children work on their number recognition skills. In other words this section of our number recognition worksheets practice visual number identification.

Writing Number Practice Activity 2:

The second section of our kindergarten number practice pages work on writing numbers. Learners are encouraged to practice writing their numbers from 1 to 20 on the line provided.

Writing Number Practice Activity 3:

Number identification is the focus in the third section of our number practice worksheets. In this section, children are asked to circle the number they are practicing within the grid. This encourages learners to use their visual tracking and problem solving skills to determine which numbers should and shouldn’t be circled.

Writing Number Practice Activity 4:

Quantifying the number they are learning is the goal of the 4th activity on our number practice worksheets. To complete this activity learners are required to color the correct number of things to represent the number they are practicing.

Writing Number Practice Activity 5:

And, in the final section of our preschool number practice worksheets children are asked to write the number in words. This practices writing numbers 1 to 20 in word form.

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Free Kindergarten Number Writing Practice Sheets For Download

writing number practice
free printable number writing worksheets

All of our writing number practice sheets are totally free for download. Just follow the links below to download your writing number practice sheets for numbers 1 to 20.

You are welcome to download our preschool and kindergarten number practice worksheets as a bundle of 20 pages in PDF format or by saving each page individually in .JPG format. (see download links below)

Print Instructions for Number Practice Worksheets 1 to 20

Our writing number practice worksheets are professionally designed to print beautifully on your standard home or office printer. These kindergarten writing number practice sheets were created to be printed in black and white to save on ink costs.

Once you’ve saved the document to your computer you can open the writing number practice PDF in preview for Mac or Google Preview for Windows.

If you would prefer not to download the entire package of number practice worksheets, then download the writing number 1 to 20 pages in .JPG format instead. This way you can easily pick and choose which worksheets you want to download.

Download Links For Writing Number Practice Worksheets

All pages of writing number practice for numbers 1 to 20 in PDF.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I teach my child to write numbers?

Since writing numbers is a developmental milestone, it’s best to encourage writing numbers through play-based learning activities. We suggest starting with an activity like Play-Doh counting mats that encourage kids to use Play-Doh to create a visual representation of numbers. From there you can use learning tools like flash cards or writing number worksheets like our writing number practice sheets to help kids learn to write their numbers.

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What is the right age to start writing numbers?

Children can be taught very basic number sense starting at the age of 2 (try using our Play-Doh counting mats for especially young children). Once they reach the age of 3 children can start working on writing number practice like our free printable number recognition worksheets, use flashcards or play number recognition games.

Where do I print the writing number practice sheets?

You can download a free copy of our writing number practice worksheets and print it in black and white using standard letter size printer paper. We suggest using a good quality cardstock to prevent ripping and tearing when children write and color on the pages.

To download your free copy please scroll up and download our writing number practice sheets as a 20 page PDF document or in individual pages depending on which numbers you want to practice.

Do you have any other free printable resources for preschoolers and kindergarteners?

We sure do! Please visit our homeschooling resource library to find other writing number practice sheets, early math worksheets, writing letters and I Spy worksheets. We also have a huge resource library of screen free activities for kids that might interest you.

Final Words

We hope our writing number practice worksheets will help your child learn to write numbers. If you like these free printable writing number 1 to 20 sheets, then please share the page with your friends and family on Facebook by using the buttons below.

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Do you have any writing number practice tips? Please comment below! We would love to hear from our readers!

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free printable writing number practice worksheets for preschool and kindergarten
free printable number practice worksheets for kids

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