The Best Sides for BBQ Chicken: 21 Quick and Easy Recipes You Need To Try

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Here are 20+ quick and easy sides for BBQ chicken perfect for weeknight dinners, potlucks, cookouts and family gatherings. These simple recipes are a good reason to grill up your favorite chicken recipe!

side dishes for BBQ chicken

If you came here looking for delicious side dishes then you came to the right place! This post is about the best sides for BBQ chicken and the many delicious ways they can be prepared.

We all know that it’s not just about the chicken, but also about what you serve with it! Serving the perfect side dish is key to having a delicious BBQ and these are the best side dishes the internet has to offer.

This post has collected over 20 of the best easy bbq sides, from traditional ones like coleslaw and potato salad to sweet potato wedges and brussels sprouts.

There’s no better way to prepare a well rounded and delicious BBQ dinner for friends and family. So, the next time you plan to serve BBQ chicken make sure to head straight back to this post to check out the assortment of great options for sides for BBQ chicken that we’ve found!

These great recipes are perfect for potlucks, family BBQs, cookouts and even simple weeknight dinners when you simply want to get something healthy and nutritious on your dinner table for your family.

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20+ Best Sides For BBQ Chicken

#1 Roasted Sweet Potatoes

sides for BBQ chicken
sides for BBQ chicken

Sweet potatoes are one of our favorite sides for bbq chicken of any kind. Quick to prepare, easy to cook and above delicious; sweet potatoes are a common side in our home. These herb-roasted sweet potatoes from The Meditteranean Dish are loaded with fresh herbs making them the perfect side for your next BBQ chicken dinner. This must try recipe is the perfect choice for BBQs, cookouts and any other event where you’ll be serving for bbq chicken.

#2 Brussel Sprouts with Bacon and Blue Cheese

sides for BBQ chicken
sides for BBQ chicken and grilled chicken

If you’re looking for a delicious and unique side to serve with your bbq chicken, look no further than this easy recipe for brussels sprouts with bacon and blue cheese from Jenny Shea Rawn. This is one of those versatile recipes that pairs well with just about any BBQ especially chicken making it a must-try choice for summer cookouts.

#3 Green Bean Salad

sides for BBQ chicken
easy sides for BBQ chicken

If lighter sides that are still packed with flavor is what you’re looking for, this green bean salad from Cookie and Kate is a perfect choice. Tender green beans are tossed in a delicious lemony vinegarette and then topped with toasted almonds, feta cheese and fresh basil. This simple recipe produces a delicious green bean salad that pairs beautifully with bbq of all kinds including barbecue chicken, hot dogs and hamburgers.

#4 Sweet Potato Fries

sides for BBQ chicken

An air fryer is a great way to prepare sweet potato fries . This foolproof recipe from Feel Good Foodie is one of those easy side dishes you can easily prepare as sides for bbq chicken. Have plenty of ketchup available for dunking.

#5 Classic Potato Salad

sides for BBQ chicken

This creamy potato salad from Inspired Taste is a tasty recipe that only requires a handful of ingredients. The key to a delicious potato salad is waxy potatoes (not russets) and some time in the refrigerator to let flavors mingle and settle. So, if you do plan to make this cold salad it’s a good idea to plan ahead and let it sit the fridge for at least 30 minutes before serving.

#6 Cucumber Salad

sides for BBQ chicken

An easy cucumber salad is another one of those delicious bbq sides perfect for summer barbecues including pork, chicken, beef or fish. This quick and easy cucumber salad from The Stay At Home Chef is simple to make including fresh produce like cucumbers, red onion and dill. This combination of ingredients are tossed with a tangy vinegarette that creates a delicious and refreshing side for your next BBQ.

#7 Mexican Street Corn

sides for BBQ chicken

Another of the best sides for bbq chicken is Mexican street corn like this recipe from Delish. Fresh corn on the cob is grilled until charred and then topped with a heavenly combination of creamy mayo, chili powder, grated cotija cheese and cilantro. This is one of the best bbq side dishes to serve at cookouts!

#9 Corn Salad

sides for BBQ chicken

Speaking of corn, corn salad is one of those healthy recipes that pairs beautifully with BBQ of all kinds. In this fresh corn salad from Spend With Pennies, sweet corn is paired with red onion, cucumber and cherry tomatoes to create a deliciously easy side perfect for large family cookouts or at home any night of the week when you are looking for a great side dish that’s simple to make.

#10 Roasted Bell Pepper Salad

sides for BBQ chicken

Roasted bell peppers are a delicious and colorful addition to any meal. And this easy roasted bell pepper salad from Taste Of Home is perfect as a side dish for your next BBQ grilled chicken dinner. Roasted red peppers, diced tomatoes and mozzarella cheese are tossed with a simple olive oil and balsamic dressing in this great side dish that will have you coming back for seconds.

#11 Seasoned French Fries

sides for BBQ chicken

French fries are one of those classic side dish recipes that are delicious but can get boring. This recipe for seasoned French fries from Five Heart Home is a twist on the classic side dish and will have you coming back for more! These crispy seasoned spuds are perfect as sides for bbq chicken, hot dogs hamburgers or your best grilling recipes that you plan to serve at your next family BBQ. Cut into your potatoes into wedge fries to try something different. Serve with loads of your favorite homemade bbq sauce for lots of easy dunking!

#12 Rice Casserole

sides for BBQ chicken

Brown rice or white rice work great in this hearty scratch-made broccoli rice casserole from Peas and Crayons. Loaded with gouda and cheddar cheese, tender broccoli and rice, this is one of those sides for bbq chicken that the family will be begging for again and again.

#13 Collard Greens

sides for BBQ chicken

Collard greens are a delicious southern side that pairs beautifully with your best BBQ recipes. This recipe from Divas Can Cook is a traditional, slow-cooked version of collard greens including smoked turkey legs for incredible flavor. Make this side dish part of your next family barbecue!

#14 Classic Creamy Coleslaw

sides for BBQ chicken

The best thing (and the good news) about this delicious classic recipe for creamy coleslaw from Bit & Bauble is how easy it is to make. Mayo + sour cream + dijon mustard + apple cider vinegar + celery seed are combined together to create a creamy and tangy coleslaw recipe that is just delicious. Serve it with bbq chicken breasts or hotdogs at your next family cookout!

#15 Baked Beans

sides for BBQ chicken

Baked beans one of those classic sides for BBQ chicken that everyone loves. This recipe for old-fashion baked beans from The Daring Gourmet is easy to make and will be the hit of your next cookout! Bacon, tomato sauce, molasses, brown sugar, a and apple cider vinegar are combined with navy beans in this delicious side dish that is perfect for serving at your next backyard barbecue. Quick Tip: soak your beans overnight to make them easier to digest.

#16 Creamy Macaroni Salad

sides for BBQ chicken

Another classic side dish for BBQ chicken is creamy macaroni salad. This easy pasta salad from Cafe Delights is a quick and easy version that will be the hit of your next cookout! Elbow macaroni, mayo, sour cream, chives, onion, white vinegar and sugar are combined together to create this creamy and delicious side dish that is perfect for a variety of grilled main dishes.

#17 Grilled Veggies

sides for BBQ chicken

Grilled veggies make for healthy and delicious sides for BBQ chicken. This recipe from Foodie Crush includes grilled zucchini, squash, red onion, bell peppers and tomatoes, mushrooms, asparagus and eggplant. These grilled veggies are seasoned with salt, pepper and olive oil and then charred to bring out an incredible flavor.

#18 Baked Potato

sides for BBQ chicken

Baked potatoes are always a hit as sides for BBQ chicken. This recipe for perfect baked potatoes from Love and Lemons is for buttery, fluffly loaded baked potatoes that are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. These delicious potatoes are perfect with just about any main dish, but they go especially well with BBQ grilled chicken! Quick Tip: You’re looking for an internal temperature of roughly 208°F to 211°F for a perfectly cooked spud!

#19 Greek Pasta Salad

sides for BBQ chicken

If you love Mediterranean flavors then this easy pasta salad recipe from Chelsea’s Messy Apron is a must try. Tender bow-tie pasta, black olives, cherry tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers and feta cheese are tossed in a tangy olive oil based dressing made with herbs and minced garlic.

#20 Fresh Vegetables and Dip

sides for BBQ chicken

Another of the best barbecue side dishes is a simple platter of fresh vegetables and a delicious dip that guests can nibble on. This easy spinach dip recipe from Neighbor Food Blog needs to be prepared ahead of time to really let the flavors mingle (it’s so worth it, we promise!). Mayonaise, sour cream, cooked frozen spinach and Knorr vegetable soup mix create a heavenly vegetable dip that is perfect for dipping fresh vegetables like carrots, celery and radishes.

#21 Loaded Tater Tots

sides for BBQ chicken

Loaded tater tots are another great idea for sides for BBQ chicken. This recipe from Family Fresh Meals is for crispy tater tots that are loaded with bacon, cheese, and sour cream. They are the perfect party appetizer or side dish for any backyard BBQ!

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed these bbq side dish recipes that we collected for you. These simple sides are an easy way to create a delicious BBQ meal the whole family will love.

These sides for bbq chicken (or any bbq meat or fish) are delicious and easy to make making them perfect for your next backyard bbq with family and friends. They are the perfect match for all types of grilled meats and fish!

Pick a couple of these side dishes for bbq chicken to create a variety of yummy sides to enjoy at your next cookout. And, don’t forget to serve a decadent dessert to round it all out! 😉

As you can see sides for BBQ chicken are practically limitless! If you have a favorite side dish that pairs beautifully with bbq chicken then let us know about it in the comments below. We look forward to hearing from you! Thanks so much for reading!

What are your go-to sides for bbq chicken?

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